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9/22/2006 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

graphic of a question markWhat's going on with Shakira?

Shakira's Hips Don't LieMarlene, we have the goods for you on the hip swaying sensation that is Shakira! Born Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, the 29-year-old Colombian-born beauty is engaged to long-time beau Antonio de la Rua. On a more random note, she once got kicked out of choir for singing "too forcefully"!

There's still time to get tickets for her Oral Fixation tour -- she'll be in Dallas and McAllen, Texas beginning tomorrow through Tuesday and will be closing out the year with a couple concerts in Miami.

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graphic of a question markAre Julia Roberts and Keira Knightley sisters?

Julia Robers and Keira KnightleyAdriana, because you and your friend have been feuding about this for so long, we decided to look in to it to settle your score. Julia Roberts and Keira Knightley are not sisters, nor are they related. The research department here at TMZ was not able to find any proof to support the fact that they were in any way family members. However, Julia does share a birthday with actor Joaquin Phoenix on October 28!

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graphic of a question markDid Angelina get a new tattoo for her kids?

Angelina JolieTylethea, there is a new tattoo in honor of the Jolie-Pitt children floating around on Angelina's arm. She has ink on her left shoulder displaying the latitude and longitude for Cambodia and Ethiopia -- the countries in which Maddox and Zahara were born.

As of right now, we don't know of any tattoos for baby Shiloh, but if any more lines of latitude and longitude pop up, we can fairly assume they'll point us in the direction of Namibia.

To see Brad's possible tattoo, read this. And you know you want more Brangelina, so click here.

graphic of a question markWhere is Mariah Carey now?

Mariah CareyAnnie, Mariah Carey is soaring above the rest on the wings of her album "The Emancipation of Mimi." She was recently given three nominations for the upcoming American Music Awards -- Favorite Female Artist in the Pop/Rock and Soul/R&B categories and also for Favorite Album for Soul/R&B. Make sure to set a reminder for November 21 when the AMA's will be broadcast live from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

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graphic of a question markWhat's going on with CaCee Cobb?

Donald Faison and CaCee CobbCrystal, rumors have been swirling about a possible hook-up between CaCee Cobb -- Jessica's former assistant -- and "Scrubs" star Donald Faison. They've been spotted together getting their daily dose of caffeine at a Hollywood Coffee Bean, as well as a couple of nights out on the town in Beverly Hills-land last month. Could this be the real deal for these two or is this an end-of-summer fling about to lose its flame? Only time will tell.

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2961 days ago

Cheryl Moore    

I am a 54 yr old white female and my husband and myself recently went to Atlanta to see Shakira. I have been a fan of her voice for several years now and love her singing whether English or Spanish as her voice is just Dynamo and so clear, her emotion even singling Spanish tells you what she is singing about and watching her dance is fabulous. She is just sooooooo talented and if you haven't seen her, you should if possible. I was so disappointed with the MTV awards as they passed her up for people far less talented but it's young rockers, that don't know the difference yet. They gave an award to a band called Panic at the Disco that clearly could not carry it off in a live performance, the singers voice cracked about 10 times in 3 min.
But back to Shakira, she is such a nice person, sweet personality and cares that she is giving you a good show. I felt I had my monies worth on this one and wish she was coming to Nashville so I could see her again.
A total Visual and Audio Delight.
A must See

2961 days ago


I'm sorry but I don't get it. My wife loves Shakira but I think she has a grating, annoying voice that sometimes sounds like a Hyena. Oh well...

2961 days ago


Shakira sounds like a muppet. And looks like one too.

2961 days ago


Shakira is one hot muppet! She may not have the best voice, but it's her style and she is a true artist who writes her own words and music, not like studio creations Twitney and Paris!

Them white chicks got nothing on Shakira....

2961 days ago


Sorry, I am half colombian, I don't get Shakira, her unkept style, her voice is so annoying, specially when sings in English, my ears can't take it. Her movement are nothing spectacular, maybe to a US audience, but if you ever travel to Latin America, tons of women dance that way, is in our genes and nature, and Shakira does the same belly thing over and over nothing new. Her latest song's introduction with the trumpets is from a Panamian author called Omar Alfano, and another Jerry Rivera already used on his songs "Amores Como el Nuestro" which was very famous, it irrates the hell out of me when I heard that "hip something song" because I think I am going to hear the other one and then is that annoying Shakira voice.

Maybe the fact that she did not win the MTV will clue her in that her voice is horrible, she needs a stylist, and keep singing in Spanish if singing at all. All she does is duet with more famous singer otherwise she would not sell.

I know others will not agree but it is my opinion and I have been "listening" to this torture since she first came out with "Pies Dezcalsos"

And believe or not I used to like her until she sold out became a fake blond with extensions and starting showing skin like so many to sell albums.

2961 days ago


wats up wit all u bitches disin on Shakira? u all just jelous cause u dont and will never live up 2 what she has.

2959 days ago


Well people, I do GET Shakira!!! She is lovely, very intelligent and talented! I wish i could dance, sing and talk fluently in 7 different languages. Hey, I would be happy just to shake it like her! All I can say is.... Some like it hot and some don't! I like it hot and HIPS DON'T LIE!!!!

2944 days ago

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