Ariel Winter's Niece Thriving in Modern Acting Family ... $17,500/'Evil' Episode!!!


Ariel Winter's 10-year-old niece can't stop, won't stop ... following in her aunt's footsteps, 'cause TMZ's learned she's landed another Hollywood gig that pays her BIG time.

Skylar Gray landed the role of Lila in CBS's new show, "Evil" ... but her contract is anything but that. According to her minor's contract. obtained by TMZ, Skylar had her network test back in March ... which she clearly nailed, because she's getting $17,500 per episode!!!

Remember, she's only TEN years old. Screw lemonade stands, right?

Gayle King to Instagram Chief I Swear Instagram is Listening to Us!!!

CBS This Morning

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri told Gayle King the app does NOT eavesdrop on private conversations ... but she called BS to his face.

Mosseri told King Tuesday on "CBS This Morning" it's straight-up dumb luck when an ad for something a user had just discussed in a private conversation uncannily shows up on their Instagram feed. Mosseri said IG doesn't look at users' messages or listen to their microphone.

But, check out the clip ... Gayle blasts Mosseri. And, when she asked if the same thing happens to him, Mosseri ... well, check it out -- it's super awkward.

There's paranoia among users that Instagram -- which is owned by Facebook -- spies on users to gather ad-targeting information. The suspicions come just over a year after Facebook suffered a massive blow in consumer confidence following the Cambridge Analytica scandal ... when it was revealed Facebook allowed the third-party service to collect user data without consent.

That data was then used to target U.S. voters in the 2016 election.

Ice Cube PISSED OFF After 'Serbian Michael Jordan' Forced Out of BIG3


The man they call the "Serbian Michael Jordan" has essentially been BLOCKED by the International Basketball Federation from playing the BIG3 -- and Ice Cube is FURIOUS!

In fact, Cube is calling officials "chicken sh*t" for standing in the way of the player's American dream.

The man at the center of the controversy is Dusan Bulut -- AKA Mr. Bullutproof -- the top-ranked 3-on-3 basketball player in the world. He's an absolute stud. He's even got his own signature move, the Shammgod Nutmeg.

Bulut is from Serbia -- but he's currently under contract with a team in Abu Dhabi in a league that's overseen by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

Despite the fact Bulut WANTS to play in the BIG3 -- and was DRAFTED this year -- FIBA officials told him if he breaks his contract with the Abu Dhabi team, he'll face a 24-month ban from international competition, which would prevent him from competing for Serbia in the 2020 Olympics.

Earlier today, Bulut withdrew from the BIG3 because of the threat -- and Ice Cube ain't happy about it.

"We want him to play, but FIBA is threatening that he won't be able to be eligible for the Olympics," Cube told us ... "I think they're scared."

Cube says the league is considering its legal options -- but notes, "We want to do whatever Bulut wants to do. We want to get him in the BIG3, but we don't want to mess up his chances to be in the Olympics."

He summed it up this way ... "I think FIBA is being chicken sh*t."

Meanwhile, Cube and the BIG3 are pushing forward with the 2019 season, which kicks off June 22 at the Little Caesar's Arena in Detroit, live on CBS.

Lamar Odom will be making his long-awaited return to the court -- playing alongside Gilbert Arenas and Royce White.

Tim Tebow I Have a 'Million Dollar' Show But My Greatest Joy is ...


Tim Tebow has it all -- pro baseball career, 2 TV gigs AND an upcoming marriage -- but tells us what fulfills him the most has nothing to do with sports or being in front of a camera.

We had Tim on Friday's "TMZ Live" to talk about "Million Dollar Mile" ... his new competition show on CBS. He was just walking off the field from a spring training game with his NY Mets squad -- which got us wondering about which of his many, many jobs he finds more satisfying.

His answer was pure Tebow. You gotta see what he said about his Foundation and the work he's doing to change lives. Even if you weren't a fan from his NFL and U. of Florida days -- ya gotta admire him when ya see this.

