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Adam & Kevin: So Happy Together

9/20/2006 4:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click here to return to TMZ.comAdam Sandler and Kevin James are getting married... sort of.

Though the two are straight in the real world, their new film finds them playing heterosexuals pretending to be a firefighting gay married couple.

"I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" has the two posing as players for the other team to qualify for their fire department's domestic-partner benefits.

The film also stars Jessica Biel, as a love interest and possible complication for Sandler, and Steve Buscemi as a wary city official sent to keep an eye on the "couple."

"I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" will be released next summer.


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Another crazy ass movie by Adam Sandler. This will be funny like all the others. I love Adams movies he comes up with the craziest ideas for a movie, I wish I could be in one but I'm not an actress, not skinny or pretty to fit the standard of hollywood. Anyway good luck Adam happy to see someone doing a movie thats not normal or fairly over the top and be funny. I hope I'm first.

2865 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Dear boys:
W.C. Fields once said something about never sharing billing in a movie with kids or animals. I would add appearing in a movie where your asked to "play" a homo, that will bring your career to a screeching halt. Dumb ass people like me will always remember you as the GAY undertaker or the GAY prison guy. Just continue to play likable morons and affable fat guys!

2865 days ago


Is Hollywood so devoid of ingenious people that every time they find a theme that "works", they just keep making movies about the subject ad nauseum?

The gay partners were done very well in "Brokeback Mountain". Now, just leave the subject alone until someone has a truly original angle on it to continue to present it in enjoyable, entertaining and original form.

Like maybe look at ordinary people who present stories to you, then work with them to develop it. But, a writer has a hit, then they keep "going to his well" over and over, even though he/she really doesn't have anything new to write about.

2865 days ago


I am pretty sure I saw this before in a Friends episode.

2865 days ago

yo momma    

the only funny adam sandler movies are the ones that he doesn't actually act in. he's not a good actor unless he's playing a roll similar to his own personality ( and thats not really acting). now the happy madison film 'grandma's boy' was hilarious and bettter than ANY movie i've seen adam in.

2865 days ago

Travis Bickle    

Adam Sandler isn't funny. His acting is mediocre at best. He is just lucky to have a stupid fan base that is so stoned that they'll laugh at Al Qaida beheading videos.

2865 days ago


I'm sorry, Rusty Nives (by the way, if you meant the object used to cut your food, it's spelled knives), but didn't your parents raise you better, bless your heart? It is totally inappropriate to talk about the Al Qaida videos of American citizens being beheaded in such a way. No one in their right mind would laugh at them, or talk about laughing at them. Get some better manners!

2865 days ago


Gee, that plot sounds awfully familiar to an Australian film from 2004, 'Strange Befellows', where 2 volunteer firefighters pretend to be gay in order to benefit from the (in the film) Australian governments tax cuts for gay couples.

(you'll note it came out before 'Brokeback Mountain', which made gay movies apparently in vogue again)

The imdb site:

With any luck it will fall flat, just like Hollywood's version of the Australian film 'The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' - you might recognise the revamped version as 'To Wong Foo..' with Patrick Swayze

2865 days ago


Does sound very much like a rip-off of the Australian movie 'Strange Bedfellows', hope the aussie producers find out and sue.

2865 days ago


Check this out. Another day (last friday) I left my house in Brooklyn and headed to work. It was raining and all and my spirits were not exactly up as I was sleepy and feeling a little blue. So I got out of the house, hiding my face under umbrella when I suddenly see like 10 trailers parked by my house and then I see... Jessica Biel getting out of one of those trailers and heading to place near by. I thought I was still dreaming, but when I saw a guy from the trailer he told me that they were shooting this movie and that if I sticked around I could also see Adam Sandler himself.
I would stay if I haven't done modeling before wich allowed me to meet vast of famouse people in her life and if not for a job I had to do that morning. It can only happen in New York. Love it!

2865 days ago


This is another Sandler movie I will not be seeing. Why is it that you can't watch a movie or TV show anymore that does not have a homosexual in it? I mean come on I go for months on end without ever seeing a homosexual. At least one that tells everyone they meet about it. And this is a good example of how they muffed up giving homosexuals life partners rights and benefits even if this is a joke movie. They should make all life partners pay higher taxes like married couples and when thye split pay alimony and split everything they own 50/50. I think they would change their minds about wanting to be recognized as married. Exept for the golddigger ones anyway.

2865 days ago


Using homosexuals as a constant punchline is getting really old.

2863 days ago

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