Flying With the Stars

9/18/2006 2:00 PM PDT

Flying With the Stars

Jessica Simpson and Ben Affleck may be used to getting the royal treatment but when going through airport security they are just like you and me.

Simpson was at LAX with her mane man Ken Paves and a small entourage on Sunday. The paparazzi swarmed as Jess made her way through security and proved that even world famous popstars have to show identification.

Jessica gets her bags x-rayed but not before removing her beloved dog from her carry-on bag.

Affleck also made his way through LAX on Sunday, albeit sans entourage. Ben, looking handsome as ever, shows his ID, removes his shoes and even appears to charm members of the Transportation Security Association.

While airline travel has gotten to be more of a hassle lately, it's comforting to know no one, not even Oscar winners, are getting around the system.