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Oprah Lords Over White Folk, Talks Poop on XM

9/25/2006 2:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If it wasn't already totally evident that Oprah Winfrey can talk about anything for any length of time, her debut today on her own XM Radio channel just confirmed it. The talk-show queen gabbed with her best pal Gayle King (who called her, inexplicably, "Mommy") on what is nominally King's show on "Oprah & Friends," the satellite channel that launched today.
oprah audio

Among many, many other things, Oprah talked about her humble beginnings in Mississippi, and particularly about how her mother's highest aspiration for her was that she might end up cleaning white people's houses, because "they give away nice clothes." And then Oprah pointed out that now that she's Oprah, she has "all these white people" working for her, and that in fact there's only one black person on the staff. Way to turn the tables, girl.

Finally -- and this was just in the first fifteen minutes -- Oprah moved onto her most recent favorite topic, excrement. O assured Gayle that the reason she doesn't have children wasn't that she can't deal with poo, or "pooty," as the pair called it. For this -- and whatever follows -- is what XM is paying Oprah $55 million over the next three years.


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I haven't been able to stand Oprah for years now! All she ever talks about is how much money she has and somehow, no matter who is on the show or what the topic is, she always makes it about herself! I will be glad when she can't get her fat ass on t.v., radio, or any other public forum!

2905 days ago


Those of you who criticize Oprah don't know if she prefers to employ white people or if she prefers to employ black people. Maybe she employs people who have great work ethics and who actually produce. I wouldn't hire any person, regardless of color, who would not come to work, who did half a job or who just plain worked poorly.

Give her a break! She does way more than any of you, the average person, or any of these so-called great leaders of the free world would do for people on the continent of Africa. Africans are often viewed as "subhuman", unworthy of any assistance (or progress) from Western nations. Oprah, almost single-handedly (Bono & other white artists included) is changing the world's view of that great continent. What are members of the black community doing? These are some of the same people complaining that she is racist towards her own people. YOU DO SOMETHING!!!

2905 days ago


Oprah has changed. I used to enjoy watching her but now all she does is "name drop" and thinks she is better than any black or white person. Without makeup she could swing from the trees and we couldn't tell the difference between her and the monkeys.

2905 days ago


I am really tired of Oprah seeking more ratings and money for herself and her publicity seeking guest stars, like M. Etheridge, Material Girl, and now Kirstie Allie. All poor Kirsties got is alot obnoxious comments about her not so great weight loss and large hips. I think Kirstie is a fine actress and should diet, yeah, and concentrate on her acting career. Enough is enough!

2905 days ago


I have watched my last Oprah show. Money does it even time, sad, sad but true.

2905 days ago


Oprah Winfrey has a serious problem. She somehow actually believes she wields power. Makes no difference who she employs, how she runs her little dynasty, how much money she makes per minute, what soapbox she decides to stand on. Along with EVERYONE who does nothing for the Kingdom of God, she will be judged accordingly and through their own actions be cast into the lake of fire for eternity

2905 days ago


OK , I added my comment about Ophra about her ways of seeking more publicity about these celebrities who obviously are seeking more publicity. Now I want to address the black issue. I am a white jewish lower middle class ,woman who is a Breast Cancer surviver, College grad, and single mom for alot of years. I worked 2 jobs to put my own daughter through college. Enough about my sob story. I was always in the helping profession and tried to help many blacks lower class on crack , etc. I always believed in civil rights, thats how I was brought up. All I can say is Oprah is not only a billionare+ but the skin looks light, and the nose obviously had surgery, plus she speaks like someone who obviously was taught toto speak in that obnoxious voice. Funny, I dont speak that way. I wish she would get off the air already. Shes a phony and a bore. By the way, I am really sick of hearing about her abused childhood, been there, done that, if she has so much money seek some good therapist, I did w/ medicare.

2905 days ago


I agree with # 14. So white people are always racist, have racist thoughts, actions and motives, yet Oprah points out something positive for her: not being a slave to white folk. You guys then get upset. She's racist you say. Yeah right! If that comment makes her racist, then PRESIDENT BUSH LEAVING BLACK NEW ORLEANS RESIDENTS IN A HORRIFIC SITUATION MAKES HIM WHAT? Let's quote Kanye West. He articulated it well. Oprah has shown more love, generosity, concern, assistance and encouragement to people of all races than a whole lot of white folk. How dare you call her racist

2904 days ago


In response to #12. Oprah doesn't allow rappers on her show because they are negative to all women regardless of race. But I do agree she is a racist and has a double standard. The American public is BRAINWASHED by her and if the comments she makes were done by a white against the black race lawsuits would certainly be filed immediately.

2904 days ago


As a white person, I'm not all that offended by this, nor do I think she meant it to be offensive. It's a fact of her history that once she was in a position to work for wealthier people, who happened to be white, and now her she is, a successful black woman, who has some white people working for her. I think she was just pointing out the role reversal that her life has undergone.
I'm more curious about Gail apparently calling her "Mommy"? Did anyone hear this and do you know why?
As to the "poop" discussion, I think that's funny.

2904 days ago


i agree with #12 your right if she is so damn prejudice people why would she reject to have rappers on her show. if you ask me she caters to white people and she does its the truth. and i dont mean that in any racist way at all but just take a good look when your wathcing her freakin show. i think shes forgotten what color she really is and where she's come from. those billions will never make you white oprah no matter how much you try to fit in it'll never ever happen. i cant stand that s***. tryin to be white your black and the rappers hate your ass. your own people. your kind.

2904 days ago

Oprah Fan    

To sound like a racist, not Oprah. That's makeup and lighting that makes Oprah look lighter and her nose slimmer. If you'd ever seen her without makeup and special lighting you'd see she's dark with a very broad nose. Does that make any difference? No, she is a wonderful, intelligent woman who made her money with her talent. She should be able to spend it as she pleases on who she pleases without a bunch of whining, jealous white people criticizing her every move. By the way, I am a while 56 year old woman who was raised in the fifties so I know what she had to overcome to be such a fabulous success. Who cares if any of you jealous bigots watch her show? She is doing just fine without you.

2904 days ago


Why is Oprah Famous? All she does is what comes naturally to any woman and thats talk out her ass.

This is whats wrong with America, women think they have relevant opinions but they are just stupid and just talk sh*t, pun intended.

So please America lets tell Okra, big fat lady or whatever her name is, and all those lamo womens talk shows that keep you from finishing the damn house work to please go away.

Bring back The Man Show on HBO where we can see some hot tits & ass.

2904 days ago


Hey, Lovin'Oprah, eat pooty and die!

And, hey, ask Oprah/ Orpah where she first saw/heard the word POOTY.
This woman is not only a FRAUD, RACIST and a LIAR, she's a pervert and a voyeur.

2904 days ago


Oprah is a racist??? Maybe so, but so is every single last person who's posted here. We all are a little bit. Even if you think you're not, YOU ARE. But she's definately not a "true" racist, and you all should be ashamed of yourselves for accusing her of such a thing. With all the good she's done why don't we talk about that??? Instead of picking apart everything she says.

2903 days ago
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