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Nancy Grace Under Fire

10/18/2006 7:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comImpressionists have long been lampooning public figures like presidents, rock stars and actors. But it seems the latest target of flattery (isn't that what they say imitation is the sincerest form of?) is none other than Nancy Grace.

The acerbic talk show host and former prosecutor has been parodied on three different shows in just the past two weeks alone.

On Monday night's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," the biggest sketch of the night on the fictional show within a show was a Nancy Grace sketch in which Grace tried to get to the bottom of a shocking story ... about a college girl who lost her cell phone.

"Saturday Night Live" took a swipe at Grace in their October 7 show with a "Nancy Grace Show" sketch in which Grace probed deeper into the Mark Foley scandal -- while also trying to figure out who moved her chair.

"I think someone moved my chair," "SNL" star Amy Poehler says several times in character

Meanwhile on FOX's "Justice," their crime show within the show is hosted by a short-haired blonde woman, though a slightly younger version of our friend Nancy Grace.

And over on "Boston Legal," another show within a show is hosted by Gracie Jane, who comments on the cases that the law firm on the show handles.

"You have got to gag this woman," one character says to William Shatner's character.

"I would love to," he responds.

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Nancy Grace was born in 1958. Which makes her 21 in 1979. If her fiance was 5 years younger then her, he would be an under-aged 16 year old. I doubt this is accurate information.
I would want Nancy on my team if I needed a prosecuting attorney. She's fiery, and passionate. I like her determination.
As for mistakes she may have made in her career or in any other aspect of have the rest of error is human.

2894 days ago

the wise old owl    

Eden post #14 : Wow ! That's a mouthful. It sounds like she's done the same exact thing as many other lawyers have done before her............and most likely always will. I know nothing of her prior antics or indiscrestions she may have committed during her various trials. Lawyers all make mistakes and take risks for sake of clients. Always trying to get away with anything they can. It doesn't mean they are horrible. Just risk takers. It's all part of the game of being a lawyer.

My blog was on her proformance predicated on her experience in Law. I don't agree or disagree with what you said. Since I don't know what her past record really is. I haven't done the research. Certainly if what you said is true. Her background is a bit tainted. But what Good Lawyer's past isn't ? So many of the quote " BEST ATTORNEY'S " share all these traits. It doesn't effect her abilities at being an excellent commentator . It only enhances it.

2894 days ago

the wise old owl    

For Post # 9 Michelle : Telling like it is. Unfortunately with this audience. It most likely will be wasted. Of course we are in the majority. She wouldn't be on 2 major network shows airing at the same time, if she GOOD . DAHHHHHHH.

For post # 15 dor : You are a smart person indeed. You can spot intelligence and talent when you see it. Good for you. Blog away.

2894 days ago


- NG dramatized and sensationalized her fiancée’s death to better benefit herself for decades on end before she was finally busted and exposed by a journalist last year.

- NG had allegedly (with strong supporting evidence and even a partial admittance) plagiarized the book she 'wrote' that received and continues to receive heavy promotion by herself and her show's network.

- NG just couldn't take NO for an answer when she kept pressuring Elizabeth Smart into describing in vivid detail just how terrified she was when she was kidnapped as a young girl.

- NG made another rape/molest victim describe in grotesquely elaborate detail exactly what the molester did to her as a child when it was clear that the woman, nor the viewers wanted to go there.

- NG may have contributed to the suicide of a mother, and even after the mother's death NG continued attacking this woman while giving out blatantly false lies about the facts of the case and intentionally excluding other key details which did not fit her stance.

- NG's ratings are at an all-time low according to Nielsen Media, down some 30-45% from last year at this time and she averages far less viewers than the next lowest rated show in the premiere block.

2894 days ago


#32: Apparently she's doing real GOOD if the media is always judging her or questioning her talent. And btw, if you can be personated by SNL that's an accompliment.

2894 days ago


#34: Excuse me but did you listen to the 911 call Nancy aired about that little boy being missing? That child's mother couldn't even tell the dispatcher what the child was wearing when she "supposedly" put him to bed. WTF? Wake up! How could Nancy possibly be connected to this woman's suicide? All Nancy was doing was asking questions about her child. It's a shame that now when a child is missing the main suspects are the parents. Remember Susan Smith?

2894 days ago


eden...nancy grace would chew you a new A**HOLE!

2894 days ago

Lenn K    

The problem I have with Nancy Grace is she can beat a story to death. She's hard core, but I hate child rapists so I can cut her some slack. Overall, what does being a republican have to do with Nancy Grace? Thank God she's not a bleeding heart liberal or most child rapists would get a pill and counselling.

2894 days ago


I think Nancy Grace is great - and yes I'm a Republican. Guess that means I believe that some people do evil deeds - and Nancy isn't cutting them any slack!!

2894 days ago


To the posetr who cut-and-pasted their information about Nancy Grace from Wikopedia: you are completely right. She is not a good prosecutor, and this is coming from a fellow attorney. It's true, she was censured by her state's highest court for her iLLEGAL behavior as a prosecutor. I can't believe that anyone would promote this woman to be a judge, but then again, our legal system is "interesting" sometimes to say the least. I have always hated Nancy Grace, she is an embarassment to lawyers everywhere (and in my profession, that's really saying something). Her horrible show needs to be taken off the air ASAP.

2894 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post #32 Michelle. : Ever notice how most people are imtimidated by strong, successful women ? I do. I see a lot of that going on here. Just call the woman for what she is. Talented, itelligent, successful, most likely rich, emotional yet in control, truckulent and not afraid to express herself.

Every man in the room is clutching his balls right now to see if he measures up. Most men don't want to compete with that unless they are very secure. Tom Cruise would hate her. She would eat him for lunch.............ha ha

2894 days ago


#35, yes I heard the 911 calls and I do believe that the mother contributed to the child's disappearance. However, that does NOT give talking head Nancy Grace anymore right to aggressively interrogate and cross-examine potentially the only witness in the case. NG kept asking the same question when it was clear the mother was not going to answer. Leave the interrogation to PROFESSIONALS not to some talkshow host no longer practicing law. NG then continued to lie and twist a lot of facts of the case even a week or more after the real facts were made public (especially with the carseat story). She did absolutely nothing to help find Trenton and only complicated the matters by MIS-informing the public about the facts.

2894 days ago

george vieto    

Are you people mad at Nancy Grace because didn't kiss Michael Jackson's cheeks during his child molestation trial? Or because she is a woman with a very powerful opinion.

2894 days ago


#39- I like the truth you speak and the style that you deliver!

Tom Cruise would hate her...she would eat him for lunch...

2894 days ago

yeahisaidit say: she is talented, intelligent. successful, most likely rich, emotional but in control, truculent and not afraid to express herself...are you sure you didn't mean...MADONNA...!

2894 days ago
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