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Bob Barker -- The Price Is No Longer Right

10/31/2006 6:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bob Barker is hanging up the mic on "The Price Is Right."

The 82-year-old host of the show that has endured for an unbelievable 35 years says his last broadcast will be next June.

Barker has been on TV for half a century, beginning his career in 1956 by hosting "Truth or Consequences." Barker asked the first "Price" contestant to come on down back in 1972.

Our favorite Barker moment came when Evan, our coordinating producer at TMZ, won a car on the show and proceeded to do the "bull dance" on stage with Bob a few years ago. Unfortunately, he lost the showcase showdown.


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Victoria Caulfield    

Bob, that is so sad! You will be missed! I have watched Price Is Right since day one and totally enjoy it! It will not be the same without you!
I understand that you need to do it, but always wished I could be there to meet you too, like so many others do.

God Bless you Bob! I love you!


2853 days ago

Stephanie Kretschmar    

Just looked up your age and saw you will be 83. You GO guy! I also read that your birthday is one day after mine AND that you started your national TV career the very year I was born (1956). I am saddened to see you are retiring, my mother absolutely lives for your show every day. She is also a Dec. baby, 12-07-29, but her physical and mental health is not nearly as good as yours. The best to you in your retirement; you will be missed.
Very sincerely, Stephanie

2849 days ago

Kevin Johnson/The Famous Guy    

I have to make an appearance on this show!
Bob's career wouldn't be complete
without meeting me and giving me a boat, a car
and helping put my face on a billboard in NYC!

2877 days ago


awww bb's leaving us that sux i'm a faithfull watcher and will miss the hell outta that man but until june we still be chillen lol congrats on a "half a century" literally.....go home relax and enjoy allllll that money you've made....hugs and kisses bb ill miss you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

2877 days ago


Bob shoulda hung it up years ago - who cares about this old fart or his show except for fat, bored housewives??

2877 days ago


Bob Barker is a sexual predator. R.I.P.

2877 days ago

U Know Who    

I am not sure if anyone on this site except myself and a few of the more incarcerated celebrities know this about Bob.

But "Bob Barker Industries" is the leading supplier of Hygiene Products etc to the United States Correctional Facilities. IE Jails and Prisons Bob Barker makes your soap, shoes, comb, toth brush..etc etc etc.. You get the picture.

So not only did he MAKE millions on television, but he WILL continnue to make many more millions on jailbirds. Go Bobby Boy!


2877 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

Say what you will about this guy, but he at least made people aware of the uncontrolled pet population problem. So what if he liked to chase the young trim, makes money off of supplying products to inmates or votes Republican.
Spay or Neuter your dogs and cats!

2877 days ago

Susie Bush    

EXACTLY!!!!! Morris the Cat! Bob Barker is a great game show host, latly it seems that people are getting more and more immature about people and how THEY want to live their lives, how come we don't see the people who complain about those people out and doing better for people? how come those people don't have jobs on T.V.?

2877 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

bob has been great for the show,dont want any of the three people they have lined up hate hass,or the other two guys,need a fresh face or the show will not survive

2877 days ago

Susie Bush    

Chuck would be a good host, all his shows latly have been doing good

2877 days ago

Stephanie Redhead    

I was on the Price is Right this summer, and I am so glad I went.
I am so disappointed to see him go. And, no, I am not a fat housewife! I'm single and hot!

2877 days ago

george vieto    

Thank you Bob Barker for fifty years of hosting tv game shows. You are a class act on and off the stage. Enjoy your retirement you richly deserve it.

2877 days ago


Whoever commented for #5 & #6, GET A LIFE! You are both so ignorant and beligerent! (You'll probably need to look up the last "big word". Bob Barker is an American Icon. Thanks for the memories. May you have a long, enjoyable retirement.

2877 days ago


He will be missed by me.. I love The Price Is Right and the show will never be the same without him just like Family Fued was never the same without Ray Dausen. Who is going to tell everyone to spay and nueter their animals???

2877 days ago
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