'Survivor' Outcast Dan Spilo Audition Tape Loaded with Celebs ... And Cringe-worthy Jokes


Dan Spilo -- the first-ever "Survivor" contestant to get kicked off for unwanted touching -- got major support from some big names in his quest to become a contestant ... and wasn't shy about flaunting it.

TMZ has seen Spilo's audition tape footage for the long-running reality competition show -- which helped the Hollywood agent get on the current 'Island of the Idols' season -- and it's an interesting watch, to say the least ... albeit a little uncomfortable.

Dan's tape starts with him in full camo gear trekking through a jungle while the "Mission: Impossible" theme plays ... and he describes why he has what it takes to win.

It then cuts to Dan in a business suit in his L.A. office, revealing he's a "top talent manager." He explains why his 20 years in the industry translates to being on "Survivor" ... and he includes photos of himself rubbing elbows with stars like Jack Black, Javier Bardem, Bon Jovi and Olivia Wilde.


It seems like a standard "Survivor" audition tape -- maybe slightly more produced -- but now that Spilo's been removed from this season after multiple reports of unwanted touching ... there are certainly some eyebrow-raising moments.

The tape features various interviews from his clients, one of which is an actress who calls him "polarizing" and a "walking contradiction," but then insists he'll make for good TV.

'Survivor' Reunion Kellee Kim's Pissed ... You All Ignored Me, Time for Change!!!


'Survivor' will never be the same now that season 39 is over -- at least that's what Kellee Kim hopes her legacy will be in the wake of the Dan Spilo controversy.

It already made one huge change -- for the first time, the show's finale reunion Thursday night was NOT live, and the pre-taped program featured Jeff Probst going one-on-one with Kellee ... who aired her grievances with Jeff, producers and CBS.

She told the host the most difficult part of the season for her was the fact Spilo remained on the show for several weeks AFTER she spoke out about his unwanted touching. She said she felt producers either didn't believe her, or worst ... just ignored her.


As you know, Spilo was eventually removed after a crew member also complained about him. Spilo wasn't included in the finale taping.

Kellee said she didn't want season 39 to be defined by Spilo's actions, but instead she hoped her legacy would be that her speaking led to producers making lasting changes. The show's already announced there will be new guidelines for personal space, and it will have more professionals on-site to allow for confidential reporting of any problems.

Completely overshadowed was the fact 'Survivor' did crown a new champion Wednesday night. Spoiler alert ...

The jury selected Tommy Sheehan over Noura Salman and Dean Kowalski.

'Survivor' Contestant Noura Dan Spilo Has a Good Heart ... People are Just Different About Touching!!!

It's All Good

'Survivor' exile Dan Spilo is an amazing man with a good heart ... according to Noura Salman, one of the final 5 remaining tribe members on this controversial season.

Noura was outside the 'Island of the Idols' Season 39 finale party in WeHo Tuesday night when she got asked about Dan's ejection for inappropriate touching. She clearly doesn't feel any ill will toward Spilo -- she loves the guy ... and offers a bit of a defense for him too.

Noura says the issue comes down to people being different about touching -- some openly welcome it and feel comfortable, like her and Dan, while others are the opposite ... like fellow cast member Kellee Kim, and even Noura's own siblings.

She says she doesn't believe Dan meant to be disrespectful to Kellee with his unwanted touching, but suggests he probably didn't do a good job of communicating ... and gives an example from her yoga class of how to do it right.

Another contestant in the final 5, Janet Carbin, also got asked about Dan ... she simply said everything's "cool."


'Survivor' Contestant Dan Spilo Booted After 'Off-Camera' Incident ... Weeks After Unwanted Touching Accusations

For the first time in the history of 'Survivor' -- the long-running reality competition show -- a contestant's been kicked off for misconduct ... after already receiving a warning for his behavior.

Dan Spilo, a Hollywood producer and talent manager, was removed from the game with only days left for an undisclosed incident described as happening "off-camera."

