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Hilary Duff & Joel Madden:

We're In Mortal Danger

10/12/2006 8:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

duff_madden-1Hilary Duff claims in court documents that she fears for her life, alleging she and her boyfriend are being stalked by two men -- one a paparazzi and the other a homeless man.

TMZ has obtained court documents, filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, in which Duff and Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden claim that a 19-year-old Russian emigre came to the United States "for the sole purpose of meeting and becoming romantically involved with Ms. Duff."

The court documents state the man, whose first name is Max, "admitted to being 'obsessed' with her, has stated his intention of 'removing' his 'enemies' (i.e., those who prevent him from being with her), has stated his intention of purchasing a weapon, and has threatened to kill himself and to engage in dramatic actions to get her attention."

David Joseph Klein and Max
According to the documents, Max "has stated his belief that Hilary is in love with him and that Joel Madden stands in their way."

The court documents also claim David Joseph Klein, a 50-year-old celebrity photographer who is roommates with Max, is also a threat.

The documents state, "Over the past six weeks, the defendants have engaged in an accelerated effort to make contact with Hilary, including visits to her neighborhood, to her mother's home, to her boyfriend's neighborhood ... to Mr. Madden's concert venue, and direct calls to Hilary's manager."

According to the documents, the police detained Max at least once at one of Madden's concerts and questioned Klein at the same event.

The stars are requesting a judge to order Max and David Joseph Klein to stay at least 100 yards away from Hilary Duff, her sister Haylie, Joel Madden and his twin brother Benji.

TMZ spoke with David Joseph Klein who denies claims that he is a dangerous threat. We were unable to contact Max.


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I completely agree with everyone. Those two men should be taken to jail. The stupid 100 yard thing is so much bull. Crazy people don't care about laws or anything. If he does see them together and he gets a chance he will do something. I fear more for Joel because this idiotic man thinks that Joel is in the middle of Hilary and him being together. What a freaking psycho. Hilary seriously needs to do something more than settle for the 100 yard thing. I hope this hole thing turns out okay. And no one ends up hurt. I wish both of them the best.

2893 days ago


I do remember Rebecca Shaeffer Jennie and I completely agree with your comments...Stalkers are a very real threat and just because someone is a celebrity does NOT mean they ask for nor do they deserve that type of behavior....It's not only those with celebrity status who have those problems....Myself I'd make sure I was safe within my own little world...A restraining order doesn't make you safe, it might make you feel safe but, it will not stop them....Protect yourself and those you love it's the only true safety.....

2893 days ago


Hmm well, i dont see why anyone would want to stalk them. Their music sucks, i hate GC and Hilary should just stick to acting or learn a bit more about musical theory. GC is the biggest poser band in history. The End.

2893 days ago


I feel terrible for Ms. Duff, but honestly, in this day and age, it's part of the job description, depressing i know.

2893 days ago

leila mornavi    

i think hilary is really talented and i have a bit of sympathy for people to love her but this is crossing the line. Hilary Duff deserves her privacy, though her choice to be famous has cost her, she probably cherishes every private moment she gets. People need to not get so attached to celebrities, theyre human and they get scared too. It is the price of fame, but she enjoys performing for crowds and enjoys her private moments. Max, please leave Hilary alone!! Shes a person and i dont think you would like to be chased around by a creepy old guy whos in love with you.

2893 days ago


To say this "comes with the territory" of being a celebrity is foolish. Fans asking for autographs comes with the territory, not being stalked by crazies.
Stalking laws have been put into place for a reason, most stalkers are sick and won't hesitate to do harm in their quest for attention., they aren't runof the mill fans, they're criminals.

2893 days ago


this is crazy i dont even like hilary duff that much but come on give the girl some space if i was her i would have gone to the police as well. i would really hate to be her

2893 days ago


Must be those big fake ass chicklet teeth she has now!! LOL

2893 days ago

never mind    

for one they are not that hot but yes send them back to were they came from with the rest of there damn ass's and all the others u hurt kids and kill people get them all out of the USA .

2893 days ago


Alot of things go with the price of fame, but stalking should not be one of them. Of course there are wacko people in this world and its sad. Celebs are ppl and all they are trying to do is make a living like everyone else. I remember Rebecca Shaeffer. That was so sad. She had her whole life ahead of her and some wacko ends it. If any wacko reads this, get a life and let people go about their business.

2893 days ago

Darcy Jennings    

Why does this government permit scumbags like "MAX" to immigrate to this country? Doesn't "MAX" have a last name? Surely, the court papers should have that available.

This is what you get when the "diversity" bunch encourages all the other countries' GARBAGE to immigrate to this country.

I hope "MAX" is deported back to RUSSIA. Russia is a mess right now (when hasn't it been otherwise?) .... There is no reason for Max to be in our country. Send the puke back to where he belongs.

2893 days ago


Stalking is a felony, RIGHT. So why don't they arrest these people and put them in jail were they belong. If someone is bothering you and it upsets you that much then you can do something about it.
Oh wait I forgot this is the U.S. something has to happen to these people first before the cops can get off their ass's and do something. God Bless America. LOL

2893 days ago

alaskan beauty    

Well I agree with the Dan guy. It IS the price of fame. Deal with it you two! I'm from a small town, don't have more than a thousand dollars to my name and there's probably only 2 to 3 hundred people who know my name. And you know what... I'm just as pretty as Hilary is. I don't get a stalker because the whole damn world doesn't know my name and where to find me. You wanted the fame, now deal with the world wanting you! Sorry... I feel for you but I can't reach.

2893 days ago


Sorry, I don't feel bad, they need those papparazzi to keep their star business going, otherwise they'd be just like everyone else.
They shove themselves in the limelight, their fan base is a bunch of idiots, so what else do you think is going to happen??

2893 days ago

Joseph DeMeo    

This kid went to highschool with me in Staten Island ... This is nuts!!!! He's Crazy!!!!

2893 days ago
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