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O & Bono's

Shopping Spree

10/13/2006 3:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Oprah Winfrey and Bono team up, you just know it's for something big.

The two celeb humanitarians hit up Michigan Avenue in Chicago and zipped in and out of stores selling Product (RED) merchandise - an effort benefiting the fight against AIDS in Africa.

Apple, Gap, Motorola and Emporio Armani have joined the cause, which is backed by Bobby Shriver and the U2 frontman. "What's great about (RED) is I'm not asking you to give money or write a check or give to charity," says Bono, "I'm asking you to buy (RED) products and the companies who make those products will be making the checks, that's so cool."

The products, all of which are the color of the campaign name, include iPods, RazR phones and clothing.

Bono will appear on Oprah's talk show today to talk more about the U.S. launch of (RED).


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This is truly amazing. I had always believed that the universe would be instantaneously destroyed if two egos this big collided. My bad.

2900 days ago


I I am so sick of Oprah and Bono always doing crap for other countries. Don't they see the poverty in this country? Can't Bono see the poverty in Ireland?Take care of your own first. There are people here who can't even see a doctor. There are people here who are hungry and homeless. There are children here who need a chance for a better education. If we are taken care of our own first, then we can all help others. I am so sick of those two ego-maniacs.

2900 days ago


How can anyone be upset at two people (who ever they are) that are raising money to fight the AIDS epidemic in Africa? What's wrong with you?? Do you have any idea what "ego maniacs" means? Being a champion of some charity is exactly the opposite meaning of those words. Good for them, I%u2019m going to buy red whenever possible.

2900 days ago


Get use to it. Most, not all, of these TMZ bloggers are the very definition of “self absorbed” (see #2 postings, she's pointing her finger at herself with her self absorbed demands). It a global issue not a US vs. Africa issue. And anyone with a comprehensive view of the human condition knows this. Just ignore the nay Sayers, bad karma with get them in the end.

2900 days ago


there are places in america where any child with or with out insurance can get immunized. Africa doesn't have that. We can wipe out diseases in that country that will never make it here in this country. Don't those children deserve a chance.

Excellent move on both their parts. Just an FYI to Candance. U2 didn't have to play for the 911 cause, nor did they have to for hurrican Katrina victims (so did Oprah).

Sorry just my opinion


2900 days ago

Travis Bickle    

Do you really think these con artists are really helping out those in AFrica? DO you think buying over priced crap is going to save lives? If these idiots really wanted to help they would work TOWARD CHANGING THE BEHAVIOR OF THOSE WHO SPREAD THE DISEASE. Offering drugs won't work. But, that's the arrogance of these people. Makes them feel better about themselves regardless of just how naive they are.

2900 days ago


Together, Oprah and Bono are worth about $700 million dollars. How dare they badger us for money! They could give away 95% of that to charity and STILL be multi-millionaires enjoying the good life. The money they blow each week flying in private jets could save an African village. They seriously need to STFU.

2900 days ago


They aren't "badgering" you for money or can't you read? And go look it up they both raise and give large amount on monies to this charity and others so your ignorance is showing on that statement. Why don't you sell your car and give the money to charity? What, that's how you get around? It all proportional. Why do you hate? And why hate people trying to help. Go hate some useless politician for a change, not someone trying to make this a better world.

2900 days ago


My daughter and I watched Oprah's cross country show when she visited a Native American Reservation. Gail went on about how because of their poverty they couldn't believe someone like Oprah would stop and visit them and how great it made them feel, blah, blah.
Then we waited thru the rest of the show for information on how we could help them build the homes they need or if Oprah would set aside something in her charities for contributions to help them.
Yet we saw nothing and heard nothing about it. It was extremely disappointing especially after all the shows she has put us thru watching Africa's needs and I guess you only get her real attention if you a black Katrina survivor!

2900 days ago


Two idiots acting like idiots.

2900 days ago


There are plenty of rich people who indulge themselves and do not make such an effort to help others. Nobody writing here has any knowledge of how much money either Oprah or Bono has given to anything. However, they are both obviously willing to make an effortto use their celebrity to help others. I've heard that Oprah is generous to her staff and I know she does a lot of neat stuff through her show. Bono seems to spend a lot of his time using his celebrity to try and make things better. I applaud both of them and I just ordered a red iPod nano and a navy-and-white tee-shirt from GAP (not every product in this campaign is actually red; that's an error in the article above). I was going to buy an iPod anyway and how great that I can do it in such a way that part of the money goes to charity.

2900 days ago


to # 11 Lynne, well said i agree..

2900 days ago


We have starving children in the U.S. you make your money here spend it here.If you are so worried about africa move there and see how much money you make!
What you are doing is as if I took food from my table and fed my neighbors children and let mine starve.There are many black people you could help in the U,S, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! Are you thinking of your black brothers and sisters in the U.S.who need your help?remember god will not judge you on how much money you have made BUT WHO YOU ARE. Are you helping your people here in the U.S.A .SOME But not enough .when you are sending it to africa. In other words help every one you can in the U.S.A . before going to other places. I am so sickend by all of you for not caring for your fellow americans

2900 days ago

Craig Caudill    

how much of this actually goes to the people?

2900 days ago


Starving children in U.S. and Starving children in Africa are very, very different. I would much rather be poor in the U.S. than in Africa. I think Oprah and Bono are doing a wonderful job.

2899 days ago
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