At the end of Wednesday's episode -- after tribal council on 'Island of the Idols' -- host Jeff Probst came to the tribe's camp and informed everyone Dan was gone and wasn't coming back ... and wouldn't be serving on the jury.


As the show ended, a message read ... "Dan was removed from the game after a report of another incident, which happened off-camera and did not involve a player."

It's not too hard to read between the lines, though, because Spilo was involved in the most controversial episode of this season when he was accused by contestant Kellee Kim of inappropriate and unwanted touching.

Two other female contestants made similar claims, but later admitted they did it for gameplay and weren't actually offended by Dan.

However, he was seen touching Kellee on multiple occasions despite her apparent resistance, and was issued a warning by 'Survivor.' After Kim was voted out, Spilo apologized, saying ... "if anyone ever felt for a second uncomfortable about anything I’ve ever done, I’m horrified about that and I’m terribly sorry."

The final straw reportedly dropped after an immunity challenge, and involved someone on the crew as they were getting into a boat to leave. It's unclear exactly what happened during the incident, but it was enough to get him booted.

We reached out to Spilo ... a rep for him had no comment.

'Survivor' Contestant Silas Gaither Arrested for Rape

"Survivor" contestant Silas Gaither has been arrested for rape and aggravated assault.

The 41-year-old, who appeared on the 3rd season of "Survivor," was taken into custody Monday in Shelby County, Tennessee in connection with the alleged 2018 incident.

A grand jury indicted Silas, who posted his $50,000 bail and was released.

Details of the allegations have not been released.

Gaither was on "Survivor" back in 2001-02. He was voted off at the end of the 6th episode.

Season 3 was the first time "Survivor" implemented a tribe swap -- meaning players from different teams could be randomly swapped to join new teammates. That meant you always had to be nice to other players since you didn't know who'd you end up with. Silas was the first one to be voted off from that first tribe swap.

Gaither has been a model/actor. His most recent acting credit is a 2010 short, "The Guest."

Ex-'Survivor' Producer Early Release from Mexican Prison ... Unrecognizable in L.A.

1:13 PM PT -- Bruce Beresford-Redman was just spotted in L.A. Wednesday after being released early from a Mexican prison, and boy ... does he look different. He's got a super short buzzed haircut, and a new beard too. He was wearing sunglasses as well.

Safe to say ... the guy's unrecognizable from the clean-cut, corporate look he used to rock prior to his imprisonment. Jail ... it changes ya.

Bruce Beresford-Redman -- the ex-producer on 'Survivor' -- who was convicted for murdering his wife in Mexico, has been released early ... just 4 years into a 12-year sentence.

Beresford-Redman was released two months ago from the Quintana Roo jail in Mexico, and is reportedly already back home in his Southern California home. He was found guilty of murdering his wife, Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman, while they were on a 2010 vacation with their kids in Cancun.

Monica's body was discovered in a sewer, and authorities found she'd died by suffocation and had suffered bruising on her face and head. Beresford-Redman had gone home to California, but was eventually extradited to Mexico in 2012, and convicted for Monica's murder in 2015.

Now, just 4 years into his sentence, he's a free man again. His attorney told KNBC-TV, Mexican prisoners are eligible for release after they complete 60 percent of their sentence.

It appears Beresford-Redman was given credit for time served before his conviction -- which amounts to 7 and a half years -- because 4 years definitely ain't 60 percent of his 12-year sentence.

Bruce also produced shows like "Pimp My Ride," "The Contender," "The Restaurant" and "Breakthrough with Tony Robbins."

Originally Published -- 7:17 AM PT

Ashley Massaro Ex-WWE Superstar Dead at 39

Exclusive Details

Former WWE superstar Ashley Massaro -- who later competed on 'Survivor' -- has died, TMZ Sports has learned. She was only 39.

Officials tell us ... Massaro was transported from her home in Suffolk County, NY to a nearby hospital where she died early Thursday morning.

Officials would not reveal the cause of death at this point, but we're told it's being classified as "non-criminal."

Massaro famously won the WWE's "2005 Raw Diva Search" -- which included a $250,000 1-year contract.

