Another Simpson Gets Booed

9/13/2006 1:18 PM PDT

Another Simpson Gets Booed

Jessica Simpson may have a lot of fans (at least that's what we're told) but during a shopping trip in Beverly Hills the paparazzi sure weren't singing her praises.

On Tuesday, Simpson made a high profile entrance into luxury department store Barneys New York by valeting her SUV under the watchful eyes of the eager photogs.

While the paparazzi waited for her afternoon excursion to come to an end, Jess decided to keep her exit on the down low.

Instead of picking up her car from the valet area, which would have provided yet another photo op, Simpson got in her SUV from within the store's parking garage and, in effect, denied the paparazzi the chance of having their Simpson Kodak moment.

The photogs didn't take well to Simpson's diabolical plan and loudly booed her as she drove off.

While no one appreciates getting booed, at least Jessica can take comfort in that, unlike sister Ashlee, it wasn't for her singing.