Scoot Away on Britney's Vespa

10/26/2006 1:27 PM PDT
It's been a tough few years for Britney Spears fans. First, she married that K-Fed, who most Brit-fans see as a step down from the carny who runs the Tilt-a-Whirl. As though that weren't enough, there was the baby-dropping, the sad gum-snapping TV confessional, the frequent trips to Taco Bell, and, oh yeah, marrying K-Fed. Now, thankfully, eBay's giving you a chance to let your true blue Britney colors shine proudly.

To start, there's a Vespa scooter with Britney's autograph on it. (Where on earth does our Brit ride a Vespa? Around the house?) The sale of the scooter will benefit the Camp Laurel foundation for children living with AIDS and HIV. In addition to the Vespa, you get a helmet signed not only by Spears but by an astoundingly random assortment of celebs like Neil Patrick Harris and Andy Milonakis.

Maybe you want to show your Britney spirit with something a little bit more low-key and low-emissions. The Britney Spears doll would be a wonderful addition to any doll collection and your children will be more properly raised by early exposure to the glory that is Britney Spears, don't you think?