Relive the 80s With "Totally Awesome"

11/1/2006 8:44 PM PST

Relive the 80s With "Totally Awesome"

We're not entirely sure what watching Chris Kattan make out with Dominique Swain has to do with the 80s, but that's the clip the good folks at VH1 sent us for their new 80s spoof movie "Totally Awesome."

From the co-creator of "Chapelle's Show" (and writer of the stoner classic "Half Baked"), "Totally Awesome" is a send-up of all the cheesy 80s movies we all know and love. The plot is so straight out of the 80s, Molly Ringwald should be in it.

First, the biggest loser in school falls for the most popular girl and decides the only way to win her love is to beat her boyfriend in the school Decathlon. And, not to be left out, the biggest loser's sister (played by Dominique Swain) is dismayed to discover that dancing has been banned her town (sound familiar?).

In this clip from the movie, Swain's character makes out with the school's janitor and former dance instructor (played by Chris Kattan) who invites her to attend secret group dancing lessons at his house.

In addition to Swain and Kattan, the movie stars Tracy Morgan, Mikey Day, Nicki Clyne, Brittany Daniel, James Hong and Ben Stein.

"Totally Awesome" premieres November 4 on VH1 at 9PM and will available on DVD on November 7.