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Lindsay On The Mend

9/18/2006 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click here to return to TMZ.comSporting a fairly hefty cast over her broken left wrist, Lindsay Lohan emerged from fancy-food emporium Bristol Farms in Los Angeles with beau Harry Morton yesterday.

After several days of intense Fashion Week nightcrawling and a minor orthopedic ordeal in New York, Lohan took it down a notch back in LA, and, knowing that her left hand will be the focus of photographic scrutiny for several days hence, showed off some rather fetching red nail polish on said hand.

Get well soon Linds!


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Black Sheep    

This girl is a walking disaster. Car crashes, exhaustion, heatstroke, broken wrist...

2957 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

This news makes me so happy, I'm about to puke from the sheer ecstasy of it. I sure wish she and Paris Hilton would walk hand-in-hand . . . into the nearest quicksand bog.

2957 days ago


All these people who thrive on her misfortune are pathetic!
So shes had a few too many avoidable accidents so what? The girl has it all and everyone is just HATING ON HER. The real issue here is that shes Hollywoods bad girl, the girl you either love to love or love to hate! In this case like everyother case I vote back the off! who cares! and move on!
P.S. Get well Lids

2957 days ago


Yes, but has she remembered to put on underwear?

2957 days ago


My theory is she was whacking off Harry and it got a lil out hand, thats my story and I'm sticking to it!

2957 days ago


Maybe she should stop jacking off so many guys.

2957 days ago

Joisy Boy    

did she fall down? was it from spending too much time on all fours barking like a dog? jagging of the pink taco boy? or just from getting banged more than a screen door in a hurricane? and PLEASE wear underwear...that is some nathtay ragged looking cheese moofie...

2957 days ago


Now instead of just telling you Mother to Go To Hell, you can slap her around with your new accessory.

In case no one has ever told you, being stupid and booze do not mix. And beside you are not 21 and should not be drinking anyway, but hey, what the hell, your a movie star-LMAO.

Why don't you and your Mother get some class. Try it, you might like it.

2957 days ago


She claims, "Milk Studios didn't take proper measures to prevent slips on the slick ground." How about how many cocktails she had? No one arrests anybody for underage drinking anymore? She is only 20. What a train wreck.

2957 days ago

Joisy Boy    

My friend Brian says " nasty cheese muff, i'd hit THAT!"

2957 days ago

Bill Hilser    

Maybe she and her dunk mother can get a group rate at Betty Ford Rehab.

2957 days ago

Bill Hilser    

Don't forget the clapp too.

2957 days ago


'get well soon linds'????? plz....i gues she isnt really perfect 4 d movi 'just my luck'! i mean hellooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2956 days ago

Arnold Davenport    

Dear Lindsey,
I'm your fan - I'm 41 and I adore you. I've been in the USMC and I volunteer as a Firefighter today; I struggle and succumb but overcome as well. (at least well enough to continue) I think you have the strength and it's likely a discipline you have not worked very hard at - but I see something - I hear it too! - MOSTLY (in your voice) and hopefully - You will find the reserve you need - I don't know why the perceptive are not honored today but I have a sneakin suspicion. I hope you can access my resources if that's what you want.

I do herebye authorize Lindsey Lohan with entitlement to engage in processes of disclosure concerning contact information about myself.

Lindsey, I'd love to join your team

2956 days ago


she's reminds me of tim (the tool man) taylor. you know, the character that timothy allen dick played on home improvement? at least once every other episode, there would be the respitiste 'hostipal joke'. if you you ever watched the show as reliousigly as i once did, you will know exactly what i'm talking about.

2956 days ago
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