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Lindsay to Mom: "Go to Hell!"

9/16/2006 2:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bad blood between Lindsay Lohan and her jailed father Michael is common knowledge-and now it seems Lindsay and her mom Dina may be on the outs. When Lindsay arrived at a swanky Chinese restaurant on Manhattan's Upper East Side the other night for a birthday celebration for Dina, she was dismayed to find that Dina and her friends were already into their second bottle of Cristal, according to Page Six. Right after the first course arrived, Lindsay and her mom started going at it.

Fellow restaurant patrons Ryan Cabrera, Brandy and Serena Williams, sitting at other tables, were horrified when Lindsay and her mom started hurling curse words at each other. Finally, Lindsay stormed out, telling her mom to "go to hell," leading Dina to start crying uncontrollably. She proceeded to type furiously on her BlackBerry for 45 minutes, eyewitnesses report, then started throwing fortune cookies at the waiters-and burst into tears again when her birthday cake came out.

Lindsay, on the other hand, made her way downtown to a fashion week party for Calvin Klein, where partygoers reported she seemed upset at her mom's breakdown, though she smiled for TMZ's cameras on the way out. Dina and Lindsay are often seen out at parties together, but this may signal a new stage in their relationship. Now that Lindsay's seemingly settled down with the lower-key Harry Morton, perhaps her mom's own nightcrawling ways are no longer appealing? Of course, Lindsay was seen ending the night at Bungalow 8, so it seems like she's still up for a good time herself.

Affleck Misses Out on Rare Kudos

They say the early bird gets the worm, but Ben Affleck probably wishes he hadn't left the Venice Film Festival early to get a jump on traffic-he won the Best Actor award for his role as George Reeves (TV's Superman) in his new movie "Hollywoodland." The actor told Us Weekly, "If I thought for a second that there were going to be awards for anybody, I would have stayed!" Affleck is banking on "Hollywoodland" to jump-start his flagging career, which took a nosedive somewhere around "Gigli" and never really recovered-and he knows it: "I have to prove myself all over again, but I don't mind that. Once I realized where things were going, I just said, 'OK, let me make sure I'm in a place where I don't have to worry about being on 'Family Feud' for dough in five years and then I'll just do what I can be proud of."

"King's Men," Others Bomb at Toronto Fest

Despite its Oscar-studded cast and source material of incredibly high quality, Sony's "All The King's Men" is looking like a disappointment of epic proportions, with one critic calling it a "nuclear" bomb and others deriding it as "fatally miscast." The film, based on the novel by Robert Penn Warren about a fictional governor of Louisiana, stars Sean Penn, Anthony Hopkins, Kate Winslet, and Jude Law, among others, but Variety's Todd McCarthy called it "overstuffed and fatally miscast" and says that it "never comes to life."

Other Toronto pictures, like "Bonneville" and "Death of a President," were also underwhelming, though it's not a new phenomenon in Toronto, at least in recent years: "Elizabethtown" and "The Human Stain" both came in with high expectations and left with their reputations sullied.

Party Favors: Pregnancy Edition

Amanda Peet, star of the upcoming NBC sitcom "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," has confirmed that she's pregnant. In August, several tabloids reported that Peet was pregnant (she's engaged to actor and writer David Benioff), but she hasn't confirmed until now ... Meanwhile, Napoleon Dynamite himself, Jon Heder, has announced that his wife Kristin is pregnant with their first child. The couple, who met at Brigham Young University, have been married for four years, and Heder has a movie, "Mama's Boy," coming out later this year.

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Ah, that's a classy thing to do, Lindsay. Nice work. And nice work, mom, too.

2936 days ago


Yea' Lindsay, just when we were feeling a bit sorry for you . . .you go and do something as stupid as this. . . Do I dare say, that Paris has a point for going after you? Maybe you and Paris should hang out and drink with one another since you won't be getting drunk and laid around you mom anytime soon.

2936 days ago


Yeah. And go to and request an add and if/when you get added by Paris' people (I *highly* doubt Ms. Hilton even KNOWS HOW to use a computer!), trash the f*** out of Lindsay on Paris' comments and blogs and pictures pages. [devil's thorns]

2936 days ago


PLEASE! like ny1 givs a damn bout lindsay! she's problably drunk nyways wen she went 2 that restaurant! Gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2936 days ago


eli to Lindsay, your a whore

2936 days ago


It's great to hear about the big, steaming turd at the Toronto Film Festival. It's even greater to hear that his movie is not very good either.

2936 days ago


In all fairness to Lindsay, her mom deserved a good tongue lashing. Afterall, she was probably high on coke and was obviously drunk as a skunk. It's apparent she's living off Lindsay's bank account to boot. So ya...Who wouldn't be disgusted!!!

2936 days ago


I don't blame Lindsay for being pissed off at her mother. The woman is a deadbeat. Lindsay is probably the one who had to pay for that expensive champagne her mother was drinking. What a loser this bitch is. If I had a mother like that who lives off of me, I would be ashamed and embarrassed. Dina Lohan needs to get a job and a life and quit living off her movie star daughter's money.

2936 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Linday's mother got what she deserved for raising such a sluttish piece of sh*t in the first place.

2936 days ago


hey shawn penn, people pay you millions to pretend for a living, lighten up douchebag. It ain't rocket science you self important blowhard.

sorry, the sight of that idiots mug sets me off, what a douche.

2936 days ago


If I were Lindsay, I'd've started yelling a hell of a long time ago. The "mother" seems more interested in partying than raising any of her kids (Lindsay has three younger sibs after all), and clearly wasn't too interested in raising Lindsay, either, if her behaviour now is any indication. Then again, Lindsay was a working model at three years old, so it's not like momma Lohan isn't used to leeching off her more talented child.

2936 days ago


"then started throwing fortune cookies at the waiters"

I couldn't stop laughing when I read that. Damn, they're so classy.

2936 days ago


Page Six also says she didn't tip, what a bitch.

2936 days ago


can you imagine the boogers & saliva this bitch will be ingesting from now on?

i just cancelled my lunch date with her.

2936 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Lyndsay must have an allergy to underwear/panties...she never wears any. For the faint of heart ,do not look there. Everybody else, she was photographed as she was getting out of the car and her privates are all hanging.
That is just plain nasty and ignorant.
So what does that have to do with this of Dina and Lydnsay, instead of being a mother to Lynsay FIRST and then a manager and fellow party pal, Dina and Lyndsay coparented her when she was a young child of 16. Dina has created a monster who is headed for some self destruction and who has just publicaly dissed Dina. It is a shame in a way because Lyndsay actually has some talent ,but it is getting overlooked wit hhe rantics and her family drama.
This last movie ,Georgia Rule, is a teeny movie or at least Lyndsay is playing a teeny. Dina should gear her to more roles like Bobby. Maybe Lynsday is about done as her mom as manager.

Yahoo search Lyndsay and you see one report where Dina left to go to the restroom a few times. I would not be surprised if there is a "cocaine" problem there.

2936 days ago
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