Tara's Murderously Bloody Mess

11/2/2006 12:17 PM PST
So this is why Tara Reid has seemed a little ... out of it lately.

In a deleted clip available only on TMZ from her online-for-download movie "Incubus," which can be found on RED, AOL's teen-oriented web venture, Reid flexes her thespian muscles in a couple harrowing scenes. The former teen scream queen finds herself having to kill a bound and dying man at his creepy request, and then, in the long tradition of the This-feels-really-good-but-wait-is that-blood-down-there? horror scene, has to contend with the fact that her menses seem a bit, well, heavier than usual.

It's all a bit too much for poor Tara to take, and she crumples into a little ball with mental and physical exhaustion. She seemed to have recovered on Halloween night with her Santa-cularly revealing costume, however, as documented faithfully by TMZ.