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When It Comes to "Idol," Seattle Don't Know Beans

11/5/2006 9:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell and his cronies at "American Idol" are already promising some really, really terrible contestants this year – and there's one audition spot that was especially unbearable.

"Seattle is going to be known for something other than coffee this year. They had the worst bunch of miserable singers that I've ever met in my life. It was two days of total misery," says Cowell to USA Today. "And the weather was bad, as well." But it wasn't just Seattle, according to executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, who says we can look forward in January to "some of the worst (singers) we've ever had." Otherwise, Cowell says that so far this year, the women and the younger singers are the standouts. The series begins its seemingly inexorable run again on Jan. 16

Madonna Adoption "Disastrous" For Brit Babies

A British adoption authority says that Madonna's adoption of the Malawian David could be "disastrous" for the over 4,000 children living in Britain in desperate need of adoption every year, as potential parents flock to foreign countries to find their little bundle of joy. David Holmes, the chief executive of the British Association on Adoption and Fostering, tells the UK's Independent that the public's perception of adoption and related issues has been "distorted" by the Material Mom's recent actions.

Meanwhile, religion-wise, Madonna's got everyone confused. First, she can't stop talking about Kabbalah and slaps one of those red bracelets on her adopted baby's wrist. Then, she tells everyone from Meredith Vieira to the BBC that she believes in Jesus. So, Madge, which is it? Whichever it is, as MSNBC points out, Madonna intends to raise baby David in her own way. "I believe in Jesus and I study Kabbalah, so I don't see why he can't too," said Madonna several times last week.

"Borat": Money Explosion on Box Office

It's very very niiiiiice for Borat this morning, as the wacky Kazakh reporter (aka Sacha Baron Cohen) took in a stunning $26.4 million over the weekend after opening in only 837 theaters across the country, averaging $31,511 per theater. By contrast, the second-place finisher, Tim Allen's "The Santa Clause 3," raked in $20 million, though it opened on 3,458 cinemas, for an average of $5,784 per theater. "Borat's" huge success – as evidenced in Manhattan, for instance, by long lines even for Sunday's late show – calls into some question the strategy of its studio, Fox, in giving it such a limited release. DreamWorks' "Flushed Away," came in third place with $19.1 million. In any case, looks like Borat will not be "execute in his home country."

Foxy Getting the Axe from Jay-Z?

Foxy Brown's definitely had a tough year – temporary hearing loss, convicted of assaulting a manicurist, book deal nixed – and now, she might be dropped from her record label altogether. As Page Six reports, her "comeback" album was meant to be released in December, but Foxy's boss, Jay-Z, is "furious at Foxy's lack of productivity," according to a source. And as a result, the rap mogul hasn't been returning her calls or taking meetings with the troubled Brown, leading insiders to speculate that he's going to drop her altogether. Friends say that everything with the album is "fine."

Party Favors: Eminem Calls Mariah "A Diva" ... Tom Ford Goes Commando (Often) ... Fox Moves "O.C." Back to Wednesdays

Rapper-loudmouth Eminem scolded Mariah Carey for denying that they ever had a relationship, reports MSNBC, even though he claims they went out for several months. He also called her a "diva" on his Sirius radio channel ... Tom Ford tells Page Six that he's quite happy to go sans underwear, whenever, though his mom wishes he'd stop telling people that ... After a tepid debut last week, Fox has decided to move "The O.C." back to Wednesdays and away from the "Grey's" - "CSI" fray.

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No Avatar


The Borat movie was number 1 at the box office. It is hilarious. If you're a Sacha Baron Cohen fan you'll love this movie.

2917 days ago


Eminem has nerves calling anyone a "diva." He is the biggest diva of all, whining about everyone and everything. He needs to get over himself. I'd be ashamed if I dated his whining butt, too.

2917 days ago


Madonna is a disaster PERIOD

2917 days ago

duh...totally ! in the last 2 weeks I have heard on gossip sites that Em has slept w/ Britney Spears , Jamie Pressley and now Mariah Carey....

who cares???? what is his point? Is he just trying to keep his name out there or what???

make a new CD, nobody cares who or what you sleep with ! get over yourself!

2917 days ago


Thanks Madonna for screwing the British orphans. But they just weren't trendy enough for you, were they? Bet you didn't see this backlash of negative publicity coming. Stupid self-serving bitch

2917 days ago


Actually Eminem was absolutely right. By ALL accounts Mariah is a diva and all that the word implies. Just because you don't like Eminem doesn't mean it's not true. I think his candor is refreshing in an industry of bullsh*t and brown-nosing. Besides, his songs are quite catchy...

2917 days ago


Borat was the most hilarious, over the top comedy to open this decade. It will set a new standard for crude humor with a decent plot just as Animal House did during the 60's. Yes it is offensive; Yes it is anti many of our traditions, but the flick makes you think and after 1.5 hours of this exhilaration you walk into the real world exhausted and iwith a different view of the our world. Take a chance and go see it!

2917 days ago


Simon? Death is too good for him.

2917 days ago


I think it is so ironic that Simon says that Seattle had the worst singers. I experinced the way american idol picks it's contestents first hand. I went to the adutions in Seattle this year and it is no suprise that Simon claims that Seattle had the worst singers. Just because you wait in those terribly long lines does not mean that you will be singing for Simon and Paula. The producers set up twelve "booths" in the middle of this huge arena and start having people step up in groups of four and sing one by one. I stood around for a couple of hours to see how the "competition" worked. And what I observed was quite strange. The only people that they were letting in were the terrible singers! I watched as every talented singer was turned away and all of those atrosities that you see on TV were sent through. Way to make a quality show FOX!!! What a HOAX!

2917 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

# 8 charles
Animal House was released in 1978

2917 days ago


This is so typical of the "Hollywood Heads" who do not think apparently. I am sorry...but there are so many children here in the United States that need good adoptive parents. But I guess that wouldn't be "trendy" enough. Get over yourself Madonna!

2917 days ago


Eminem needs to stop kissing and telling. Very tacky and immature. So what if he and Mariah had a little flingie. She probably wanted to keep it private and there is nothing wrong w/ that. He's done that to others too. Behavior of an immature high school boy.

2917 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

Re: Foxy Brown,
Big tits and little feet, a hit in any man's league!

2917 days ago


In response to #9's comment: Of course American Idol shows the absolute worst singers. They're the most entertaining!!! Sad, but true!

2917 days ago


comment #7 by: "RC" you need serious anger management! Lighten up he's a tv celebrity just doing his job. Get over yourself...we don't need people like yourself making rude, crude comments.

2917 days ago
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