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Harry Potter

And the Disappearing


9/28/2006 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Admit it, you love the "Harry Potter" movies. The movies transcend age groups and have spawned millions of wizards-in-training. So are the much beloved tales about to lose one of its most important stars?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
That's the situation Emma Watson has potentially created with her inability to make her mind up about signing up for the last two films. Emma, who plays Hermione Granger told Newsweek on a recent visit to the "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" set, " I don't know yet... I love to perform, but there are so many things I love doing."

Now before everyone panics and starts hiding beneath their invisibility cloaks, producer David Heyman says that Emma went through the same questioning process before signing on for the third and fourth films and he is cautiously optimistic that she will sign on for the last two.

Just to ease the situation, it might help if you keep your fingers crossed, your dragons in a row and chant a few spells and hopefully Hermione will stay enrolled at Hogwarts for a few more years.


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Ahhh, Emma, don't spoil the fun. Yes, we know, holding out will probably get you a bigger paycheck, and yes, you'll probably be a big star in OTHER movies when you do move on. But Harry Potter fans, and they are many, will never forgive you for not giving fluid continuity to the series. It will be more damaging to your career to back out now. Readers of the series have always been so delighted that the casting is perfect and brings to life precisely how we'd seen these characters. But, hey, Emma, they replaced Dumbledore with no bad effects ... so don't start thinking you are completely irreplaceable ... none of us are.

2917 days ago


She's not unsure because she wants to take on other roles. According to Newsweek, she's a bright student and wants to go to University and explore other things to do with her life.

She also mentioned she doesn't want to be ungrateful because she's aware she's been given an amazing opportunity, she just doesn't know if its right for her. I can sympathize, it must be wonderful, but completely normal for someone so young, for whom a year seems like an eternity, to contemplate that sort of committment.

I hope she signs on though. College will always be there. These movies will not.

2917 days ago


Emma's done it this long, she can stick it out for 3 or 4 more years, this movie is making her rich, once it's done she can do whatever she wants!! You'd think the girl is missing out on child rearing and marriage!!

Even more, the HP Fan Community is SERIOUS about the Potter Lexicon, any casting change due to anything other than the death of the actor his/herself (RIP RIchard Harris!) will not be received well and could damage the rest of her career.

Damn teenagers have no focus... they never finish what they start!

2916 days ago

Len Preston    

Emma Watson is gorgeous. She IS the best part of these films and NO ONE could play Hermione as perfectly as she does.

Miss Granger, you are not excused...yet.
- Dumbledore

2916 days ago

Basil Beshkov    

Emma Watson, Hotter than Harry Potter. If she left the film would lose popularity, and the wizard fans would find something new. I say Begone Harry Poterbut !

2916 days ago

lillian wojciehowske    

emma is one of the best actors on the film and it would not be the same it she did not continue the last few films

2915 days ago


Yeah, I think she's just holding out for more money..

2915 days ago


Emma, please don't go! I got intersted in acting becasue of your performance on this movie (and because of Daniel Radcliffe, sort of)! You are a great actress and your YOUNG! You have plenty of time to do what you wanna do! Stick it out for about four more years!

2868 days ago
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