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McDreamy Feud: Behind the Scenes

10/11/2006 2:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has the inside dirt on a feud between Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington that bubbled over on the "Grey's Anatomy" set this week.
Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey
According to the NY Daily News' Rush & Molloy, Washington said "some disgusting things" and got in Dempsey's face. The National Enquirer kicked it up a notch, reporting that Washington had shoved Dempsey and choked him.

Now TMZ has new details on the dust up. We're told by sources on the ABC lot where the show is taped that production was abruptly halted yesterday. One spy says Dempsey and co-star Ellen Pompeo went to the commissary and were seen "whispering" for a while, and then Dempsey went outside and sat by himself.

One of Washington's friends tells a TMZ spy that the relationship between Isaiah and Patrick is "tense." The friend went on to say that Washington thinks Dempsey's "nice guy image is a bit of an act."

It appears execs on "Grey's" don't have a quick fix in mind. Show creator Shondra Rhimes was seen wandering around the lot during the time production was stopped.


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This show is one of the best on air right now and I would hate for either one of them to fight so childishly that it would ruin the careers for themselves and the other cast members on the show. ABC alright messed up and killed off Denny who should have been left on the show now somebody else might have to leave. It's getting to be a bit ridiculous. Don't you think?

2878 days ago


I love Snoopy for that wonderful comment. I hate when people turn everything into a black and white issue. From what I understand, Isaiah Washington, who is a good looking man, lost his temper, and choked Patrick Dempsey, another good looking man. They settled their dispute, and it's over now. For those of you who say Patrick is a prick because you saw him for a few minutes at a store, did you ever think that maybe he didn't feel like being gawked at? Celebrities don't exactly have the easiest time out in public. He was no doubt being mobbed by people, so maybe you should have just backed off and given him his space. I'm a woman, and usually when I go out ANYWHERE, I have people up in my face. It's irritating, being that I'm rather shy. It's uncomfortable, and I act uncomfortable. It doesn't mean I'm a bitch. Think about it. Both of those men are hot, and I'd take them both any day!!

2853 days ago


My prediction is that with so many egos on this show, it will come apart THIS season. TOO BAD! The first season was OFF THE HOOK.

2932 days ago


Patrick Dempsey is a jerk. My friends and I saw him at Starbucks this summer and he was a total prick. Very full of himself. We were like, bitch you just got famous. Anyway, we were NOT impressed.

2932 days ago



2932 days ago

Erica Frantz    

I'm on team Washington. Dempsey seems like a total idiot. And so does Pompeo.

2932 days ago


Seems to me that Dempsey is back to his old ways...isn't he known to cause controversy on multiple sets. I have yet to hear that about Washington...hmmmm, I thought he turned over a new leaf, but its hard for a leopard to change its spots

2932 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Isaiah will kick that o-fays ass everyday of the week, and twice on Sundays. But, he'd be the one out of a job! Massa don't like the coon's messin' with the talent!

2932 days ago

ROBIN your comment Lou! Too funny!

2932 days ago


They should both grow up and enjoy the success they have while it lasts.

2932 days ago


Patrick Dempsey rules! Isaiah will find himself out of a job if he keeps it up. I mean come on, they're not going to get rid of McDreamy (god help us if they do - I'll stop watching). Washington is fugly anyway! I'd be happy to see him go, bring in an attractive African American for us to drool over! What a loser, get your ego in check here - he's not the star of the show Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo are!

2932 days ago

Miss Smith    

Well said Laura!

And I'm Team George!
HAHA (the other article said Isiah called the actor that plays George a "b*tch.)

2932 days ago


I must be the only one that doesn't think Patrick Dempsey is hot. I never have seen what is so special. I like the other guy that Grey is interested in-much more than the so called "McDreamy". My daughter met Ellen Pompeo and her boyfriend, a black gentleman, up in the Hollywood Hills. There was a fire up there and they were out in the streets. She said she's really nice, very tiny, and extremely pretty. Anyway, McDreamy is just not that to me.

2932 days ago


which one is which?

anyway.....the bro would get his ass kicked

2932 days ago


Sorry but Patrick Dempsey OWNS that show! He made that show whether you fools admit it or not. Washington might as well start looking for a new J-O-B!! He is just jealous that Patrick is the bigger star. Patrick is also know for being a nice guy! He puts his wife on a pedestal and from what I understand is usually nothing but cordial. As for the rest of the Grey's Anatomy cast - Shut your donut holes! You were all nobody before you were on Grey's! Take notes from the cast or E.R. bitches! They have been on the air for more than 10 years and you don't hear sh*t like this about them! If huge egos ruin this show I am going to be pissed. DAMMIT!

2932 days ago
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