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Exclusive -- Paris:

'Shanna Attacked Me'

Police Reports Filed

10/4/2006 1:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Paris Hilton and Shanna Moakler have both filed police reports early Wednesday morning, alleging each was attacked. Paris says Moakler socked her in the jaw. Moakler claims Paris' ex shoved her down some stairs.

Elliot Mintz, Paris' publicist, tells TMZ that his client was at Hyde nightclub Wednesday night and at approximately 1:10 a.m. she says she was approached by Shanna, who allegedly began screaming obscenities at her. Hilton says at that point Moakler struck her in the jaw with a closed fist as she continued to shout profanities. Mintz says Moakler was restrained and several people helped Paris exit Hyde. Mintz says Hilton never touched Moakler.

Mintz and Hilton then went to the LAPD's Hollywood Division where she filed a police report, alleging battery.

shanna-moakler-talks-to-copsWe're told Moakler also went to the station to file a report against Paris' companion that evening, Stavros Niarchos, alleging that he poured a drink over her head. A source tells TMZ that Moakler alleges that Niarchos shoved her down some stairs.

We're told police took photos of both women at the station, though it's unclear if either showed visible signs of injury.

paris-hiltonMintz told TMZ, "I would encourage Paris, with the consent of her attorney, to seek a restraining order against Moakler to prevent any escalation of this irrational and dangerous behavior."

We're told some of the dancers from "Dancing with the Stars" witnessed the incident. Moakler was a contestant on the show but has already been eliminated from the competition.

Sources tell TMZ the bad blood between Hilton and Moakler is over Hilton's friendship with Travis Barker, Moakler's estranged husband. A source in Paris' camp claims Moakler recently left "menacing" phone messages on Hilton's answering machine.


Recently, TMZ cameras caught Hilton in a passionate liplock with Moakler's estranged husband Travis Barker during a wild night out at a Manhattan night club.


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Parisite got just what she deserved...To bad she wasn't shoved down the steps !

2944 days ago


Finally someone got a whack in at paris hilton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you act like a slut you get beat down like a slut!!!!!!! She takes other peoples men because she cant just go out and find her own, plus money is an issue, i mean who isnt going to use the nasty skank for her cash!!! And to make it even better on the guys behalf, she will sleep with anything!!!!

2944 days ago

So Sick Of...    

Go Shanna, beat her down again!!! I would beat that dumb Parisite crotch bitch every time I seen her. I hope Shanna gets her again!!!

All Parisite is good for is showing her skanky crotch around. She shows it to the photographers now because she can't get any man who wants to look at it!

I would love to be a fly on the wall in her parents house, oh they must be so proud of the dumb ass slut they have raised so well!!!

More men have been in Paris's bed then have slept in a bed at Hilton Hotels! She was voted the #1 most hated person in Hollywood, Get a clue Paris! No one likes you, no one wants to see your Parisite Crotch or Parisite Ass!!!

Go get some bug spray, put it up your coochie and spray!!! Then, stay at home so we all don't have to look at you anymore!!!

2944 days ago

good for paris    

GOOD paris needed a good beat down.......sorry i wasnt there to hold her down........she is a know how many germs must of passed threw her mouth...........Travis you cant kiss your kiids anymore.....................

2944 days ago


Who gives a sh*t about either one of these a**holes? What Shanna Moakler did to be famous I'm still trying to figure out and Paris Hilton? Well, we all know how she got her alleged "fame" (her name and her diseased twat).

But I AM glad that Shanna beat her ass (like Shannon Doherty did a few years back). Now little Paris can cry about this, too (and watch how Hilton beats the DUI rap because of the high powered lawyers while the rest of us would be in the middle of being someone's bitch in prison for years on end).

2944 days ago


Welcome to the jungle, Parasite. Maybe you might just think twice now before moving in on someone's else hubby. Ya goin' to Hyde tonite?

2944 days ago

Paris fan    

You all just wish that you had a quarter of what Paris has! She is beautiful and smart and I hope that she beats the sh*t out of Shanna a few more times. Shanna is just pissed because she couldn't keep her guy!

2944 days ago

So Sick Of...    

I agree with #26 comment,
"Pairiste go get some bug spray, put it up your coochie and spray"
That is too funny. Probably would kill what she's got up there!!!

2944 days ago



2944 days ago


AAAHAHAHHAHA! Go shanna! She needed 1 good punch in the face. Maybe she'll start respecting herself a bit more

2944 days ago

So Sick Of...    


Ya Paris, will we see you at Hyde tonight? You and your skank friends

2944 days ago


Notice a common theme here with these skanks? Hhmmm? All these things happen at "The Club", whatever club they are in. Drunken skanks. Please give us all a breaK & stop reporting on these useless people!!! They are a waste of space & air.

2944 days ago


I've never understood how a skinny, long-nosed, pigeon-toed airhead like Parasite could get all the publicity that she does. She is very plain-looking and not very intelligent, lies profusely, no talent, tuneless, boyfriend-stealing, husband-stealing, skanky, porn-movie-making trash. I only read this article because I would hit her. One margarita and no food, my ass! Tell another whopper Pinochio and maybe your ski-slope nose will grow even longer that it already is.

2944 days ago


I am not sure why she would worry about Paris at this point. If my husband hooked up with Paris I would move on quickly because I would know that he has herpes.

2944 days ago

So Sick Of...    

To Paris Fan Comment #31:

Why don't you go help Parisite in another way then trying to defend her on here. Go to your local hardware store and get that bug spray that she so desperatley needs for her coochie!

2944 days ago
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