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"Survivor's" Racial Profile

9/15/2006 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Survivor" kicked off its thirteenth edition last night, and the usual get-to-know-you material that usually fills much of the first hour of the season had a particular hue -- it was undeniably about race. And the producers of the show made certain that racial stereotypes came right to the forefront. Asian-American tribe member "Cao Boi" talked about no one suspecting "little people with slanted eyes," and a member of the black team suggested that "black people don't like to be told what to do."

The first Immunity Challenge -- kind of an island version of a Rubik's Cube -- involved assembling puzzle boats, which were then used to retrieve fire; back on shore, the tribes then had to solve four more puzzles which led to the finish line, signified by lighting fire barrels.

The Asian-American tribe won the Challenge efficiently, and the African-American tribe -- Manihiki -- came in last. The Asian-American team also won the Reward Challenge.

Host Jeff Probst called this season "a social experiment like never before." (The early ratings suggest that people are interested -- well over 17 million people tuned in last night.) TMZ will be keeping tabs on "Survivor" to see how the formulas and results from this experiment in racial profiling pan out.


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I'm white but the Asians are going to kick ass! Stereotypes - bullshit - it is what it is!

2939 days ago


try to get your information right. the hispanic tribe came in second. caucasion third, aftrican-american fourth.

2939 days ago


oh, sorry. heh heh.

2939 days ago


wow thats what we need more racism in the world

2939 days ago


hhhmm I'm black and its a damn shame that we came in last..hahaha!!! Since I'm currently living in South Korea I can say Asians def. r superior

2939 days ago


slant eyes 1st honkies 2nd spics 3rd n****** last

2939 days ago


Alright no need to use the "n" word. It's just not necessary from anyone!

2939 days ago


Whites - people from Europe (some Asian influence from Siberia)
Latinos - people of Spanish and Portuguese descent combined with Native Americans who came from Asia
Blacks - people from Africa largely combined with whites (if descended from slaves) or with Latinos (if from places such as the Dominican Republic)
Asians - people from Asia (some white influence)

There are cultural differences - Asian society tends to be more group oriented, whereas Western societies are more individually oriented. This can affect group performance, obviously.

But how do you know that the makers of Survivor picked people representative of their "races" and not people that would play into race stereotypes?

2939 days ago


Yep, figures the Asian team would come out on top with the brains and the Black team (NO, I AM NOT going to say AFRICAN AMERICAN!*LOL*) comes in's STEREOTYPICAL.*LOL*

2939 days ago


It's the blacks that are going to make it very racial. Every time they tuned into the tribe one of them would make a comment containing the term "black people". I NEVER heard the "white tribe" refer to "white people". Didn't hear the other tribes saying they had to "represent".

2939 days ago


It figures, the fat ass black guy would go home, he was a lazy as all hell. I'm not saying all blacks are lazy but from experience working with them... i have to say ... you have to light a fire under their asses sometimes.

2939 days ago


"slant eyes 1st honkies 2nd spics 3rd n****** last"

I noticed sensativity over the "n" word in the posting above from Fred. I agree, but what about the rest of the slurs above. I think a little sensativity should be recognized all around.
It is human nature to "feel" it most when it is our group (for many different historical and cultural reasons), but it would pay us all to know it "feels" the same no matter who the slur hits...

2939 days ago


I think its going to be pretty interesting. Great choice for the first person voted out. Hey ladies you need to stick together, now you can really run the tribe.

2939 days ago


Why do people always play the "race card"? I think this edition of Survivor is going to be very interesting. I get so tired of people calling everything racist or biased. It is what it is. I see this not as creating more racism but rather as a way of showing cultural differences among people and probably by the end of this edition the many ways in which people are people no matter what skin color or eye shape they have. One thing I noticed was the inability of any of the tribes to make fire. I guess stupity and ignorance knows no color when it comes to making fire. LOL!

2939 days ago


Fred you're a moron. How dare you use all those racial slurs, just because you insulted pretty much everyone on the planet doesn't make it right or funny. All it shows is the ignorance of the poster!

2939 days ago
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