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Aniston -- No Break-Up, No Boob Job

10/16/2006 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Though tabloid reports suggest otherwise, Jennifer Aniston confirmed with Oprah that she and Vince Vaughn are still a couple.

While Vince's name isn't brought up when Oprah asked the former "Friend," "Are you broken up?," a smiling Aniston responded, "Oh no, no."

Ironically, Aniston's denial of a break-up is the first official confirmation the couple existed in the first place -- though anyone who believed the two were never dating probably never graduated from preschool.

On today's show, Aniston also shot down rumors of a boob job, chalking it up to having a "couple cheese plates too many" and putting on ten well-placed pounds.

Vaughn himself is going public with the relationship as well and is threatening to sue several tabloid papers that said he had split with Aniston and was caught kissing a mystery woman in London.

In a message from a London law office, Vaughn states, "Ms. Aniston and Mr. Vaughn had not ended their relationship either at the material time or since. ... The suggestion that he was having a passionate embrace and kiss, or has ever been unfaithful to Ms. Aniston, are false."


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elizabeth, i'm sure you're right that brad loved jenn when he married her why else would he marry her. but something in those years as husband and wife didn't work. if their marriage had been the fairy tale some want to believe it was nothing could have broken the union. angelina has never seemed desperate, she seems to throw herself completely into her passions but remember brad had a choice and HE chose angelina. she obviously loves being a mom and he wanted to be a dad as he said often so they chose to have a child together. that doesn't seem to me to be anyone trying to hang on. and i bet brad is glad jenn didn't have his baby too. he looks very happy where he is.

2878 days ago


Jennifer could totally say "no common" or "I don't want to talk about my personal life" when she was asked about her relationship, but she chose to be heard loudly. I think she is hungry for attention from the public. As far as V.V. denying his fling, he is just trying to save Jennifer's face, and in the mean while trying to prepsent good man image. Jennifer just can't stand to be a loser in public eyes anymore. But the truth is, her men always left her for other women, in this case, it's only been one year between Brad and V.V.To me it's pathetic that Jennifer couldn't wait to pick up another guy, who is not attctive at all, right after Brad left her, to show Brad and public that there won't be any problem for her to find a guy (just any guy I guess).

By the way I was at grocery store last night and I saw Jennifer's picture on the stand. Just like other pictures something really wrong with her face: her very long squared chin and her nose. Even my husband had to admit that she is NOT a pretty woman. I thought I was the only one who noticed her chin long time ago, I always said her chin is female version of Dustin Hoffman's. When I started to read this website, I was surprised how many people think the way I think too.

And about her movie roles, I do think they are just Rachel Green in different outfit and with different guys. Good Girl maybe a slightly different I would say. I'm sure she wants to pursue movie career but unfortunately she can't be that big ever. She was kinda big for some time was because of Brad, now she falls back to her Rachel character again. One thing she can never get over with is that Angelina is a MUCH bigger and prominent movie star than she is. She just can't stop being bitter and jealous about that.

And by the way, She was on some tabloid stating, "I still love Brad". Give me a break! If you are still dating V.V. why you keep imagining getting back together with Brad? Make up your mind girl! Brad is now another woman's and don't you think about being home wracker! LOL! He is NOT YOURS anymore! Face it!

2878 days ago

Ban stupid humans, not dogs    

I find it so funny people post all this "who cares" crap... yet they are taking the time to post on an entertainment blog. You do too care!

I watched the show yesterday and Oprah DID say Vince's name. The photos of him "cheating" could very well have been him hugging a friend or something. It looked like he was kissing her on the cheek. It was probably his sister or something. Tabloids jump all over anything.

And for those dogging on Jen for going on Oprah to talk about her boobs and her relationship-- that's not why she was on the show, which you would have known if you had actually watched. She was on there to talk about a film project, and the boobs/Vince convo took all of 30 seconds.

2878 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Jen & Vince look happy
Brad & Angie look happy
Good for them.

I think Angie needs to watch out that she doesn't become too serious- playing the wife of a beheaded reporter - snore. that will do about as well as her last political movie - something about borders? If you want to see a real good political thriller about africa watch the constant gardner .

On the contrary Brad needs to shore up his sex symbol persona and do more action adventure because becoming a little boring and there are a lot of hot men out there taking those roles. I've never seen him as a serious actor.

In contrast, Jen needs to watch out that she doesn't fall into playing ditzy characters and needs more understated serious roles like the good girl.

In contrast again, Vince needs to stop drinking so he doesn't look so bloated. He's funny as hell and that is his genre -but we need funny and cute not just funny caus there are a lot of funny men out there taking those roles.

As I don't hate or care that much about any of them that is all I have to say. Gotta have some real hurt in your gut to say the things y'all do.

Just don't bring up Jen or Angelinas pasts - they both have skeletons that are not even in the closet and if you go there, it will damage some more than others. If you are a fan, you should think about it.

