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Swears Love for Rosie on 'The View'

10/23/2006 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck beat back rumors of her hatred for Rosie O'Donnell and of her imminent departure from "The View" with the raised palm of her hand -- a hand she used to swear, in front of Judge Glenda Hatchett, the guest host, that she "absolutely adored" Rosie and that she wasn't going anywhere.

Rosie told the ladies that she'd been cruising the Internet and that rumors were swirling there that Elisabeth hated her and was about to leave the show. Young Hasselbeck, wearing a suit jacket not seen since a Grosse Pointe holiday party in 1979, vowed her love for Rosie with one hand on her "View" mug and another in the air.

But Joy Behar made sure the love-fest didn't descend into fake Star Jones-era mushery "like the last movie we had on this show," and ordered Elisabeth to stop her gushing. "Don't say that," snapped Joy. "You might hate her next week."


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Elisabeth, you really don't belong there, you are like a fish out of hurts to listen to you :(

2840 days ago

celeb exposed    

Hehe she is laying 100% to judge oh celebrities what do they do.....

2921 days ago


Rosie won't be on that show very much longer, she is getting too many other offers that pay better and take less time. And this controversy makes me think of the recent Streisand "STFU" controversy in NYC, and the hilarious new song about it.

2921 days ago


Elizabeth absolutely "loves" her easy, in-the-limelight job. Where else is someone with her limited creditionals going to find such a cussy gig?

As the other poster said, this was an entry level job to ease Rosie O'Donnell back into show business. She has much better things to do than stay with The View.

2921 days ago


As usual the media blow this stuff up out of proportion for publicity sake. What fun would it be for the tabloids if they all got along an were not fighting? I hope this will put the whole Rosie vs. Elisabeth thing to rest. But somehow I doubt it.

2921 days ago


Sick of Mrs. Hasselbeck!

2921 days ago


I love how much more relaxed Elisabeth is when Barbara isn't there. She's entertaining I think. I also really don't think there's a feud between her and Rosie. They actually make a good pair coming from opposite ends of the spectrum sometimes.

2921 days ago


It's called "The View" because it takes the opinions of 4 different women into consideration. It's an entertaining show. Watching Elizabeth trying to hold her own is quite amusing.

2921 days ago


Elizabeth had better kiss Rosie's ass and stay on the show. Where else is she going to go and still be a somewhat celebrity?

2921 days ago


I don't care what anyone says about rosie, joy...etc....this show is hilarious! Keep up the good work girls.

2921 days ago


ElizaBITCH will NEVER quit because she knows no one else would hire her. She will be forced out eventually or will have a nervous break down in the meantime. She brings nothing but her stupidity to the show and I personally can't wait until she is given her walking papers.

2921 days ago

Rosie Fan    

I would really like to believe that there is not a feud between Rosie and Elisabeth. I like them both individually and want to believe they do like each other. I agree with a previous comment that Elisabeth, and everyone else for that matter, seem so much more relaxed and have interesting conversation when Barbra is not there. As well, they continue a conversation to its completion without Barbra interrupting and changing the topic when she thinks its too controversial, ie: anything sex related or anything possibly offensive to anyone. It's very annoying to watch when Barbra constantly steps in and switches to some boring topic, when I wanted to hear how the previous conversation would have progressed. I'm sure Barbra is good as a strong figurehead/ leader of The View, but as far as contemporary hosts go, she is so boring and frustrating. I will be so curious to see how long it takes to finally replace Star and get a steady 4th person there.

2921 days ago

Biotch Please!    

She and Rosie are seeing each other on the "down low". She has turned Elisabeth OUT!!

2921 days ago


Caught the Show last week when O'Reilly was on. I know they have differing opinions and wanted to hear both sides. In my opinion, Rosie held her own and proved herself to be very knowledgeable, and O'Reilly seemed overbearing and the "I'm always right" type.

2921 days ago


ElizaBITCH, has nothing to contribute she just sits there now, she doesn't mouth off like she used to before Rosie got there. That cross-eyed bitch's days are numbered on the View whether Rosie moves on to greener pastures or not.

2921 days ago
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