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Germany Says

Vilkomen to Paris

9/25/2006 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

paris_okt_getty-1Paris Hilton is ready to get her drink on, having landed in Munich to hit up Oktoberfest.

Telling reporters, "Munich is one of the coolest cities," Hilton arrived to the festivities in traditional Dirndl clothing, somewhat altered to display her best assets ... of course.

Though she's actually in Germany to promote the new canned sparkling wine "Rich Prosecco," she just couldn't pass up a chance to make a scene.

And while Paris and friend Kim Kardashian certaintly looked hot in their Heidi-inspired outfits, we're guessing Bavarian tradition doesn't include sequins and a Hummer escort.


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Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

If she is promoting wine sales then people are in for a real treat..

She will be stomping the grapes with her HUGE ASS size 11 feet..
I bet she can stomp one million grapes 1,000,000 with each step using those stinking sh*t kickers....

Size 11 is one giganitc ass foot...

2948 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

With a size 11 foot, she can stomp millions of grapes with one step of her giant sh*t kicker.

This will greatly reduce production cost and allow the savings to be passed on to end consumers, while at the same time prtecting profit margins.. YOU GO BIGFOOT..

2948 days ago


It would be nice if this kardashian chick actually had a little self respect. She's ph's bitch and that's just really sad. Her parents must be proud.

2948 days ago


Well, it will be a lesbian foot lick. Who cares. She has herpes.

2948 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

drunk bitch ,wont miss a party,i smell the booze on her breath,marybe she need to get with mel

2948 days ago

the wise old owl    

This talentless slut is back at it again. Promoting yet another product with her sorry ass name on it. I would never buy her wine. What's it spiked with ? Different strains of STD and cocaine ? It's got to be the CHEAPEST wineout there . No body and no subtance Just like Paris. Gross.

That stupid looking friend of hers that is always with her is the biggest bum licker I 've ever seen. " Yes, Miss Hilton, "
" Why no Miss HIlton. " ....... "Can get you a drink ? " ........" Can I wipe your ass ? "

She is a coat tail rider to the end. She better be really good at saying YES and waiting on her highness hand and foot because she so replacable. I wonder what Paris says about her behind her back.

I 'm so glad I don't have a friend like that. I don't care how much $$ she has . She is shallow, selfish, superficial, has no character or morals and is out for the moment only. NO THANKS Keep your stinky wine in Germany. They are the only ones stupid enough to buy it. What's your next product ? TOILET PAPER.

2948 days ago


Did Paris buy herself a pair? Either that or that's one hell of a push-up bra.

2948 days ago

the wise old owl    

iSN'T Kim Kardasian's Dad the late Mr. Kardasian who defended O.J. Simpson ? I think her mom is Bruce Jenner's current wife. Yeah they must be real proud all right. What does that girl do for a living other then act as lady in waiting for Paris.?
I wonder if she ever had a real job. Talk about Beverly Hills snobbery. She is everything I hope my daughter doesn't turn out to be. A phoney ass wiping want to
be. Show me your friends and I 'll show you what you are about. Need I say more.

2948 days ago

the wise old owl    

LET'S SEE : A wine with no character. No body. No substance. Very Cheap. An imitator trying to pass itself off as something of quality.

Now what can we call that wine ? Hmmmm...........How about Paris Hilton WIne. Yeah , that's the ticket !!

Who the hell is going to buy this wine. Talk about a bad investment. She must need some major write-offs. LOSER. If someone offered me a glass of her wine in a bar I would throw up.

2948 days ago


Paris and Nicole richie are friends!!! They made up! Exclusive news on just jared....check it out!

2948 days ago


#5, don't worry, these ain't no implants. Push up bras can do wonders for boobless sluts like Paris. I kinda feel sorry for Kim Kardashian, it seems that she's just the latest in Paris's string of disposable so-called BFFs. I don't know how that girl can manage to turn her friends into fashion accessories, but she does. Nicole Richie may be ugly and skinny,but at least she's smart: she saw through Paris' shit and decided to stay away from it.

2948 days ago


#8, that's correct, Kim is the daughter of OJ Simpson's former attorney.

2948 days ago


Danke, Paris! I'd like to dip your pigtails in my inkwell now.

2948 days ago


What the hell is "Vilkomen"...? I mean c'mon if you want to use the german language do it right!!
Next time TMZ google harder or find the right dictionary...

Who the hell cares about Paris anyhow, her 15 minutes are waaaaaay up.

2948 days ago


Kardashian looks like a stupid idiot in that wench costume! Arabs don't make good wenches. What a moron! Anything to keep up with her royal slutness!

2948 days ago
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