Don't get it twisted, though, Tim's ALL IN for "Million Dollar Mile" too. The show, which premieres next week, is executive produced by none other than LeBron James -- and Tebow's not only the host ... sounds like he's head cheerleader. He explained why he needed some extra care during taping.

Gotta hand it to the guy -- he's juggling a lot professionally, and don't forget ... he also has to find time to plan a wedding with fiancée Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters.

That last one's a REALLY good problem to have.

R. Kelly My 'Spirit' Told Me To Talk to Gayle King


R. Kelly has a bizarre reason for going on national TV to address the sexual abuse allegations against him ... his "spirit" wanted him to speak his truth.

Sources close to the singer tell TMZ ... R. Kelly sat down with Gayle King because he is in constant touch with his "spirit" and tends to listen to it more than the people around him. He also said he felt he owed it to himself and his fans to break his silence and tell his side.


Of course, Kelly quickly went off the rails in the CBS interview -- his first public comments since being arrested on 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse -- shouting in Gayle's face, exploding at the cameras, calling his accusers liars and wearing his emotions on his sleeve.

We're guessing his spirit didn't tell him to do all that.

After the interview aired last week, many viewers thought it was all an act, some felt he was having a mental breakdown and others used the emotional soundbites to make fun of Kelly on social media.

But, we're told R. Kelly gives "zero f***s" about how he's being portrayed, and he can't be bothered by the public's reaction ... that's not, however, apparent from the CBS interview.

Kinda sounds like more proof Kelly's on the verge of coming unhinged.

'MacGyver' Stuntman Injured On Set In Motorcyle Jump Gone Wrong


A famous stuntman working on CBS' "MacGyver" reboot had a motorcycle jump on set go horribly wrong ... and land him in the hospital.

Regis Harrington pulled the jump Wednesday while shooting a scene in Atlanta ... but a source on set tells us he lost control upon landing. We're told he was immediately rushed to Atlanta Medical Center, where he was under observation in the ICU for a back injury.

The good news is, Regis -- a seasoned vet who's performed stunts for movies like "Logan," "Jurassic World," and "Captain America: Civil War" -- tells us he's gonna be okay.

We got ahold of him on Thursday and there was no bitterness over the stunt gone wrong.

In fact, Regis says he made a mistake while riding ... and he gave the "MacGyver" crew full props for handling the accident with care and professionalism.

CBS confirmed a stunt performer felt pain in his back after a motorcycle stunt and was "transported to a hospital for diagnostic testing."

Regis told us he'd already been released.

Stunt work ... it's a dangerous gig.

R. Kelly Loses It In Interview ... Gayle King Explains Her Poise

Breaking News
CBS Morning News

3/6 9:20 AM PT -- We got Gayle Wednesday leaving CBS Studios in NYC just hours after the network released her explosive one-on-one interview with R. Kelly. Our photog asks her point blank if she feels like R. Kelly was telling her the truth, and more importantly ... whether she thought she was in danger when he stood up and started shouting.


Check out her answer -- she says she thinks R. Kelly has "selective amnesia." And, it sounds like there's a reason why she was able to remain so poised when R. Kelly lost his s***.


3/6 8:35 AM PT -- We spoke with Joycelyn Savage's father, Tim Savage, in Atlanta who says after watching the interview, he fears for his daughter's life. He also says the behaviors exhibited by Kelly during his sit-down with Gayle are clear signs of an abuser.


The Savage family also spoke with Joycelyn after their presser and they all crowded around the phone to speak with her. Joycelyn, however, insisted she is exactly where she wants to be, and does not consider herself a victim.

3/6 6:08 AM PT -- CBS just aired the part of the interview where Kelly gets up and shouts ... he yells he's fighting not only for his own rights, but to have a relationship with his kids too. There were also claims Kelly was abused as a child, and that's why this has all happened ... Kelly denies it.


