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Heidi's X-Treme Lunch Date

10/26/2006 11:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Catcher: Click to watchWhat's going on with Heidi Klum and pro-snowboarder Shaun White?

TMZ spotted the odd couple having lunch together at Orso in Beverly Hills yesterday. He's 19. She's 33, married and pregnant. So what would the two possibly have to talk about, besides hair care products? We're guessing there's a business deal in place between them as Shaun was spotted carrying a folder with him on their way out.

But they weren't the only odd couple out lunching yesterday. TMZ cameras caught Tommy Lee and his new make-out partner/ Supernova bandmate Lukas Rossi leaving the Ivy in Beverly Hills. While there was no first base action this time, the two liplockers made sure to point out the hot brunette they were hanging out with. Can you say damage control?

We also pulled up next to Mark McGrath's Range Rover, where the "EXTRA" host joked around with our photog about his ride before driving off.


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Did someone say...buttplugs?    

Tommy Lee say it ain't so...
He's gone HOMO! That's beyond sad. Guys like us, with big dicks should always play for the "winning" team. It's every fairy's dream to trap a straight guy with a big dick. You know why they call us straight? Straight-in-to-bed!
Tommy, Tommy, Tommy now you won't be remembered as the guy that gave Pam Anderson Hep "C", you'll be remembered as the fag!

2883 days ago


Are all white men closet fags??!!

That picture of Tommy Lee was gross!!! LMAO!!!

2883 days ago


The Klum is a freak and was looking for another gross looking asshole for her traveling circus. She makes me ill and I don't think most people find her hot. Just another old hag with no career. Her 15 minutes were up long ago.

2883 days ago


First Pamela Anderson and now Heidi Klum. Is there no end to Shawn White's magnetic personaltiy???

I'd like to know his secret

2883 days ago

Biotch Please!    

Heidi is probably going to secure him to do some LAME AZZ project on PROJECT RUNWAY!!!

That show SUX and this year's season put the NAIL IN THE COFFIN!!!

We will be saying AUF VEDERZANE (sp) to that show after next season. THE MOST DESRERVING NEVER WIN...


2883 days ago


Hey Tommy and Lukas were hamming for the cameras, that's obvious. Lukas is biting his chin, they weren't kissing open mouth. Tommy's mouth isn't even open, you can tell by the position of his chin in the picture.
Notice there isn't a video for this, as if video cameras weren't even there, just a still shot. Just goes to show that the picture captures a moment in time during some fooling around or such and not a kiss in front of loads of cameras. Lukas is definitely an oral guy, always sticking his tongue out, biting etc. I don't read any more than that into it. No denying these guys just love each other but there's nothing sensational here, move on.

2883 days ago


Project Runway does not Suck!!! That is a great show! I never saw it until this season and it was actually very good!!

And I like Heidi Klum too, she's a smart business woman in addition to a supermodel. She is making millions from that show!

2883 days ago


Seal is a huge snowboarder and is probably good friends with Shaun. They Board together and I know Seal has a place in Whistler. No big deal here. They are just having freakin lunch!

2883 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

JESUS, that's Shaun White? I thought Carrot-Top had contracted some flesh-eating virus!

2883 days ago

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