Dr. Keith on John Mark Karr: "Textbook Pedophile"

10/13/2006 11:04 AM PDT

Dr. Keith on John Mark Karr: "Textbook Pedophile"

John Mark Karr might not have murdered Jon Benet Ramsey, but he's an even more dangerous menace to children now that he's gone free, according to Dr. Keith Ablow, the psychiatrist who nabbed the first interview with Karr following his bizarre extradition-arrest-and-release saga.

Excerpts of the interview were shown on this morning's "Today" show on NBC, and the former teacher seems to continue to maintain that he was involved in the Ramsey killing, even though DNA evidence suggests he was not. What's more, Ablow, host of "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show," says that Karr likens his sexual involvement with young girls to sharing an ice-cream cone, except that, rather disturbingly, he's "better than an ice-cream cone" for them.

Rumors swirled this morning that Karr had been given several alcoholic drinks before the interview, but TMZ insiders say Karr was given no alcohol and is obviously not drunk on the tape. Ablow also pointedly denied the charge on "Today." Ablow said that Karr was not paid for the interview and that, contrary to reports, he was well aware that he was being taped for broadcast.

The full interview will be featured on "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show" next Tuesday.