Attorney Michael Avenatti ain't buying Kelly's emotional interview. Remember, Avenatti uncovered the new sex tapes which led to prosecutors charging Kelly last month -- and Tuesday night he told us the singer's only crying crocodile tears now ... 'cause he's going to prison.

R. Kelly was distraught talking about the recent allegations against him and pleading for people to believe he's innocent ... shouting, "I'm fighting for my f***ing life!"

Kelly sat down with Gayle King Tuesday in his first interview since he was arrested on 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. King presses Kelly on the recent allegations, and clearly hits a soft spot when asked if Kelly has ever held women against their will.

The singer explodes, looking directly into the camera and urging viewers to believe it's all lies. Kelly points to his past -- cases in which he's been accused of inappropriate sexual acts -- as proof he'd never commit a crime again, knowing all eyes were on him.

At one point, Kelly begins to sob, saying, "I'm fighting for my f***ing life!"

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported ... Kelly was taken into custody February 22 in Chicago and spent several days behind bars before coming up with his $100,000 bail. Upon his release, the singer hit up a local McDonald's. He's also still on the hook for nearly $200,000 in child support.

The full interview will air Wednesday morning on "CBS This Morning."

Originally published -- 4:09 PM PT

Lolo Jones Blasts Ryan Lochte ... As Olympic Disgrace

Exclusive Details

Lolo Jones is unloading on Ryan Lochte -- fellow Team USA Olympian and 'Big Brother' housemate -- blasting him as an Olympic disgrace ... for no real apparent reason.

Lolo just wrapped up her stint on "Celebrity Big Brother" -- where she and Lochte seemed to get along for the most part. Lolo finished in 3rd place. Lochte was 10th.

But, when a couple of people on Twitter criticized her being a "sore loser" while praising Lochte, Jones fired back by ripping the swimmer and his arrest scandal in Brazil during the 2016 Games.

Here's how the exchange went.

Fan #1: "Who would’ve thought that Ryan Lochte would finish #CBB looking like the most mature and gracious Olympian on the show? I used to like Lolo as an athlete, but now I can’t stand #locoLolo"

Fan #2: "Maybe the difference is Ryan actually wins medals at the olympics while LoLo loses at the games. She needs anger management and to stop being a sore loser."

Lolo: "I also don’t get escorted out of the Olympic games either or lie about a whole country."


Question is ... why? After Lochte was eliminated early in the show, she griped to other houseguests that Olympians should stick together. So, why turn on Lochte now?


For his part, Lochte doesn't seem to be bitter at all -- in fact, seems he had a great time in the house and the only thing on his mind was banging his wife when he got home!

Donald Trump I'd Have 'Hard Time' Letting Son Play Football

Breaking News

Donald Trump -- the man who complained the NFL was eliminating too many big hits -- admits tackle football is "a dangerous sport" and he'd have a "hard time" allowing his son to play.

POTUS sat down with CBS News' Margaret Brennan who asked Trump if he would allow 12-year-old Barron play football if he wanted to.

"It’s very, it’s a very tough question," Trump said ... "It’s a very good question. If he wanted to? Yes. Would I steer him that way? No, I wouldn’t."

When asked to elaborate, Trump said, "I just don’t like the reports that I see coming out having to do with football -- I mean, it’s a dangerous sport and I think it’s really tough."

He added, "I thought the equipment would get better, and it has. The helmets have gotten far better, but it hasn’t solved the problem."

"So, you know I hate to say it because I love to watch football. I think the NFL is a great product, but I really think that as far as my son -- well I’ve heard NFL players saying they wouldn’t let their sons play football. So ... it’s not totally unique, but I would have a hard time with it."

Back in 2017, Trump complained that the NFL "ruining the game," by calling too many penalties on big hits.

Would you let your kid play football?

Anthony Scaramucci Suprise ... I'm Not A Real 'Big Brother' House Guest!!!


Leave it to Anthony Scaramucci to leave the 'Big Brother' house in a surprise twist ... just like his shocking exit from President Trump's White House.

