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PETA Protests Burberry Fashion Show

9/25/2006 4:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PETA vs BurberryThree PETA activists stormed the runway at a Burberry fashion show in Milan holding signs reading, "Burberry: Fur Shame." The invitation-only event was delayed while the activists were escorted out of the show and released.

According to PETA, their representatives have met with Burberry executives and screened a video that shows graphic footage of animals who are suffering on fur farms and in traps. But unlike a growing number of fashion companies that are fur-free -- including Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Topshop, Selfridges, Liberty of London and H&M -- Burberry continues to sell real fur.

"Designers who still use fur are heartless and shameless," PETA Europe director Poorva Joshipura says. "These are the spring/summer collections, but right now there are animals languishing on fur farms who will be gassed, strangled, or anally electrocuted for the Burberry autumn/winter collection."

PETA has previously taken over the fashion show runways of fur designers Karl Lagerfeld, Oscar de la Renta, Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Prada, among others.

A call to a rep for Burberry was not immediately returned.


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PETA doesn't appear to be too nice to the animals in their ad campaigns. Standing on a wolf looks mean.

2948 days ago


BJ that is a picture that PETA captured of animals being abused. DUH. Animal fur looks much better on the original owner -- in all cases.

2948 days ago


I can't believe that there are people out there who would wear the dead carcass of an animal. What's next, wearing human carcasses when you become bored? Don't people understand, animals feel pain and love just as humans. I don't get it - if we were to treat humans like this (round them up, torture and slaughter them) there would be anarcy. So why are we legally allowed to do this to animals. If more people valued animals, we might all be able to live peacfully with all comes down to that!

2948 days ago


I think bj is right, how did PETA get the picture unless they took it. I don't think there are a lot of fur traders walking around in knight outfits with swords.

2948 days ago


BloodyBurberry sounds like a refreshing drink. Is is made with vodka?

2948 days ago


Fur is so tacky - like Burberry.

2948 days ago


PETA POOH, it's amazing what one can do with photoshop. actually, it's not that amazing, it's pretty simple. i think i've seen the original of that image before - it used to be a fur farmer standing on a fox's neck. remove farmer's legs, insert knight's armor and sword, and viola! pretty clever, really.

2948 days ago


I used to wear fur, then I saw the video at and I will not touch it now. Thank God PETA acts out and does this kind of thing to remind people that animals don't deserve to be killed for a coat.

2948 days ago


Seems odd in this day and age that this company would catch on how unpopular it is to wear animal fur. I DO NOT like the means PETA uses but I DO agree with the message. It's just not necessary to wear animal fur anymore.

2948 days ago


I HATE PETA. I can't help it. I like animals, but I don't like PETA's methods, they completely turn me off and make me not want to help at all.

2948 days ago

Elaine Sloan    

Good for PETA for protesting the Burberry show. There is simply no excuse for anyone to wear fur--except animals. I mean c'mon, would you skin a dog or a cat and wear his or her pelt on your back? I sincerely doubt it. So why would you wear a fox or a beaver or other wild animal? It's cruel. It's unattractive. And it's just plain unnecessary. Many designers make stylish, cruelty-free alternatives, even faux fur if you like the look of fur, though I personally don't.

2948 days ago


There was a woman in our area whose dog got caught in a trap that was intended for a beaver. It was set by a trapper who sells skins to companies like Burrberry, I would imagine. The dog died right before her eye. Everytime I see some arrogant woman wearing fur, I think of that poor dog.

2948 days ago


As Eckhart Tolle said: It is important to realize we are all trapped in mental constructs, and so we separate ourselves from reality; the whole world loses its aliveness-or, rather, we lose our ability to sense that aliveness, the sacredness of nature. When we approach nature through the conceptualizing mind, we see a forest as a commodity, a concept. We no longer see it for what it truly is, but for what we want to use it as. It is reduced. This is how it becomes possible for humans to destroy the planet without realizing what they are doing.

Kudos to PETA for doing what is necessary to get these companies, and "consumers" of tortured & mutilated animals, to stop what they are doing and CHANGE their ways! There is nothing attractive about animal abuse. We all need to start thinking about how we use and abuse the environment and our fellow creatures for purely selfish reasons. Anyone with questions about what these poor creatures are subject to for our vanity should go to

2948 days ago


Girls that wear fur are a complete turn off. Ya just think, how totally ignorant they must be. I’m an avid hiker and I’ve seen animals is traps several times over the years. It gives me nightmare just to think about it. I can't imagine anyone seeing a film of a trapped animal or an animal being skinned alive and still wanting to promote fur for fashion. Are we humans just horrible creatures all around or what?

2948 days ago

Phyllis Tripp    

You've got to be kidding...animals are being mercilessly slaughtered for their coats and you're worried about the authenticity of the photo...? Fur is the skin of an animal killed in horrific ways solely for that purpose! How can you get caught up in anti-PETA rhetoric and irrelevent nonsense? Animals are DYING for your fashion. If you support fur, you are heartless.

2948 days ago
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