Madonna's Good Deeds And Not So Good Deeds

8/3/2006 5:59 PM PDT

Madonna's Good Deeds and Not So Good Deeds

Angelina Jolie
better watch out because Madge is gunning for her crown as the Third World's philanthropy queen.

Madonna revealed to TIME magazine her plan to care for the orphans of Malawi, Africa, and has committed to raising $3 million for various programs.

Madonna's charitable crusade includes building an orphanage that will feed 1,000 kids a day and financing a $1 million documentary -- not about her latest tour, but about the plight of the children.

While the orphanage has no religious affiliation, the center will offer programs based on Spirituality for Kids, Kabbalah's children's program.

The Material Girl is the religion's unofficial spokesperson, and says, "One of the main precepts of Kabbalah is that we're put on this earth to help people. And your job is to figure out how you can help, and what it is that you can do."

While Madge's new religion may be singing her praises, her old one - Catholicism - is up in arms over her latest antics.

Madonna's Confessions Tour arrives in Rome on Sunday, and the Catholic Church believes her onstage mock-crucifixion with a fake crown of thorns thrown in for good measure "comes close to blasphemy."

This latest controversy comes on the heels of NBC's decision to air her concert special in November with the "Live to Tell" crucifixion routine reportedly still in place.