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Vaughniston: On Again?

10/29/2006 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Those zany on-again-off-again lovers Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are, it seems, back together – at least for a little meat and musical theater in London. The "couple" checked into the penthouse suite at a London hotel on Friday, and caught a matinee performance of "Wicked" yesterday afternoon.

According to a source cited by Us Weekly, the "Break-Up" stars looked "romantic" and were "polite and friendly," and ordered up some room service on their first night together – a meal of steak, veal, and red wine. Us notes that the perpetually-in-denial pair, who denied that they were engaged this summer and then recently denied that they were broken up, were last seen together 60 days ago.

Oh, and in case you were wondering – "The Break-Up" comes out on DVD in the UK on November 13.

Naomi Liev-s Her Man After Tiff

Even the best of couples have bad nights. The somewhat less skeptically-regarded celeb-pair Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber had a tiff last week at a Manhattan bar, and Watts stormed out of the nightspot with Schreiber trailing her, pleadingly.

As Ben Widdicombe reports, Liev and Naomi were at the Whiskey Bar after-party for "The 24 Hour Plays," when, according to a witness, Watts "slammed her drink down; [Liev] followed suit, but took a bracing sip before following. Five minutes passed, and Liev returned alone." Things couldn't have been too serious – Schreiber rejoined his party with a shrugging expression and kept on quaffing.

Earlier in the evening, Watts had been singing her man's praises, saying, "I am so proud of him tonight, as always."

Axl Full of Bull in South Beach

Axl Rose's newest playground? South Beach. According to Page Six, the Guns 'n' Roses frontman rolled into the Miami nightclub Snatch last week with some friends from Eric Clapton's road crew and hung out until 5 a.m. And he definitely didn't hold back – he got a "saucy show" from his girlfriend, who was dancing on poles and bar tables, and Axl even gave the crowd a little show of his own, riding a mechanical bull for five full minutes. It all got a little fuzzy, apparently, for Rose; the next night, during a concert in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., he told the audience, "I don't remember where I was [last night] ... but I know it had something to do with a mechanical bull."

Party Favors: Elle Lets Heidi Borrow "The Body" ... Holly Marie Combs Has Second Baby ... "Apprentice's" Carolyn Kepcher Still Job-Hunting

Even though she's trademarked the nickname for herself and her business ventures, Elle MacPherson says that she just might let Heidi Klum call herself "The Body." "I think she's got an amazing body," says Elle of Klum, to Ben Widdicombe. "I'll call her 'The Body' if she wants." ... "Charmed" star Holly Marie Combs welcomed their second child, Riley Edward Donoho, Thursday afternoon in LA, reports People. Riley has a big brother, Finley, who's 2 ½ ... Donald Trump's one-time left-hand woman, Carolyn Kepcher, is still looking for work, in case you're looking. But it doesn't seem like Kepcher is seeking more property-management work. According to the New York Daily News, she's been looking for something in showbiz, but, she says, "I met with networks and producers but they didn't seem to have a solid idea of what they wanted." Right.

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No Avatar


Her fans are not helping. They're the ones that always make her sound like a loser. No wonder she's worried about the headlines. Her fans are her worst enemy. Poor Jen pining away for Brad, that @#$% Angelina girl is a big bad wolf and Jen a poor little lamb, YUCK already! STOP!! Jen is over Brad now all you fans have to get over it as well. Help the girl move on.

2881 days ago


Yes ,hopefully Jennifer is over Brad....but that doesn't mean we have to like that WHORE AJ. What a low-life she is, and Brad proved his worth , he's such a p***y!

2881 days ago


LOL #5 An Jo wasn't acting when winning that supporting actor oscar, she was just being herself. " Im just so in love with my brother right now". What a mental case. Hmm yeah , Jen A must be so envious of her ...HAHA

2881 days ago


yeah a.j. is such a whore that she gives 1/3 of her income to people in need and appears to be an awesome hand on mom. that "whore" sure keeps brad happy. and if you think brad is a p***y b/c he respects the woman he loves and is trying to be a better man because of her influence then you are the one with a problem.

2881 days ago


i doubt jenn will ever be over brad. she knows if not for him she would be a footnote in the tv guide. the only reason anyone still pays her any attention is b/c she got dumped by the sexiest man alive. she is a has been, who got lucky for a few years with brad.

2881 days ago


19 and 20 uhmmm. sure whatever you say LMAO! you've changed my opinion...ha ha ha ha not!

2881 days ago

showers of Blessings    

Best Wishes to the Jolie Pitt family.

You will always have my respect, love, and support.

You are in my prayer every day.

2881 days ago


It doesn't really matter what they do. The tabs just make up stories anyway.
They have tried to stay out of them but it doesn't work. As long as everyone
is buying the magazine they are going to be in it, sometimes good and
sometimes bad.

2881 days ago

in the know    

I find it interesting that when the media had picked up on the fact that Vince and Jen had not seen each other for almost two months, she announces on Oprah they are not split, and suddenly flys off to London to see him. It is clear she is concerned because of the, recent tabloid magazine that had her on the the cover, commenting that she wasn't capable of founding love. It must be tough because if she and Vince did break up as couples do, she is portrayed as a two time loser. Why would any couple in love go two months without seeing each other???? He did not even fly in for her broadway show. Definitely a PR stunt in London.

2881 days ago


lol back together they never broke up saw the interview on oprah jen loves vohn and will prolly marry him next he's "just a normal guy" she said and she seemes really excited when she talks about him they are cute go axle lol lookin good and evidently feelin good lol 5 full mins on a mechanical bull it must have been goin really slow or he knows how to work it lol either way you go boy!

2880 days ago

Spice Girls Fan    

You never know Patty, sometimes there is something else behind it, not just the movie....!!

2880 days ago

jolie fan    

Jen had to fly to london to see vv. US had a clock set up to keep track of how long they stayed apart. Even Us mag sees her as a fraud. More and more people are seeing it as well. She is running out of stunts to keep herself on the front page, but I am sure she will find one. Stay tuned for the next JA stunt.

2880 days ago


I think Jennifer Aniston is beautiful and talented actress. She works hard and her and Vince make a great couple. Jen is over Brad and has moved on, why don't you people let her be. I think there are a lot of jealous woman out there.

2871 days ago


I also admire A.J. and Brad, A.J. is a good mom and does a lot of good. Let them do there thing, they are helping people. I don' t think some of you people have a life.

2871 days ago

Helen Owens    

Pity this poor woman. What motivates people to make such nasty comments when Jennifer must have been, and may still be going through her own personal hell?

2860 days ago
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