She went on to become a valet for WWE tag team champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

Her most high-profile matches including a WWE Women's Championship against Melina at Wrestlemania 23 in 2007 ... and a Playboy BunnyMania LumberJill match at Wrestlemania 24 the following year.

Massaro appeared on "Survivor: China" in 2007 -- but she was voted off on the second episode of that series.

She also appeared on the April 2007 cover of Playboy Magazine, which she revealed on an episode of "Smackdown."

She later cut ties with WWE in 2008. She later returned for a stint with a lesser known pro wrestling company in 2017.

"We are saddened to learn of the tragic death of former WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro," WWE said in a statement.

"She performed in WWE from 2005-2008 and was beloved by her fellow Superstars and fans around the world. WWE offers its condolences to Ashley’s family and friends."

WWE stars from all generations have reached out to share their heartbroken feelings on Massaro's death, with Torrie Wilson saying, "I can’t even begin to explain how devastated I am to hear about @ashleymassaro11 - legit one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known."

Melina Perez added, "I am gutted by the news of Ashley’s passing and my brain doesn’t want to believe it. How can this be real? It’s difficult and awful news to take in."

Trish Stratus, who says she was Ashley's first-ever suplex in the ring, said, "I’m having a hard time processing this news of my friend, a fellow worker, a fellow mom. I’m both sad and mad ... Rest In Peace baby girl,take in."

The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, wrote on their Twitter page, "We are so saddened to hear the news of Ashley Massaro. She had such a tender heart and sweet soul. We will always remember her of that. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family. RIP Ashley"

Even legendary wrestler Mick Foley offered his condolences, saying, "She lived in the same town as me...I loved seeing her around. She was always so nice...and now she’s gone."

A ton of other stars -- including Rikishi, The Iron Sheik, Bayley and TAZ -- also shared their thoughts and prayers for Ashley and her family on social media.

Originally Published -- 5/16 8:01 PM PT

'Survivor: David vs. Goliath' Finale to Feature Live Proposal ... Spoilers Ahead, Obvi


12/26 -- Sources say the proposer decided not to do a public engagement.

Someone's gonna pop the question during the live segment of the 'Survivor' finale later this week -- oh, and by the way ... this story contains spoilers. Sooooo, yeah.

Production sources tell TMZ ... 'Survivor' production staffers working on this year's 'David vs. Goliath' season received an email over the weekend alerting them to some extremely last minute changes for Wednesday's finale episode. The message ... we're gonna have a live proposal on our hands, folks.

We're told the staff was instructed to make some last-minute accommodations for the 3-hour finale -- part of which is live and the other being pre-taped from Fiji -- in anticipation of someone getting on bended knee in front of the live studio audience.

Unclear who's proposing, but we're told 'Survivor' staff members have some guesses. Top of the list ... a guy named Nick Wilson, who's currently in the final 6, has himself a longtime GF, so people think he might make the big ask.

Of course, there's also the potential of two cast members-turned lovers -- Alec Merlino and Kara Kay -- who hooked up after the show ... and broke their NDAs in the process.

'Survivor' brass banned Alec from attending the finale ... but we're told there's speculation this might be a loophole to be welcomed back in a big way.

Stay tuned ...

CBS Fires Off Warning to 'Survivor' Star!! But, a Really Nice Warning


CBS didn't unleash the big legal guns after 'Survivor' star Jonny Fairplay allegedly jacked its show's logo ... but the network does wanna have a chat with the former show villain.

TMZ's obtained a legal letter CBS fired off to Jonny warning him about using the "Survivor" logo for his podcast, formerly known as "Survival of the Fairest" ... which has since been renamed 'Survivor NSFW.'

CBS says it owns the logo, but what's interesting is the friendly language with which it approaches Jonny about using its logo.

Most warning shots are more threatening ... some examples here, here and here. But, not with Jonny.

In fact, CBS goes out of its way to play nice ... even saying they "appreciate interest in the Series, including a podcast about the Series."