The Mooch wasn't really a house guest, because he bounced from "Celebrity Big Brother" after less than a week ... and, as it turns out, Scaramucci was actually part of a bigger plot twist.

Scaramucci revealed his true purpose Friday, surprising the rest of his celeb pals when he revealed he was never a real contender for the $250,000 grand prize.

With all the celebs gathered in the living room, Scaramucci appeared on TV -- rocking a suit in front of an American flag backdrop -- and delivered the shocking news.

The Mooch said he was leaving his mark on 'Big Brother' ... just as he did at the White House. As you know, Scaramucci was ousted as White House Communications Director after an infamous 11 days on the job.


While Scaramucci's exit was a shock to the 'Big Brother' house guests, everyone else knew it was coming ... because he made a surprise appearance Wednesday in Switzerland, where he talked about his experience on the reality show.

The Mooch on 'Big Brother' It Brought Me Down to Earth ... After Just 6 Days!!!


Anthony Scaramucci's time on "Celebrity Big Brother" ended up being even shorter than his White House tenure but still ... he says it still helped him feel like an Average Joe.

President Trump's ex-White House Communications Director -- for a now infamous 11 days -- made a surprise appearance in Switzerland Wednesday after mysteriously exiting the 'BB' house. The Mooch appeared on Tuesday night's episode ... but it was clear from the online live feed he had left sometime on Monday.

We know from the episode he wasn't voted out by housemates, but Mooch is keeping tight-lipped about his exit after just 6 days. In true reality star fashion ... he dropped a "make sure you tune-in" line.

There's a silver lining though -- Scaramucci says signing up for 'Big Brother' brought him down from his ivory tower of snobbishness and elitism ... and got him back in touch with his blue-collar roots.

He's not great at keeping a job, but at least he's entertaining about it!

Anthony Scaramucci Trump Can't Drain The D.C. Swamp


Anthony Scaramucci keeps spilling White House tea in the 'Big Brother' house, and he says there's no way President Trump is going to be able to deliver on one of his biggest campaign promises ... draining the swamp.

Anthony, who worked in Trump's White House for 10 days before being fired, says the Prez won't be able to drain the swamp in D.C. ... and ya gotta hear his reason why.

The Mooch started talking politics with comedian Tom Green on Tuesday's episode of "Celebrity Big Brother" ... and they touched on a range of topics, from Scaramucci's potential return to the Trump administration to the government shutdown.

Watch ... the Mooch doesn't have a lot of good things to say about his brief stint in Washington.

'Celebrity Big Brother' New Cast Making $$$ame Amount ... To Start Season 2


The new batch of celebs who'll be living in the 'Big Brother' house for another season of drama are filling with one thing in common -- starting salaries ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the contacts for all 12 stars in season 2 of "Celebrity Big Brother" tell us each of them will rake in $100k ... just for entering the house. The winner can walk away with an additional $250k.

In other words, Anthony Scaramucci isn't more important than Dina Lohan this year ... at least not from the jump, money-wise.

Our production sources also tell us the houseguests had been sequestered in separate hotel rooms for 4 days prior to entering the house Wednesday. We're told CBS brass didn't want anyone in the cast knowing who else was set to appear until the premiere.

Other celebs set to appear on 'CBB' include Natalie Eva Marie, Ryan Lochte, Joey Lawrence, Kato Kaelin, Lolo Jones, Tom Green, Kandi Burruss, Tamar Braxton, Jonathan Bennett and Ricky Williams.

Side note ... the American version of 'CBB' doesn't pay nearly as much as its U.K. counterpart. Just look at what Speidi made, not to mention Ray J. Big difference.

Sheryl Underwood to Kevin Spacey Let Me Be Frank ... Stop Ruining Our Good Name!!!


Kevin Spacey getting into character to address his real-life sexual assault allegations was a bad move, both in culpability and name-smearing ... so says a fellow Underwood.

