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Angelina Flies Under the Radar (Relatively)

11/6/2006 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Compared to Jennifer Aniston's battle-worthy phalanx of cops at LAX last week, Angelina Jolie arrived at the airport in Pune, India needing hardly any entourage, escorting son Maddox through the corridors and out to a waiting SUV. Jolie is back in town to continue shooting on the film "A MIghty Heart," the story of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and his wife Mariane.

You may think that Pune is just a little village compared to the vast metropolis that is Los Angeles, thereby explaining the lower-key scene at the airport. But -- and let this be your nugget of knowledge for the day -- Pune is actually a major metropolis of 4.5 million people, the eighth largest city in India. Metropolitan L.A., on the other hand, has 4 million residents.


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I love her work and she's a great human being. Hard for some of you to related to no doubt. But trust those of us that understand a decent human when we see or read about them. Most of you are hardly worthy of cleaning her boots.

2852 days ago


#13, It's not the fact that Angelina took Brad away from Jen or whatever. It was how they went about their relationship last year, in a shady way and then all of a sudden had a baby immediately after the finalization of the divorce. That seemed so cold. That was way too quick.. Why they wouldn't answer questions about them having a relationship seems weird to me, even if Brad didn't complete his divorce yet. And not answering questions is fine, but why deny you have a relationship with someone? You know why they did that last year? Because it would have been damaging to their images and their box office hits. Jennifer & Vince never verified their relationship, but they were open about their public affection (and I do not mean the movie stills on set). When Ann Curry interviewed Angelina last year and asked why keep mum about the relationship, Angelina blew a socket. Simply because Ann waved a few tabloid mags? Why would she get so hyper like that? Jen would have stayed calm and not cared, if she were questioned like that. Angelina became so defensive in that interview. Angelina had to reiterate or emphasize in that interview that she "knows" she's "a good person." Everybody is calling her bad and still is. I mean love is love and i can understand it, but sometimes Angelina is just way to aggressive for audiences. She does things that people don't understand and could potentially damage her image. She's wild and carefree. But sometimes that can be a foolhardy thing. And why she didn't atleast allow her father to look at Shiloh. The guy's probably gonna die one day soon, without ever seeing his grandchildren. And I understand maybe he never got involved with Angelina's life and her other kids and that's why she's doing this. But again, she does something that seems damaging to people. There are many fathers who are not in their children's lives, but children are still forgiving. I think Angelina did that out of spite and revenge. I also think that her having Brad's baby seemed like it was out of spite and revenge against Jen. I mean, all the charity in the world, is not going to reconcile how people view you, if you've already damaged your image in some way. And Angelina sometimes just looks mean too. People think she does mean things. Selfish things. I think she goes and does the UN thing out of obligation. She's a hardworker, but i still wonder if she gets it sometimes. Her rebelliousness might get her in trouble. I think she's a troublemaker. I think sometimes that her real personality may be similar to those psycho angry slutty women on those reality shows. I think she is MILKING this charity thing.

2852 days ago


Maybe Angelina and Brad are mum about their relationship because its nobodies’ business. We all handle situations differently and they have the right to choose how they want to handle their personal life.
As for her father, it doesn't take a genius to see that there is more to the story than what has been said. To stop speaking to anyone is a hard thing, a parent it must be really hard, the reason goes deeper than we know and like her relationship with Brad it also is none of our business.


2852 days ago


Prefect, the loserS on this site have to get a grip. She'S got a kind heart and she proven that time and time again. Give up the hate, it makes you get age lines!


2852 days ago


That's because Jen is a loser, and LIKES the attention. Blech she makes me sick! Team Jolie!

2852 days ago


talk about being low key, maybe Chinnefer should take some lessons, huh?

2852 days ago


yeah, sure lisa your black right...LOL WRONG! #10 at least she has never had facial plastic surgery like someone else we know! Jennifer aniston is cute and you know it!

2852 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

What kind of crazy thinking to say that Angelina had a baby out of spite and revenge. What about Brad's role in having the baby? It did take the two of them to produce Shiloh, she was not the result of an immaculate conception. What you said makes no sense. She and Brad had a baby because they love each other and wanted a baby. What's so hard to understand about that. How many times over the years did Brad say he wanted children? How many times did Angelina say she wanted a lot of children? Move on, JA has and it was her marriage not yours. Angelina is no more agressive than any other strong woman, and as usual, weaker people are threatened by strong women. Don't know why but it has been that way throughout history.

2852 days ago


What great movie has jolie been in?? None that I know of. She has just not been in a great role. Minor actor just like her dad. He had one big role as a prostitute but that was it.

