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Madonna to Media: "Shame on You!"

10/25/2006 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna swung back with visible irritation at the media coverage of her controversial adoption this morning on "Oprah," suggesting that the media is "doing a great disservice" to all African orphans by giving her story such intense coverage. In her first interview since taking in 13-month-old David Banda, her message to the people who had taken an interest in her strange adoption saga was, "Shame on you for discouraging other people from doing the same thing."

She also batted aside claims that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had had any influence on her decision to adopt, saying that she'd never even met Angelina. She added that her new baby David had been tested for several diseases and did not appear to have HIV, even though his mother and siblings had contracted the virus.

The Queen of Pop told Oprah that she viewed the interview as an "opportunity to set the record straight." She said that, contrary to the way the story has been told in recent days by David's birth father Yohane Banda, she met Banda in court and got his legal consent to adopt the child. "He was very grateful that I was going to give his child a life," said Madonna, "and that had [David] stayed in the village he would have buried him" due to poor conditions.


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tui smith    

insteaD, WHAT WAS i THINKING!!!!!!

2888 days ago


My only question. With so many truly orphaned children, why did Madonna choose a child that had a father and other family members?

2888 days ago


Modonna and her husband have tons of money and the time to give to this little boy. Everyone wants to point a finger but how many are willing then to donate time and money to make a better world for these forgotten children.

2888 days ago

george vieto    

Coming up next on the soap opera "Love Has No Price" Madonna will adopt Bam Bam Rubble.

2888 days ago


Good grief!!! Let's look at the big picture here, folks...the baby was very ill with little hope of surviving if kept in same conditions. These are poverty stricken people who NEED OUR HELP!!! Don't deny them this opportunity to receive much needed help! So what, celebs are getting some publicity...i feel much better seeing them use their fortunes to help others who desperately need it! I challenge everyone to try and see this logic and try to help in any way we can!
Good for you, Madonna and others who are helping..i'm sure you'll do the right thing by these precious children!

2888 days ago


whats not laughable Mr. Disgruntled is how people like you b gives americans the reputation they dont deserve. Why do you care if a child is saved from a sh*tty place are you jealous? Well you f***in should be Madonna is 100 times the person you are or have ever tried to be. go look in the mirror your broke joke face is whats laughable

2887 days ago


his father and other realatives didn't visit him once. His father placed him there after his wife passed. I dont think anyone with the means would have left him there . He was parentless like the rest and already over a year old his chances of living were very slim. Madonna did a great thing.

2886 days ago


Although I am the first to criticize Madge's accent, it is absolutely amazing that she has chosen to feed and clothe and educate and love a poor, starving orphan. Even though his father is alive, the father NEVER VISITS HIM, AND PLACED HIM THERE. Madonna is doing a heroic thing.


stop saying that there are plenty of kids to adopt here....THIS IS A LIE. THE WAITING LIST FOR ADOPTION IS YEARS.

I am so glad that she has chosen to feed, hug, and kiss a very needy human being.

2886 days ago


Shame on you Madonna for your fake accent and desperate attempt to keep your name in the media. This broad can't do anything without mugging for the cameras and bragging to the whole world what a wonderful person she thinks she is. She is a pile of selfish sh*t! Always has and always will be! So there!

2886 days ago


Something I have to say.... My own mother is 35 years older than I am. All my life I have envied friends who had the mothers with the usual 20something age gap. It is really, really difficult.

Most times I feel that she is closer to being a grandmother than a mother. There really is a huge generation gap.

If 35 years is so unbearable can imagine what 47, 48 years will be with Madonna & David? She will be a great grandmother type to him. I really feel for him to be with such an old, old woman.

2886 days ago


I commend Madonna for striking back at the media. She and Guy Ritchie really want to adopt and take care of that child and provide a new life for him. And she went herself to Malawi to witness the horrible conditions there. She didn't do it for her fame or had star treatment--she went through the adoption process for David like anyone else. The media needs to back off with their false stories. It's good to hear that Madonna and the boy's father agreed with the adoption. I hope David gets better soon.

2886 days ago


The reason noone wants to adopt in America is because all of the suddenly the family starts coming out of the woodwork the ones who were never there for the child to begain with.

Trying winning the lottery and see if this does not apply!

2886 days ago

Georgia Peach    

I am no Madonna fan, but after listening to the interview with Oprah, I actually have to agree with her. The media did indeed create the problem. The boy's father, who is a simple man, was suddenly barraged with the media firestorm over this story, and had hundreds of reporters with microphones in his face asking "Do you know what you have done?". Think about it - even someone in America would be a little hesitant if faced with the same media storm. I think that Madonna did a wonderful thing. How can anyone say that adopting a child is selfish? It's a lifelong commitment. Sorry to all the naysayers, but I have to disagree - parenthood is anything BUT selfish.

2885 days ago


Madonna shouldn't be blaming the media for her own selfish stupid mistakes. Love how this woman who made a career out of being a whore can all of a sudden pretend to be Jewish, British, and adopt a kid and think we should all worship her like a saint. She is a pathetic joke.

2885 days ago

Kimberly Kemp    

Madonna should not be permitted ON TV at all...or permitted to speak to the media! I've completely just chosen to completely freeze her out. HER kids are "NEVER allowed to watch TV, nor are they allowed to listen to music." She DOES allow them to read books...hmmm...she's been writing children's books, hasn't she?!!?! If she makes her money by "US" - and I use that term loosely- buying her music, her tickets to her concerts and clamouring for her in the news & on TV, I think that's a HUGE slap in the face for anyone SUPPORTING HER (financially speaking). Her videos...well, she's scantilly clad, to say the least, and VERY wonder her kids aren't permitted to watch TV...the might just catch a glipse of their Mother the who....ever...yeah...their Mother Whoever.
Then again, that's just my opinion, and I could be wrong.

2885 days ago
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