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"Bachelor" Babe Reveals Her Twin Strategies

10/9/2006 3:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"The Bachelor: Rome" premiered last week and there's already one contestant that is not only standing out, but occasionally falling out too.

Erica is yet another example of that classic reality TV character -- the blonde airhead. But she is smart enough to utilize her best assets, which happen to be located on her chest.

"I have another strategy," Erica told an interviewer. "And they're sitting right here with me. My girls."

Some of this footage may not air on ABC's reality show, but we got our hands on it, and felt we needed to share. After all, there's plenty to go around.


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Ok~ I have to say after the last few Bachelors I was not going to watch... but of course I did.. I have my favorite picked as I always do.. and this on and her "TWINS" is so not my favorite. My favorite by far is the sweet virgin. I do not know why, but I like her. I mean, yeah alot of people are going to say she is selling her virginity to ABC or whatever the case is, but I really like her.

2905 days ago


White women and their fake tits.................go figure.

2905 days ago


The only one who is a good match for the Bachelor is the Italian girl. The Americans are all air heads, uncultured and lacking any class.

2905 days ago

Charisma Rules    

This dumb-as-a-stump socialite (sound like another dumb blond socialite we are all sick of???) is good for ratings and for ridiculing but is an embarrassment to Texans and women in general.

Please - someone, anyone - can we stop putting the dumbest women on earth on tv??? There really are some clever, witty women who happen to be beautiful, talented, and with good values...we just seldom see them on tv.

2905 days ago


She may be from Texas, but she's certainly not your state's biggest embarrassment. I will concede, though and recognizing that everything is bigger in Texas - you grow your idiots HUGE down there. But could you keep them out of the oval office so the rest of us don't have to suffer?

2905 days ago

Travis Bickle    

If anything, the Bachelor will take the Girls out for a ride and see how they hold up to his Princely Man Juice. My bet is he'll be like most princes and screw her till she can't remember her name and then dump her for the more elegant and sophisticated woman. This chick would screw the dog if she had a chance. They better make sure she's not in the same room with the dog and a jar of peanut butter.

2905 days ago

Charisma Rules    

#5 - LMAO!!!

2905 days ago


This bachelor is royalty? Why in the world would he have to subject himself to dating a bunch of bimbos? Surely any educated, wealthy, nice looking and well mannered person would not agree to appearing on such a silly TV show to supposedly find a suitable wife. Next year, I suppose, we can expect to see Prince William or Harry!

2905 days ago


LMAO number #5! I don't get why this nasty snatch is getting so much publicity? Just like Paris for being stupid, annoying, a bragger, and a huge whorebag?

2905 days ago


All you people are slaying me!!!! Too funny! I think the producers just put this moron on the show for ratings. If this prince is really thinking about picking her he has the manners and class of a wilderbeast.

2905 days ago


THE BACHELOR LONDON 2007: Prince William standing in front of Clarence House awaiting the arrival of 16 potential wives. They all emerge, one by one, straight from the trailer park in Polk County, Florida...some chewing gum, shrieking, tottering on heels they are not used to wearing and others trying to contain their inflated implants while practicing their curtsies. Prince William horrified at the sight before him turns to make a discreet call on his mobile. A few minutes later the Queen's golden carriage arrives pulled by four magnificent stallions, William bids a fond ta ta and jumps inside to be comforted by his granny galloping off as the 16 wannabe princesses throw a hissy fit! Oh well...there is always next year girls..perhaps Tokyo...better get your kimonos cleaned and pressed!

2905 days ago


Two things:

First: Not all white women have fake boobs, too funny. But, she certainly does.

Second: Smart women aren't as entertaining as stupid women. I HATE the ditz as much as anyone, but she makes for good television. I was disappointed when Rosella (Who's CLEARLY smart and FAR lovlier than stupid socialite) didn't get a rose, but bimbo did. Did he like her 'twins' that much?

I far prefer Sadie (I think that's her name. The Virgin one) Here's hoping the two blonde ditzes go home. (Erica and Desiree. I HATE them. Stupid bimbos)

2905 days ago


YUM. I'd vote for her

2905 days ago

Charisma Rules    

Don't you think the producers guide the people in these reality shows toward choosing the girls that will provide lots of drama or will humiliate themselves & boost ratings? Cannot believe the Prince would willingly and sincerely choose the socialite bimbo and the ignorant "Baby, Baby, Baby" blonde...

2905 days ago

J Doe    

the socialite airhead has a NASTY disgusting figure on her...spare tire around her waist..she needs to hit the gym and see a plastic surgeon PRONTO!!

2905 days ago
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