People turn to acting to compensate for some emptiness in their real lives and often many of those seek out some great charity to mask the failures they perceive their lives to be. Adopting babies is not about the children but about themselves.

2852 days ago


Angelina won an Oscar for Girl Interrupted. Gia is a great movie also, don’t forget Beyond Borders. Angelina is smart, pretty and talented which insecure people find her threatening.

So number 21 are you saying that black people can't like Angelina, or are you just being ignorant?


2852 days ago

showers of Blessings    

from lainey

Jen’s arrival yesterday wasn’t exactly quiet, it wasn’t exactly unattended, but it was definitely absolute chaos.

Pappies amazingly alerted in advance to her arrival, a personal swat team alerted in advance for protection. And I’m not the only one curious about the overkill.

TMZ also asked the question – why not use the back exit?

Furthermore as Laura W pointed out in her email to me yesterday – if security is such a concern, why not take a private plane from any number of private and less publicly accessible airfields in and around the Los Angeles area?

Answer: Because if that were the case, no one would have seen her.

Don’t tell me someone like Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have the cash or the clout to make private travel arrangements. Hell, if Howie Mandel can score a private ride out of Heathrow within a few hours during the terrorist threat, Jennifer Aniston can CERTAINLY score a private ride out of London if she really wanted to, and something tells me that would take minutes.

But then again – Brad Pitt is up for an Oscar nomination, the beautiful Angelina and her beautiful children are making waves in India, Reese Witherspoon is the new Pity Poster Girl, and even Nicole Kidman just landed a People Magazine cover.

Do you smell jealousy? Or is Humble Jen really just trying to “live her life”?


Always a fraud, still a fraud.

2852 days ago


#12: Angelina Jolie is an Oscar-winner and is one on the wealthiest people (male or female) in the world. How dare you compare her to starlets. Starlets are wannabees.

2852 days ago

showers of Blessings    

change that.

Jen complains there are no good comedy roles for women, yet,
Drew Barrymore has produced Charlies Angel’s one and 2 which
are action comedies and starred in other rom coms. She
complains about not wanting to be seen at as a victim but
consider how the Vogue Interview and the Harpers interview came
out. The articles discusses at some length, her relationship and
break up with Brad - the elephant in the room. I only read those
2 interviews as they were reproduced in JJ.

Don’t say she doesn’t have any control over how the interviewer
portrays her. I’m sure she does have some. Look at how Brad
has handled his interviews. In esquire and subsequent ones
since. He doesn’t mention his X’s name and most of the time he
focussed on the present and the future.

She comes on Oprah and talks about the non break up, non
relationship, non boobjob, non career, non scripts. This is what
losers do - no matter how much money they have in the bank.
They complain about the half full glass. But they won’t go and
look for the water to fill the cup.

JA has NEVER wished B & A well, publicly congratulated their baby
Shiloh. Even Jennifer Lopez did that for Ben and JG when their
baby was born saying that she had no hard feelings and having
the baby was a beautiful thing. JL had been portrayed as the
woman Ben fell out of love with. He was quoted (true or not I
don’t know) saying that when she had married Mark, he felt relief,
like how you would feel after you vomited. But for me at least,
when JL made that statement about Ben and JG’s baby, I
thought, this woman knows how to behave in public - what ever
her private feelings, what ever her diva behaviour. I had more
respect for Jennifer L because she did the right thing for her
public image - come out and sound (even if she may not have felt)
generous, gracious. I stopped thinking of JL the loser when I
read that quote. Jen A has never sounded gracious to me in any
of the interviews I’ve read.

2852 days ago

Lenn K    

The media loves all this agitation between Angelina and Jennifer. It's doesn't matter if some is true or false, they just keep pumping it out and we keep feeding the beast. Do I know about Angie and Brad's relation? No, I only know what the media tells me and their wrong 53% of the time. Lucy guess. As far as Jennifer's life how would you handle that situation? Maybe Angelina and Brad's
situation is also kind scary. Maybe Jennifer isn't over this, who really knows.

2852 days ago

Get Rid of Hollywoods Crack Whores NOW    

Angie is awesome. She is a great example of a celebrity. I can see why Brad loves her so!

Jennifer Aniston is an uptight chick who needs to relax. The LAX thing was ridiculous, seriously who does she think she is? So if people want to take pictures of her who cares???? She is famous and famous people tend to have pictures taken on themselves. Nice way to spend my tax money :(
Did anyone see her(J.A.) on Oprah???? When anyone else but her was talking she looked bored to death.......Snooty Patooty

2852 days ago
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