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Bobby's Alleged Gal Favors Bill

9/15/2006 10:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The swirl of speculation about Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown – legally on the path to divorce – continues today, but the supposed "other woman" in the couple's break-up – self-proclaimed "Video Vixen" Karrine Steffans – reiterates that she's not a homewrecker, and that TV chat-show host Bill Maher is the real love of her life.

As Rush and Molloy point out in their column this morning, Steffans – never particularly publicity-shy – is curiously tight-lipped about the impending end of the Houston-Brown household: "It's not my place to speak about their marriage," says Steffans, who also denies that she had anything to do with the split. "I can't break up a 16-year marriage in a few months. I'm not that super."

And let there be no doubt about who Steffans' real soulmate is. "I still love Bill [Maher]. He's the love of my life. I know you'll see us back together."

"Survivor" Plays To (Stereo)type in Premiere

Up until last night, the producers of "Survivor" had taken plenty of heat about the racial divisiveness of the new season's tribes, divided by race. And then, in last night's premiere, the Asian team won – what else – a mental challenge involving a puzzle. It couldn't have been a more appropriately stereotypical outcome. The show's producers insist that there's no stereotyping involved, and the New York Times' Alessandra Stanley writes this morning that race has no bounds when it comes to buff beach bodies: The premiere episode "was a blur of bare chests, bandanas, and bikini tops ... The competitors are all robust extroverts who don't mind heat stroke or flimsy beachwear."

Brinkley Officially Files For Divorce, Daughter Collapses

Christie Brinkley filed for divorce from Peter Cook earlier this week in Suffolk County Court, two months after Cook admitted to having an affair with a 19-year-old former employee of his architectural firm. One of the philanderer's lawyers tells the AP, "[Cook] regrets that this happened ... He was hopeful that they would be able to work through this problem and put their marriage back together, but obviously she has decided otherwise."

Elsewhere, the stress of her mother's ordeal and a busy professional schedule may have felled Brinkley's 20-year-old daughter with Billy Joel, Alexa Ray. The aspiring singer-songwriter says on her MySpace blog that she fainted Saturday "from stress, lack of sleep and just overall exhaustion about five minutes" before a show in upstate New York. She had to be taken to the ER by ambulance, but is fine now: "I guess I was really pushing myself to the limit this week," says Joel.

Elton and George Patch Things Up

It took two years, but Elton John and George Michael have finally made up with each other after a spat instigated by John's comments about Michael.

Elton had accused Michael of being in a "strange place" a couple years back, and Michael then complained that John's comments had turned the media against him. But this morning, Elton told a British morning show that "George and I are fine. He came and stayed down my house last year." And this time, the singer elected not to get drawn into Michael-commentating: "I'd rather keep my mouth shut ... It's up to him what he does with his life really and I don't really want to get into that anymore."

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Theory #1: The video vixen is an "author". Bobby hooks up with her and Whitney files for divorce. How much you wanna bet that a tell all book about Whitney and Bobby's marriage is in the works? No wonder the "video vixen" wants Whitney's career to take off, as it would mean more publicity for the book.........HMMMMMMM..

2963 days ago


bill maher loves himself some brown sugar don't he? He got sued by some black chick last year who claimed he was taking care of her.

I bet steffens sent that shot out because this story is messin with her $$$$ I bet maher, with his freaky ass, is one good sugar daddy lmao!!

2963 days ago


Brinkley looks better than her daughter

2963 days ago


beautiful people have ugly offspring. Fact of life. That is why they should always marry someone grotesquely ugly and have children to balance things out. Then they'd have something uniquely attractive.

2963 days ago


I'm not an Anna Nicole Smith fan by any means, but my heart breaks for her. I can't imagine how i'd be if I were to lose one of my children, I can't imagine losing my ONLY child.

2963 days ago


her daughter is just trying to get publicity to sell her albulm . . .BOO!!!!

She sucks!!!!

2963 days ago


Those that said Christie's daughter is ugly --- remember she's also Billy Joel's kid as well. She took after her dad's looks.

2963 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Harry Sez: "Bobby Brown and Bill Maher: a pair to draw too!"

2963 days ago


I think Christy Brinkley's daughter Alexas is cute. This isn't a good picture of her.

2963 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Two turds who came from the same rectum.

2961 days ago

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