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Tough Break for Travis Barker

10/5/2006 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barker breaks his armIt's been a tough week for Travis Barker. First his soon-to-be ex-wife and his current, er, "friend" Paris Hilton got into a little tussle at a club. Now he's broken his arm. Damn!

According to his publicist, Travis Barker broke his arm while shooting a video for his band +44's song "When Your Heart Stops Beating." A source close to Barker tells TMZ that he actually broke his arm drumming. Wow.

Doctors have ordered the former blink-182er to lay off the heavy lifting -- and drumming -- for at least 8 weeks.

UPDATE: Travis Barker has posted the following message on his MySpace account: "I had every test possible to see what was going on in my arm. The MRI/X-Ray showed I'd been playing with a broken arm for 3 weeks and or possible tumor in my arm ... I've been told to eat meat and change my diet (I've been a vegetarian for 16 years) cause it's making my bones weak. I never thought I'd break a bone from playing my drums too hard/too long."


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Not a Britney Fan    

Is that tattoo a picture of Shanna on the middle of his neck. Poor thing.

2919 days ago


It looks like it.

2919 days ago


that's hot

2919 days ago


Iwould like to know WHY these women would fight over this!! Isn't there any good looking men in Hollywood?

2919 days ago


I'll come & take care of him.

2919 days ago


piece of sh*t.....

2919 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

The Maven would like to know how even Paris--who will give head to anyone, including a cockroach crawling up her leg--can get herself involved with such a disgusting-looking sub-human. This guy looks as if he either just crawled out of a sewer, or is just about to crawl into one. To quote Howard Stern, "pig puke." The Maven would also like to know if this specimen is a Scientologist.

2919 days ago


That dude is NOT attractive.

2918 days ago


In answer to your question, yes there ARE good looking men in Hollywood--they just are NOT good-looking AND intelligent men in Hollywood these days!

It will be interesting to see Shanna and Paris duke it out over taking care of little Travis now...He LOVES it--are you kidding me--It totally feeds HIS ego!

2918 days ago


Travis is hot !! Shanna is a washed up playboy model who had to duke Paris for the publicity . I feel sorry for the children in the middle of this mess . Better off with Travis !

2918 days ago


he is one of the ugliest men I have ever seen, what a freak!!

2918 days ago


I KNOW I'm weird. I think he's sooo hot! ;(

2918 days ago


Karma's a bitch, huh?

2918 days ago


THAT is what they are fighting over? That thing makes k-fed look almost doable. Almost.

Paris is overrated and over exposed. Shanna, while I don't know what she's actually DONE to be famous is pretty. And in this world that means a lot. I think she should pull herself up out of the gutter and move on. Association with Barker and or Hilton only brings her down.

2918 days ago


i had no idea who travis barker even was!! now that you have posted his picture i can't imagine why anyone would fight over him. it's amazing what lengths people will go to for a bit of publicity...why are so many hollywood people screwed up and insecure?? their values are all wrong..they just don't get it. little children in the gentle, amish community was slaughtered, school children in colorado gunned down, people still starving in the world and all these bimbos care about is partying at hyde lounge and craving constant attention. it's just too sad for words!

2918 days ago
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