2878 days ago


Who the hell cares if she had her tits done or if she and Vince broke up? She said they weren't even dating. Let this story rest. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

2878 days ago


To everyone who is bashing on celebrities in general....why the hell are you on this site then?!?! This whole site is about celebrities. If you really didn't "give a sh*t" about them, then why do you feel the need to not only go on this site, but post a comment about it?!? Trust life does NOT revolve around whether or not Jennifer Aniston's boobs got bigger, but I'm bored and felt like checking out the latest gossip. Oprah's only asking her those questions because thats what the rest of us sadly want to know. I've never seen so many haters in my life...

2878 days ago


#36 & 47, really? really? you think "whorlina" is funny? i remember in first grade jealous little girls making up silly names like that. maybe mommy and daddy should monitor your computer time.

2878 days ago


im glad that they arent breaking up. why do ppl have to spread stupid rumors like that! nobody cares about rumors we only care about whats true!

2878 days ago


Jen was on Oprah w/ 4 other women to discuss a new 'projects for women' where they each directed a short based on an essay written by a Glamour Magazine contest entrant and NOT to discuss her personal life. Since she was there, Oprah asked her the two questions (boob job & break-up) just to set the record straight. That's all there is to it. Get over yourselves already! You people are mean. She clearly does not court the tabs or publicity about her personal life. Usually, she just ignores the tabs, but sometimes, you just gotta speak up and say enough already. It's demanding that the tabs/news get their stories accurate before printing that you should be putting your energy into! The tabs just aren't fun anymore because you already know it's rarely true anymore. They just make up whatever they feel like about whomever on a given day. Seriously, HOW many times has JLo been pregnant now? Stop bashing Jen for what other people are making up about her. How would YOU like everyone saying lies about YOU? You are clearly just jealous and miserable and want company for your misery. Get a life.

2878 days ago


Why would she get A size cups if she had implants? Her boobs are small.

2878 days ago

deborah muzzy    

I think Jen is genuinely honest and at least answers the questions to stop the
gossip. She seems really happy after coming through a painful situation and
Oprah apparently admires and respects her. Hope the rest of her life
is rich in love!

2878 days ago

jolie fan    

cp- The movie, the Constant Gardner was so boring, both my husband and I fell asleep. We watched it a second time. My husband fell asleep again, and I forced myself to stay awake,and then was mad that I wasted my time. It was so boring. The other movie you were referring to is called Beyond Borders. I highly recommend it to everyone. Of course you didn`t like it, Angie is in it. You would never like a movie Angie was in.The movie is very good, but I don`t think Angie looks very pretty in it. But it is very, very good. I highly recommend it to all Angie fans.
As for Jen and her boobs, please it that really the best excuse she can come up with? I should be so lucky to gain 10lbs and get bigger boobs! She feels she has to set every rumor straight, but her and her freinds can bash Brad in VF magazine. All the horrible stories that are printed about Brad and Angie, and you don`t hear a word from either one of them. They are focusing on their lives together and their children, as well as their charity work. To the person who needs to believe that Angie got pregnant to trap Brad, you are pathetic. Brad left Jen not you. Jen needs something more substantial to do than to just be a me me me person. She did two publicity stunts for charity. One was modeling, Walking the runway. The other was an appearance on broadway. Both were her showing off as usual. It was raising money not even giving any. One of the models even commented that Jen was great at strutting her stuff on the runway. Oh what a surprise!

2877 days ago


I love how there's always one person talking about a celebrity's money and feeding a hungry child on here.

A) don't act like you're not reading the gossip, just for the gossip.
B) put down your twinkie of righteousness, because I'm sure your days and nights aren't filled with charity work and all your hard earned money going to feed a homeless child.
C) if you're that concerned about politics, run for office or vote for people who are more qualified to *be* in office.

I love Jennifer Aniston and I think that like any other human being, she has a right to her life and happiness. If you are just using these sites to further your "activist" rights, get your own blog. Need help? I'm sure you can fork over a few bucks and I'll be happy to help you out.

Seriously, folks. Life isn't *always* serious. Sometimes it's nice to just kick back and enjoy things. If you have no liking for a celebrity, go read something you do like or better yet? UNPLUG. Go for a walk. Exercise. Go volunteer somewhere.

I'm sure your soap box is sinking somewhere.

2877 days ago


For those of you who are writing that they don't care about Jenn and Vince then why are you here at this site reading the information posted and responding. If you guys truly didn't care about them you wouldn't be reading it and responding. What would you guys be doing if there weren't any celebrities filling your lives with all kinds of stories, wether they are true or not. Hey, you guys don't even really know these people. They could be the nicest people ever and you are forming opinions on rumors. For me it's just all entertainment. I myself, find it interesting to read about these people's lives, however, I just take it all in with a grain of salt as should the rest of the world. Everyone should not automatically form an opinion that you hate someone you don't know. If it were you on the other end I'm sure you would be eating up all the publicity. STOP BEING SO CRUEL!!

2877 days ago

View watcher    

I just see a few too many green eyed monsters here. She is not who she is because of Brad. She is who she is b/c she is talented and beautiful. I personally don't care what celebraties do with their lives, but to cut her down like that is just unfair.

2877 days ago
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