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The Woes in the Life of a 'Rock Star'

9/18/2006 7:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After all the reality TV show hoopla that followed with last year's Rock Star: INXS quest to find a new singer for the group, JD Fortune and Co. today were dropped by their label Epic Records.
rock star blues

Meanwhile, this year's incarnation, Rock Star Supernova, may have to change its name after a San Diego judge last week approved a preliminary injunction filed by an Orange County, Calif. punk trio with the same name. The judge barred the TV band from "performing rock and roll music, or recording, or selling rock and roll music recordings under the same (name), pending a trial of this action on its merits, or until otherwise ordered by the court."

And you wanted to be a rock star...


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2954 days ago


All I can say is I love the show and especially loved this season. Rock on Rockstar!!!

2954 days ago


No one could replace Michael Hutchence...too bad. And Marty Casey isn't anywhere either. I liked Jordis better than any of them anyway, wonder what happened to her....hmmmm.

2954 days ago


Doesn't really matter anyway. With Lukas as their lead singer they won't go very far. I know I couldn't listen to him for a full cd or a full concert. I couldn't even get through his minute and half performances on the show.

The boys are gunna get a shock on their tour when people leave after they have seen the house band and Dilana and there is no one left to see them.

2954 days ago


INXS is lucky to be free of Sony/Epic. They are a really lousy record label who don't promote their artists. INXS will easily get another US label. They are double platinum in Canada and Australia and will still be with Sony in those countries. Epic is dropping Jordis Unga also.

2954 days ago


I loved watching the shows, but I felt like Marty and Mig were better performers than JD. He's okay.... I agree with karma, Michael Hutchence can't be replaced, he was amazing and no one can touch him. This year Toby, Dilana, Ryan, and Magni were great! Didn't care for what's-his-name, skunk boy at all! Already forgot his name and that's okay because I would never buy their music. The band is a joke and they will not be around for long. I love Jason Newsted and I hope that he runs the other direction fast!!!! Maybe someday he will be able to return to Metallica and rock once again!

2954 days ago


I used to love Inx and their funk/rock/new wave sound...A sound they shoould go back to. However, their pick of a lead singer sucks...They should have picked the black guy. Now, absent of that...these guys should really change their name and hire somebody like David Bowie to front the band, giving them a new and fresh start. Michael Hutchence can not be replaced...Move on a do something new. These guys need to be produced by Timbaland and or Trent Rezner in order to bring back their old sound. Remember "To Look At You", "Send a Message", and "Meltin' In The Sun"??? Those were great songs...from great albums...Inx needs to seriously try to re-explore that sound and hiring people to phone in fake Michael Hutchence impressions is not going to work!!! Their new lead singer, just like the last fake can't even perform...let alone contend with Michael's memory. Show the man, Michael, some respect and move on!!!! Time for a new sound and delivery for the lead vocals guys!!!

2954 days ago


PS-As far as Super Nova goes...they should allow the fans to pick the new name for the band!!! But I'll tell you, the girl with the foriegn accent should have been picked to front the group. She really is beautiful, sexy and has super star quality, plus a whole damn conceptual theme behind her. Why she was kicked off of the show well ahead of a number of others...many of them, not very good, is curious??? I think Tommy and band really blew it!!! Anyway...I look forward to hearing some music from that girl!!!

2954 days ago


I get such a laugh from people who don't like people who win! These were auditions, man! Not a popularity contest for the general public! INXS chose the singer THEY WANTED and were auditioning for -- not your personal choices! RS:SN chose the singer THEY WANTED -- and incidentally -- remember? Lukas got the MOST VOTES WORLDWIDE from the public too! No pleasing you folks, is there? And I've seen INXS play six times -- have tickets for three more gigs and believe me - no one else on that show could have been the lead singer for INXS EXCEPT JD! Lukas will prove to be th best too -- he already is by most of the world - including me. I liked lots of the other contestants, Toby, Dilana, Storm, Magni - and if one of them had won, I would have supported them, not looked for ways to insult them or tear them down! I would have been wishing them good luck with SN and supported them in any way that I could. Just as I will be supporting Lukas, just as I have supported INXS and JD Fortune, a truly brilliant frontman for a wonderful band that has found new life and new purpose.

2954 days ago

Rasta Avatar    

INXS aint a big hit...what a surprise...not.

The new name of the Ex-Supernova tv band is..."Rock Star: Supernova"

That is the name of the band, I kid thee not, they are calling themselves "Rock Star: Supernova." What happened is that the band has a deal with the people behind the tv show, they were royally pissed that they couldn't use the name of the band in the show, it's all about the band have name recognition. So a marketing hack convinced the money people to call the band Rock Star: Supernova, and that's what it is...for know.

2954 days ago


INXS are had beens and Tommy Lee should get a day job

2953 days ago


I agree with the statement from winefromurtear as to what ever happened to having compassion and sympathy!?! Allot of the threads, comments or stories planted are terribly lacking that ([i]none specific just overall, so please don't shoot the messenger[/i]). I hate when stones are thrown, and stones that are hurtful and spiteful. My character and how I relate to others is as a HUMAN BEING and I stand on my word.

Though I understand the statements and comments made, it seems all but compassionless. [b]I WILL NOT/WOULD NOT/ WILL NEVER throw stones or jugde, PERIOD!!! [/b]Nor would I ever tear someone or something down. [u]MY Dr. Philism, I want to be that soft place to land when all is crazy, confusing, judging, and hard[/u]. INXS always has a place in me to fall gracefully with love, compassion and full of heart. You'll only get and recieve [b]Nuthin' but Love[/b] from me :wink:

There is only one man who stands in judgement of me, and I'll meet my maker when my day comes. Just my being human comming out in my post. 8)

~ He IS the reason which magnifies my desire
and adds bright color to my dreams. Author is ME! ~ Dedicated to my beloved, Jason Dean...

Smiles, Love, Hugs, Kiss's,
Eastside Chica B aka aPeach B

xoxo xoxo xoxo

2953 days ago

duh...totally !    

#5 / Blue Gloves....

Right On ! I grew up w/ INXS , was lucky enough to go to 2 of their concerts-- '86 & '88 ....Michael Hutchence is still missed!! a very talented man & group !

ps....Jon Farris is STILL HOT ! :)

2953 days ago


INXS will find another label QUICKLY!! JD is awesome and he never said he was trying to be the next Michael Hutchence. Hell, nobody could!! JD is awesome and just happened to end up singing for A group that lost their singer. I would rather kkep INXS around and enjoy the spin JD puts on the group, while remembering the kicka@@ singer they had before!! I think Rockstar: Supernova was a joke from the start. It is obvious what criteria Tommy Lee used when judging the contestants. The women had to be sexy and show it, but if the guys did, they were cheesy and kicked off. It was a joke from start to finish. The top three, going by performance and stage presence should have been Toby, Magni, Storm and Ryan. Toby should have won it, becuase the other three I mentioned are WAY above the reality TV show band thing.

2953 days ago

Mike V.    

I was also lucky enough to see INXS with Michael Hutchence 6 times in the 80's and early 90's and they were great. I recently seen them with JD and they weren't that bad. Their new album isn't that bad. They don't need Epic Records and should be able to find a new label with no problem. Now Rockstar Supernova is another story. I have heard the two singles and I'm not impressed with this band. Tommy Lee should just stick to drumming for Motley Crue. His solo career and his other so call band Methods of Mayhem sucks. Hopefully this band will go away quickly.

2953 days ago
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