But it's not all sweet talk. According to the letter, the studio has also noticed the season 7 third place finisher is selling apparel with the show's logo. CBS is worried Jonny's logo will cause fans to think the network endorses the podcast.

CBS ends the letter with, "We would like to set up a time to discuss the above with you. Please give me a call or send me an email with your availability."

As for Jonny, he tells TMZ in part ... "The fact that they are threatened and looking to punish those who are adding value to their content shows how behind the times CBS is. Targeting ME, and ME only considering my legacy, value, and positive life change is frankly illogical."

'Survivor' Contestant Allegedly Dropped the N-Word On the Reg, Years Ago


11:13 AM PT -- Jessica Peet tells TMZ ... "I want to apologize for what I posted as a 14-year-old teenager. In no way did I mean it in a derogatory nor racial way. I do hope people are willing to forgive, and understand I was immature and I've done a lot of growing up since then."

One of the 'Survivor' contestants from the upcoming season is catching heat before the show even airs ... for using the n-word so much on Twitter, you'd think she was Jay-Z.

19-year-old Jessica Peet is a cast member on "Survivor: David vs. Goliath" and, as it always does ... the Internet scoured her social media, and turned up scores of old tweets where she gratuitously drops the n-word.

She even defends using it, saying, "n***a isn't a cuss word !! Lol" -- and, in another, adds ... "I have a way with words..... N***a." Indeed.

The tweets, which 'Survivor' fans grabbed before they were deleted, are from 2013 to 2015. Many fans online are calling Peet a racist.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ ... CBS is aware of the situation, and Peet apologized by saying she was "young and dumb." She would've been between 14 and 16 at the time.

This drama comes on the heels of a pair of upcoming contestants getting into hot water for breaking their NDAs by posting a pic together ... before CBS revealed the cast.

We've reached out to CBS and Jessica for further comment ... so far, no word back.

Viral 'Hot Cop' Warns Survivor Cast Members Social Media Will Kill You!!!


The "hot cop" who scored a spot on the new season of 'Survivor' is schooling the other contestants on what he's learned from his 15 minutes of fame by warning them to delete "anything that can bite you in the ass over social media."

TMZ has obtained an email Daniel Rengering fired off in a chain with 12 other 'Survivor' contestants where he admits to creeping on their socials and warning them to "fine-tooth comb" anything that could publicly crucify them online.

Daniel warns the "Internet is a cruel, heartless bitch" where "trolls are going to work twice that hard to tear you down, spread nasty gossip and ruin your reputation."

Daniel's seen it happen firsthand after one of the cops in the photo that made him famous was accused of posting several anti-Semitic remarks to his Facebook in 2011, so it appears Daniel's intentions aren't to gloat, but rather to warn the others.

He also adds, "If a small-town country boy like me can host on the GRAMMYs, Oscars and SAG Awards Red Carpets, from a single viral photo, you guys can turn this opportunity into so much more."

'Survivor' Contestant Kara Kay Was A Willing Participant ... In Alec's IG Posts


The 'Survivor' contestant who broke her NDA by allowing herself to be featured in a photo with her castmate isn't out of the woods yet ... 'cause there's more evidence of wrongdoing.

TMZ has learned that Kara Kay had been filmed in multiple videos taken by fellow 'Survivor' contender Alec Merlino in the days leading up to their now-infamous photo ... as well as in clips after it went up. She's seen hamming it up for the camera in all of them.

The videos make it clear -- Kara knew she was being recorded by Alec for his Instagram stories ... despite their $5 mil NDAs saying they were strictly forbidden from associating on social media. The pair apparently had a "F*** it" attitude ... just like the caption.

As we reported ... Alec is the only one punished for now. Producers are withholding his appearance fee of $10k and disinviting him to the finale taping.

It looks like punishment for Kara is in the works. True, she wasn't the one who posted the photo, but sources close to the production tell us the various videos she shot are ample evidence she broke confidentiality.

Stay tuned ...

