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Katie and Posh: BFF

10/5/2006 4:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paparazzi targets Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham make headlines when they are by themselves, but together? That's a tabloid dream come true!

The two women were spotted shopping together in Paris during fashion week, causing quite a stir for the locals.

The Beckhams photo galleryWith these two women prowling the shops - we're wondering if Tom and David are at home, watching the tots and bonding over formula. Maybe not.


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the wise old owl    

Post #40 Mrs. Scott : I remember your candid post from the last subject on Anna Nicole, I liked what you had to say.

A BEARD is a term used to discribe somebody that hides the obvious. Just like a beard covers the face. Katie is a beard that covers or distracts from what TOM is trying to hide. And who he really is.

Rock Hudson had a beard for a while. HIs beard was his secretary . HIs publicists told him to get married quickly to squelch the rumors of his homosexuality.

John Travolta has a beard. His wife Kelly Preston. She is there to bear him children and play 'WIFEY " while he covorts around picking up on other men in his spare time. I have talked to numourous directors on the set of his movies who told me about his preference for men long ago.

Oprah has a BEARD. Her beard is STEDMAN. At least he was up until the other day when she announced it was over. Over ? Are you kidding me. It never even began. Pretty much everyone in the Entertainment business knows Oprah has been gay for years. She is only fooling her viewing audience.

Every gay entertainer in Hollywood has had a beard at one time or another. Heck even Elton John found someone to marry him to try and sway the public into thinking he was straight. What a joke that was.

I hope that answered your question.

2939 days ago

the wise old owl    

For post # 41 Joseph :: I said the same thing ( see post # 38 )

. What a couple of look alikes.

2939 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

#42 Thank you for the very informative answer, I do see your point more clearly now, I personally am in agreement with the majority of your comments on various pages, we've got to be around the same age range I'm in my early 30's. I absolutely love the way you sign off on most comments. Have a good day & thanks for the info. J. Scott AKA Mrs. Scott

2939 days ago


And who's YOUR BEARD, OWL?

2939 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

98 pounds i sure hope you are shorter than 5 feet or you are probably fugly skinny. skeletons are not attractive.

They both look way too skinny . It is really unhealthy and it takes a huge toll on your skin and your heart. Kate also needs some sun.

2939 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

I maintain that this is all really sad for the baby's sake, I wish Katie would be seen with her baby in public like a normal mother. I hope like hell she's spending time with her in private. I think the whole situation is a shame. Well kids, it's been fun but I'm outta here for the weekend. The beloved husband & kids are home so it's time to put away this nonsense. Hope you all have a great weekend! See ya Tuesday!

2939 days ago


Brainwashed Kate and Posh who lets her husband cheat on her right and left. What a duo.

2939 days ago


What a duo!!!
I don't like these women. Kaite? Golddigger? That's what I'm feeling about her. Sorry! Don't feel sorry for Katie. She knows what she is doing now and very smart in some ways. I don't think she is innocent at all. Victoria? Get some food girl. You look awful.

2939 days ago


Thanks wise old owl, but I am not doug but the dog. DDog. I also enjoy your posts and usually let you say what I am thinking because you do it so much better. The dog only barks when the wolf is at the door. And the wolf is howling on this one.

2939 days ago


F*** you Jennifer #46. Anyone who knows the owl knows they speak the truth. Who the hell are you? Don't diss the owl. OOOwhoo!!!!

2939 days ago


OH MY! I am ALMOST speechless, ALMOST!

I am SO embarassed for poor Katie...Does she even realize that she is being PUNKED?

Katie is wearing what is known as a "CAR COAT". A coat style that is made to wear with causal slacks, NOT a knee length skirt and tights to a dressy event.

Besides her overall style being wrong for the event, her coat is a size too small. NO Katie is NOT a big person, her coat is too small for her body size. Maybe she needs a size 6 instead of a size 4.

With all of her BFF's money, you'd think he let her own at least two pairs of sunglasses. The ones she is wearing are too black for a fall day in Paris. They need to be a grey tint.

Speaking of sunglasses.......IF she were to remove them, would her eyes be begging for someone in the crowd to help her escape???

On the white gayle and oprah are seen in a black pantsuit (posh) and white pantsuit (Katie). The name of Poshs' band mate comes to mind, SCARY.
It was posted that Katie resembles Tommy's boyfriend from his Sat night fever movie. Yes or maybe Sarina from Charlies Angels. Very 1970's.

Once again out of her element.

Looking at these pictures of Katie attending fashion week, I just can't help but think, Somewhere there is a trailer sitting empty, price tags from the new clothes, strewn about the floor. The neighbors are all talking about their friend. Be envious, not knowing that she is really longing to be back at the trailer park, where she feels most comfortable.

Was selling her soul, her life, her Suri, REALLY worth it?

2939 days ago


And who is your f***ing beard Jennifer? #46. The owl speaks wisdom without predjudice. The owl does not need a beard. He who shall so shall he who. Peace.

2939 days ago

the wise old owl    

Hey Post # 53 : Dena cox : Thanks for watching my back. I 've got yours too. I absolutely 100 % appreciate it. You are right about the BEARD . Never needed a beard and I don't think I will be changing my ways at this stage in the game.

Post # 48 : Jennifer : You're back again giving me sh*t, huh ... Always so hostile to the owl. Why? Oh , I forgot . You are one of those people who think celebrities are flawless. NO vices, no problems, no bad habits. Then when you read something that I know to be true. You get pisst off. I call it the " shoot the messenger mentality. Come on jennifer. Let's be friends. It's so silly to fight over the truth.
Balanced and fair as reported by ...........................................

2939 days ago


YEP! She is SO totally being PUNKED!
A Maroon bag with black shoes to fashion week in Paris!

2939 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 51 : Oat ( who has also been in my corner on numourous occasions )

I didn't know you were so fasion savy. That's one catagory I don't claim to be that schooled on. Who knew all that designer sh*t. You can never stop learning from blogs on this website. It's quite an informative adventure.

Post # 53 :Dena . I like the NAME DOG. " Only barks when the wolf is at the door.

" Very memorable and catchy. You should use that as your professional posting name. ha ha.............I guess in a way , my beard is " the wise old owl " and yours is " dog ".............. It's a different kind of beard thats all... ha ha .lol...

2939 days ago
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