We got Sheryl Underwood of "The Talk" Sunday at LAX, and asked what she made of Spacey's bizarre Christmas video, in which he delivered a monologue as Frank Underwood from "House of Cards," and suggested he was owed due process before a rush to judgment.

Kevin Spacey

Considering the seriousness of the subject, Sheryl's got a pretty humorous take on the whole thing ... telling us Spacey has ruined the Underwood name for herself and other real Underwoods in Hollywood. She says this weird video of his definitely didn't help the cause.

As we reported, Spacey has been criminally charged in Massachusetts for allegedly groping an 18-year-old's privates in 2016 while at a bar in Nantucket. Spacey's lawyers tried to sink the charge by claiming no sexual assault victim would allow themselves to be groped for 3 minutes ... which is what they say the alleged victim told investigators much later.

His legal team failed in their bid to get the charge dismissed.

Spacey's set to be arraigned in court next week. He's resurfaced in the East Coast, and is clearly trying to lay low ahead of his hearing.

As for Sheryl ... she says regardless of how things turn out for him in a court of law, she'll never be able to watch another movie of his the same way again. Ditto on that.

CBS Employees Quizzed ... How Bad is Sexual Harassment at Network?


CBS execs are reaching out to employees at the network to make sure what Les Moonves got away with for so many years ... never happens again.

CBS sources tell us, employees recently received a survey to help the network determine the "cultures and values" in the company. We're told there were around 100 questions in the survey, some of which invited long-form responses.

Our sources say employees were asked if they'd ever been sexually harassed or assaulted by someone at CBS, if they ever reported it, and if they ever felt threatened by management.

We're told the questions dug deep ... asking employees who had reported an incident if they felt their complaint was properly handled and if the behavior reoccured. Employees were not forced to participate in the survey, but they were strongly encouraged to do so.

One employee told us the survey felt like "an attempt to repair what has become such a broken network."

CBS announced Monday Moonves will not see a penny of his $120 Million severance package.

A statement from the CBS Board of Directors tasked with investigating Moonves read, "We have determined that there are grounds to terminate for cause, including his willful and material misfeasance, violation of Company policies and breach of his employment contract, as well as his willful failure to cooperate fully with the Company's investigation."

In all, twelve women accused Moonves of various forms of sexual misconduct, including engaging in forced oral sex in 1995. He claimed every sexual encounter was consensual.

Moonves' wife, Julie Chen, remains at the network as the host of "Big Brother" ... but left her job on "The Talk" shortly after her husband resigned in September.

Moonves' attorney, Andrew Levander, released a statement Monday saying, "The conclusions of the CBS board were foreordained and are without merit,”

'Survivor: David vs. Goliath' Finale to Feature Live Proposal ... Spoilers Ahead, Obvi


12/26 -- Sources say the proposer decided not to do a public engagement.

Someone's gonna pop the question during the live segment of the 'Survivor' finale later this week -- oh, and by the way ... this story contains spoilers. Sooooo, yeah.

Production sources tell TMZ ... 'Survivor' production staffers working on this year's 'David vs. Goliath' season received an email over the weekend alerting them to some extremely last minute changes for Wednesday's finale episode. The message ... we're gonna have a live proposal on our hands, folks.

We're told the staff was instructed to make some last-minute accommodations for the 3-hour finale -- part of which is live and the other being pre-taped from Fiji -- in anticipation of someone getting on bended knee in front of the live studio audience.

Unclear who's proposing, but we're told 'Survivor' staff members have some guesses. Top of the list ... a guy named Nick Wilson, who's currently in the final 6, has himself a longtime GF, so people think he might make the big ask.

Of course, there's also the potential of two cast members-turned lovers -- Alec Merlino and Kara Kay -- who hooked up after the show ... and broke their NDAs in the process.

'Survivor' brass banned Alec from attending the finale ... but we're told there's speculation this might be a loophole to be welcomed back in a big way.

Stay tuned ...