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11/7/2006 1:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You are being redirected to ... Comedian Busted for Stolen Concealed Weapon.


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Democratics are the best!!

2906 days ago


No#2 Step away from your computer ,go to your front door, see the men in white coats they are there to help you, they will take you to a nice cozy padded room and give you some meds that you desperately need, you a**hole.

2906 days ago


he's an idiot
so sad to see a comedian becoming a rising star then becomes a fallen satr overnight doing dumb ass criminal behavior. he's a jackass if he believe he can bring a weapon in airport nad not get caught
.good hope the judge throw the book at him.
he's not that funny

2906 days ago


Enough already, was reporting something on an public figure, whether you heard of him or not. Brittney, Paris and Anna Nicole can't hog the spotlight doing dumb stuff all the damn time.
And #2 blagging out of the side of his mouth really doesn't need God, he needs to just sleep for a long, long time...and he needs to post that shat somewhere else. A hating, racist, bible quoting individual doesn't deserve the time that we give him, so move on and skip reading his mess...this isn't about him.
This is about Katt Williams, dang!!
I like Katt Williams, he is getting PAID-doing his thing, and you critics? What are you doing?
Whether you heard of him or not-what happened was not cool-and ultimately he has to pay for it, not you...!

2906 days ago


freddy jr. is clearly a moron

2906 days ago


Just ignore that religious sycophant. He/she is uttering nothing, but ignorance and views based upon fables, fairy tales, hate, and many other negative adjectives that would take too long to list.

The funniest thing, about all of the crap that person is spewing, is how it shows, how completely ignorant that person is. How do you get people to buy into your beliefs, no matter how messed up they are, by spamming these threads with that crap? No one believes as you do, except for your fellow sycophants and you're not scaring anyone with your "God will get you" crap.

In the end you are a speck on the ass of the religion you claim to represent. No one really wants, cares, or gives a damn about your f---ed beliefs.

Die in a fire:D

2906 days ago

re day    

I thought I was gonna hear a story about Chris Rock or Andy Dick

2906 days ago


NO.2....your comments only show your true ignorance I advise you to inform yourself of the truth. MY GOD LOVES and there is no place for hate. I pray for you and the people that you share your sick ideas with....its so sad to see that you and yours are so spirtually unevolved. Its your ideaology that continues to ruin the world and keep us from healing together as one.

2905 days ago

Puh der Baer    

When looking for laughs, and wanting to feel better about yourself, looking to the black community never lets you down!

2905 days ago
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