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Hilary Duff:

Stalk and Shop

10/18/2006 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She might be living in constant fear from two alleged stalkers, but Hilary Duff knows exactly how to relieve the stress from her terrifying situation -- shopping, and lots of it!

Duff piled bag after bag onto her shoulders Tuesday after a shopping spree in Beverly Hills, proving that the two men accused of putting her life in mortal danger won't put a damper on her spending abilities.

No word on which store Joel is taking out his frustrations on.


No Avatar



Who stepped in the mustard puddle???

2934 days ago

No Need For A Name    

I like Hilary Duff. She isnt like the other young Hollywood starlets that polute Beverly Hills. She seems like a sweet, down-to-earth girl. I also like the fact that she is least seen in the tabloids unlike some other TMZ-dailys. She isnt at Hyde every night snorting coke or getting into fist fights. I am not too crazy about Joel Madden but Hil seems very balanced. A majority of girls like to relieve stress by spending money, its not just the Duffster.

2934 days ago


What's up with those shoes? egad!

2934 days ago


Oh please, you people love to criticize, shes one of the most sweetest celebs out there, and she aint no ho, I actually feel bad for her, why cant Paris get stalked like that instead of Hil?

Shes the best idol for the young generation, so dont start hating on her now because of her shoes, who made yall the fashion police anyways?

2934 days ago


what's wrong with those shoes. they're cute and give the outfit some color.

2934 days ago


Sad to hear that TMZ finds it funny that this girl is being stocked by some psycho.

2934 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

I think she's a positive influence for young girls unlike the vast majority or the celebs out there, I like her. She seems like a nice young lady. I don't understand her choice in shoe color but to each his or her own. If she's happy with her boyfriend then more power to her.

2934 days ago


Everyone likes Hilary, but she really needs to stop playing high school roles when she look a student that has been held back for 5 years.

2933 days ago


i dont get it. how can everyone think she is such a good role model?
and how can everyone think the duffssister are so good role models? of course Hailey is jealous to death of what hillary has. She just cant show it cause her dad told them if they did they would be sent back home. And if they werent jealous of each other he would never have needed to say that!

2932 days ago


She changed her image completely once she hooked up with her present she has this rough edgey look..she used to be very pretty. Why do women do that?....they change to compliment a man. Men never do that.

2915 days ago


I know this is a fluff news site, but there isn't anything funny about a young girl being stalked and having her life threatened. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2915 days ago

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