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Anna Nicole's Custody Battle -- Anna Challenged

10/4/2006 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead: Click to watchThe man who claims to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby girl was put off by a judge today, as his lawyer challenged the celebrity mom to settle the custody dispute by submitting to a paternity test.

Larry Birkhead, along with his lawyer Debra Opri, appeared in Los Angeles County Superior Court Wednesday and asked a judge to order Anna Nicole to return from the Bahamas and submit to a paternity test. The judge continued the hearing until October 26. TMZ is told Opri also wants the judge to order Anna Nicole to submit to a drug test.

Opri addressed Anna directly in her press conference after the hearing: "Anna, I am talking to you directly now and I want you to listen to me and I want you to hear what I have to tell you. If you are so certain that Larry Birkhead is not the father, then you have nothing, absolutely nothing to lose by submitting to this jurisdiction and allowing a paternity test."

Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole's lawyer, claims he's the dad. Birkhead has scoffed at Stern's assertion.


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Everyone knows Larry Birkhead is the dad, if he was not then Anna would of got the test done ASAP and had this all done and over with.

The only time you do not get a paterntiy test is when you are hiding something

2870 days ago


I dont blame Anna one bit. She has already lost one child...why on earth would she take the chance at losing the only one she has left. Larry should be ashamed of himself for damaging this child by making allegations about Anna in order to get into the spotlight himself. If he was so worried about this child's welfare he would not be putting the one person that is nurturing this child in more emotional pain right now. None of us know what kind of person Anna was when Larry knew her, but we all know that the death of a child can have a dramatic impact and is a life changing event, my guess is this woman would not do one single thing to jeapordize her baby girl, who is also her only surviving child. Anna is a mother and there must be something Larry has done for Anna to go through all of this to avoid him being in her life. I do not remember Goldie Hawn being critisized this much when Kurt Russell became Kate Hudsons "father". Mother knows best. Larry has no right to bring more harm. He should wiegh the benifits against the harm right now. Does he honestly think even if he is the father that Anna is going to let this child go without a fight? Hell, Anna is still in court over Howard Marshall... What father would want his own child caught up in negative publicity, horrible allegations, an upset mother, and legal attacks during the most important time in a childs developement which is the first five years of the childs life. Shame on Larry either way and his bitch of an attorney that could have sent Anna a certified letter stating everything she wanted to say -instead of holding a friggin press conference...who really is a fraud here...Larry's lawyer could give shat less about this baby girl, or the baby girls mother and niether does Larry telling by this behaivior....criminey, he could not even give Anna time to bond and grieve knowing either way that he is not going to get that baby anytime soon no matter what happens. This all could have waitied, interesting how he chose to capitalize off of the death of "his own daughters" only sibling.

2862 days ago
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