Lindsay Lohan: Danger on Wheels?

10/23/2006 11:07 AM PDT

Lindsay Lohan: Danger on Wheels?

Lindsay Lohan's driving almost caused a collision in front of our cameras last night.

After a night of partying at hotspot Hyde, Lohan raced off in her Mercedes, jetting into the road without looking first and dangerously cutting off an oncoming vehicle in the process.

The other car screeched to a halt, coming very close to crashing into the red-haired vixen's pricey ride, while Lindsay continued on her way without missing a beat.

Of course, Lindsay's well known for her vehicular mishaps. Just over a year ago, Lindsay slammed her Mercedes near celebrity hotspot the Ivy. After the crash, Lohan ran into the nearby Hideaway House Antiques shop to hide from the paparazzi.