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Dr. Keith on John Mark Karr: "Textbook Pedophile"

10/13/2006 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Mark Karr might not have murdered Jon Benet Ramsey, but he's an even more dangerous menace to children now that he's gone free, according to Dr. Keith Ablow, the psychiatrist who nabbed the first interview with Karr following his bizarre extradition-arrest-and-release saga.

Excerpts of the interview were shown on this morning's "Today" show on NBC, and the former teacher seems to continue to maintain that he was involved in the Ramsey killing, even though DNA evidence suggests he was not. What's more, Ablow, host of "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show," says that Karr likens his sexual involvement with young girls to sharing an ice-cream cone, except that, rather disturbingly, he's "better than an ice-cream cone" for them.

Rumors swirled this morning that Karr had been given several alcoholic drinks before the interview, but TMZ insiders say Karr was given no alcohol and is obviously not drunk on the tape. Ablow also pointedly denied the charge on "Today." Ablow said that Karr was not paid for the interview and that, contrary to reports, he was well aware that he was being taped for broadcast.

The full interview will be featured on "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show" next Tuesday.


No Avatar


Kill him NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2896 days ago

Charisma Rules    

Truly sick & evil man.

Why isn't he held responsible for lying to authorities & getting himself transported back to the U.S. first class, sipping champagne & eating prawns?

Someone put this thing in a hospital or jail quick!!!

2896 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

This creature should be exterminated at once, like the vermin that he is. I'm sure Diane Sawyer will pay a hefty sum to interview him, Vanity Fair and People Magaine will shell out big bucks for his picture, Random House will give him a humongous advance on an autobiography, Oprah will give him one of her "Come to Jesus" pep talks, Dr. Phil will "analyze" him and "straighten him out psychologically"--and I, for one, shall vomit with disgust.

2896 days ago


Even if he didn't kill Ramsey, he is obviously a danger to society and extremely mentally unwell. I do not understand why he isn't being committed. So we all have to sit around while he walks the streets waiting for him to actually kill a child before he is taken off the streets? Commit him now or take him out!

2896 days ago


There is a special place in hell waiting on this sick f**ck!!!!!!

2896 days ago


f*** this guy we should not give him anymore publicity!!! throw him in a f***in prison and forget him

2896 days ago


People like this are evil walking the earth.

2896 days ago

Charisma Rules    

The Maven said it all. This horrible being is basking in his limelight & will probably make lots of money for it, too. Horrible commentary on our society, isn't it - how so much of the time the more vile and disgusting a person is, the more fame and wealth they get???

2896 days ago


somebody should take a baseball bat to his ugly head.

2896 days ago

U Know Who    

Fortunately for most of you , being a scumbag is not enough to put you in prison.
Also we don't lock people up for "Thought Crimes" in this country (Just yet).

How would you people like it if someone who didn't like your ideals, had you "Thrown in Prison". Fortunately in this country you still need to present evidence of an actual crime.

And again luckily for most of you, you cannot commit a law abiding adult with the capacity to think for themself, without their approval.

Again LUCKY for you losers.

I am in no way shape or form condoning this moral rejects behaviors. I am merely pointing out facts about our societies laws. This man is a waste of natural resources and a drain on humanity. BUT our system is inherently flawed in these types of situations. As we have all seen play out over and over when the wife says her ex is gonna kill her, the cops hands are tied until he does something and then BAM she's dead. We need to fix this somehow...but how? Without becoming "Minority Report?"...or 1984 or....or....


2896 days ago


This dude is sick and had his 15 minute of fame. By running stories about him Tmz is furthing his need to be in the press...Bad Idea!

2896 days ago


God will get him! Parents keep an eye on your children. There are alot of sick people like him, that has not come out or got caught. White House need to tell Hollywood to stop all the sex on TV and maybe these sick people will stop thinking it's OK to have sex with children. Sex is every where! I can't wait to see what happen to Foley (speaker of the House). God Bless America!

2896 days ago


$10, Son of God, get a clue. I don't want this sicko moving in next door wih my little girl 20 feet away. Being a scumbag who admits to wanting to have sex with little girls is enough for me to throw him in prison. Sicko.

2896 days ago

the wife    

If a sicko like that man ever hurt my girls, I would have my husband hold him down while I cut his f--king balls and other certain extremity off and then I would proceed to shove them down his f--king throat and let him choke on his evil....I would definitely have no qualms whatsoever about it either.. I am a good person for the most part but when it comes to protecting my kids I will do what I need to do..

2896 days ago


I can't understand why this article is on a celebrity gossip site in the first place. Why give this guy one more second??

2896 days ago
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