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9/14/2006 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Bill Clinton with Jon StewartPresident Bill Clinton will be a guest on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on Monday, September 18 at 11PM ET/PT. It will be President Clinton's second appearance on the show -- his first was August 9, 2004.

Other politicians who have appeared on "The Daily Show" include former President Jimmy Carter, former Vice President Al Gore, Senator John McCain, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Senator John Kerry, Senator Joe Biden, Senator Bob Kerrey, Senator Charles Schumer, Senator Norm Coleman, Senator Arlen Specter, Senator Barack Obama, Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator Trent Lott, Senator Rick Santorum, Senator Russ Feingold, Senator Barbara Boxer, Representative Dick Gephardt, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Senator John Edwards, who announced his intention to run for the 2004 Democratic nomination during an appearance on "The Daily Show" on September 15, 2003.


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My favorite President and my favorite talk show host, on my favorite talk show. I'm in heaven! This should be a great segment for the Daily Show.

2927 days ago


Ahhh, the days when the prez wasn't a dumb f**k!!!! LIVEWIRE misses those days!

"Ill take in intern on her knees than a chimp in the Oval Office anytime"- LIVEWIRE, to Jimmy Carter

2927 days ago

Adelle Holman    

What a dink. Can we ever get rid of this psycho president? Oh, do tell all. And let me change the channel real quick. Interesting that he is on a channel that pokes fun at the news.

2927 days ago


Way cool. I can't wait. My TiVo is set.

2927 days ago


Clinton rules!!!

2927 days ago

Tuff Stuff    

#2, ditto, ditto, ditto! I love President Clinton, he is the best! I wish he still was our President

2927 days ago


Post #3 Adelle Holman, boy if you think President Clinton was a dink, you sure must hate our current President.

I long for the days of President Clinton and I love the Daily Show.

2927 days ago


ok u want a PRESIDENT that lies under oath? give me a break...yeah he did what he did and who cares...but ur supposed to be the president of the united states yet u lie under oath?...yeah..what a greeeeat example he leads....u people need education man seriously....

2927 days ago

Johnny B    

Maybe John will ask him why we paid off North Korea for eight years only to find out they WERE making nuclear fuel rods!! Madeline Halfbright said... "they lied to us!" She NEVER thought a communist country would have lied to us? Talk about stupid! Clinton accomplished nothing as President except for scandals... OR maybe John can ask Clinton if Sandy Burglar was wearing boxers or briefs when he was stuffing confidental documents down his underwear from the National Archives.

2927 days ago


he lied about a blow job sweetie. Do you get the fact that nobody gives a fvck about that!! Except you pathetic conservative morons....

2927 days ago


First off, the artticle is wrong. He is the FORMER PRESIDENT. He is not the current President. And he is perfect for the show. Maybe they will talk about how he was IMPEACHED while in offce, and how he lied day after day, even under oath.
What a joke of a President and man.

2927 days ago


#7 you rock.... anyway, it is really cool that he can still be a shill for a party that can't get its act together. Regardless of what you may think, The RNC has a message and a target audience. Much like FORMER President Clinton The DNC will have to learn you cannot be all things to all people.
Jon Stewart is funny however the fact remains...IT IS FAKE NEWS, targeted at a generation with the attention span of a hummingbird, who doesn't really care as long as their X box works and there is plenty of Redbull.

2927 days ago


Clinton is simply, the most corrupt President in the history of the United States.
And his wife is the second biggest crook in the history of the Universe.

2927 days ago

yea right    

Unlike Mel, Bill really likes Jews, especially when his wang is in their mouth, stroking in and out. Guess Hitlery got tired of swallowing while trying to hum "Stand By Your Man".

2927 days ago


ok um racer or whatever the f***..first of all im not a "conservative"....i see points in the republican party and democratic party so dont be so quick to judge someone on the internet...and yeah like i said who cares bout what he did.. or more so what was done to him....but as the damn PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES i think its pretty damn sh*tty to lie under matter what the issue is...i mean seriously....its common sense....

2927 days ago
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