'Survivor' Contestant Punished for Breaking NDA ... Just the Dude, Though


'Survivor' producers have dropped the hammer after a couple contestants broke their NDAs by posing together for a photo -- but only punished one of them ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the production tell us Alec Merlino got the short end of the stick in the discipline department after posting a photo with fellow contestant Kara Kay and captioning their pic with a defiant "F*** it." We're told there's no decision yet on punishing Kara.

As for Alec ... sources say showrunners are withholding his appearance fee -- not prize money -- for the show, which comes out to about $10,000. He's also been disinvited to the finale episode broadcast, in which cast members come together and reflect on the season.

We're also told an email was sent to the rest of the cast addressing Merlino and Kay, explaining Alec had been punished ... and that others shouldn't follow suit.

All in all, we suppose Alec should consider himself lucky that he wasn't taken to court for violating his $5 million NDA. BTW ... Alec has since removed the photo from IG.

'Survivor' Star Jonny Fairplay Here's How to Deal with NDA Breakers


One of the best 'Survivor' contestants/lying scoundrels thinks producers should go easy on the 2 dimwits who broke their NDAs before airtime ... but says they still gotta pay.

We spoke to Jonny Fairplay of season 7 fame and podcast host Survivor NSFW -- known for lying about his grandmother dying and getting 3rd place -- and he tells us Alec Merlino and Kara Kay shouldn't be taken to court for violating their $5 million confidentiality agreements. He's got an alternative.

Jonny says the duo should lose their prize money from the show -- which he predicts is more significant than just a 1st or 2nd round payout, based on an apparent alliance/romance they seem to have formed ... which must've taken at least a few rounds.

BTW ... Jonny tells us just how much money is on the line for these two if showrunners go with his suggestion. It ain't $5 mil ... but it would definitely hurt a bit.

'Survivor' Contestants Violate NDA $5 Million Fine on the Line


'Survivor' contestants can apparently get through weeks of competition and mind games, but not a basic NDA agreement ... as two numbskulls just proved, and it could cost them dearly.

Sources connected to the reality show tell us a pair of contestants, who we're told are starring in the upcoming season, flagrantly broke their confidentiality agreements this week by posting a photo together ... when they were specifically asked not to just last week.

Filming for season 37 wrapped last Wednesday, and upon arriving back home ... sources say contestants were emailed a reminder not to spoil anything with social media activity -- like following each other and, obviously, posing together.

Turns out, a guy named Alec Merlino and girl named Kara Kay did just that Sunday, captioning their pic with a not-so-subtle "F*** it" -- which fueled rumors they're on the show. Welp, those rumors were true ... Alec and Kara are on the show, and hit it off in Fiji.

We're told producers are now pissed at them for breaking protocol, and are now looking at possible legal action, withholding prize money ... or both.

Production sources say the NDAs have a $5 million penalty, but good luck collecting. Still, the contestants could possibly be on the hook for enough to make it hurt.

Florida 'Hot Cop' Tapped for 'Survivor' Not the Anti-Semitic One


One of the Florida "hot cops" who went viral last year is getting another 15 minutes of fame courtesy of CBS' reality TV -- and we know what you're thinking ... it ain't THAT "hot cop."

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Officer Daniel Rengering of Gainesville, FL has taken a leave of absence to appear on the next season of "Survivor," which is about to start production. We're told his patrol job will be there for him if and when he returns.

In case you're unfamiliar ... Rengering and 2 of his cop buddies set the Internet ablaze during Hurricane Irma back in September, basically just for being "hot" and on the ground helping folks. Turns out, the guy in the middle -- Michael Hamill -- resigned after his anti-Semitic Facebook posts were uncovered. Rengering had nothing to do with that, though.

As for this latest shot at Hollywood ... sources tell us Rengering was approached by "Survivor" producers about 6 months ago, and that he agreed to be a contestant. He's getting paid for the TV gig ... no less than $10k ... and possibly up to $1M if he wins.

We're told he's flying out to Fiji to start filming season 37 by the end of this week. His last day at the Gainesville Police Department was last week. Good luck, bub.

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