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Did Anna Nicole Commit Birth Fraud?

11/7/2006 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithAnna Nicole Smith tried to persuade a sterile man to put his name on her newborn baby's birth certificate, according to a sworn affidavit.

Unimpeachable sources tell TMZ that Ben Thompson, a real estate mogul who briefly had an affair with Anna Nicole last year, signed an affidavit in the brewing paternity conflict over Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern. We're told in the document, Thompson swears that during her pregnancy Anna Nicole tried to convince him that he was the daddy. That's when Thompson informed her it was impossible because he had a vasectomy.

We're told according to the document, Smith then fessed up and told Thompson that Larry Birkhead, her ex-boyfriend who is currently fighting Smith to establish his paternity, was indeed the father. Sources say in the affidavit, Thompson claims Smith told him that Birkhead got her pregnant and repeated that statement several times thereafter.

Thompson's statement is the second sworn affidavit claiming that Smith copped to Birkhead as the father. As TMZ first reported, Laurie Payne, once a close friend of Smith's, also claims that the former Playboy Playmate told her that Birkhead was the daddy.

We're told in Thompson's affidavit, he claims he was in the Bahamas shortly after Dannielynn's birth. Thompson says that Anna Nicole asked him repeatedly if he would put his name on the birth certificate as the father, even though Smith knew he wasn't. Thompson says he refused to cooperate, and Smith subsequently had her lawyer, Howard K. Stern, sign as the father.


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Mad Balls    

If Anna was Black she'd be in jail now ...hell she'd be in jail if she was a suburban housewife ...shes' a skank druggie and deserves prison sex with broom handles . her whole life is one big lie !!!

2907 days ago


Larry tell your family to stop posting. I have seen no affadavit. Oh FYI morons a vasectomy is NOT 100%. Watch Maury sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus she isn't a drug addict she was nursing the baby stupid people!!!! Plus that baby was to big for Vaginal delivery. Drug babies are always underweight! I think perhaps she thought it could be one guy and then I am 100% sure she has already had a DNA test or she would not have had the baby on television! DUH! And that baby does NOT look like larry birkhead at all.

2907 days ago


Very interesting story of the mother who was on methadone when she was pregnant! I think of how Anna's situation relates to this woman's experience. This woman found out the hard way that it is "ok" for the pregnant woman to be on methadone while pregnant (the baby will have to be weaned AFTER birth), but extremely UNsafe for the pregnant woman to try to wean herself OFF methadone while she is pregnant. The baby's heart rate can drop and the baby can die in the womb. The baby can be going through withdrawal and suffering, even if the pregnant Mom tapering off methadone is not. The withdrawal is the danger to the baby. And the baby MUST be weaned off after birth.

I believe that Anna's baby's heart beat dropped after she went into labor, and that is why the doctor's decided to do the emergency C-section (this is what happened to the woman in the story). (not because Anna's womb might burst)

I don't believe that Anna had pre natal care at the Bahama hospital before delivery, and probably never told the doctors or nurses that she was on methadone or tapering off methadone? There would not necessarily have been any blood tests done, when Anna went to the hospital with her "migraine" and found out she was in labor.

We do not know if the baby was born dependent on methadone, or not?
We do not know if the hospital staff "weaned" the baby off methadone gradually in the 3 days before Anna was discharged. Due to all the chaos after Daniel's death at the hospital, I doubt much attention was paid to whether or not the baby had methadone in her system and needed to be weaned off of it????

The woman in the story, her baby boy did not show any symptoms of methadone dependence or withdrawal until 24 hours later. The article says it is fairly easy to wean a baby off methadone after birth, and this woman's baby did not suffer from it.

If Anna was trying to keep it a big secret that she was still on Methadone, she probably did not advise the doctors or nurses, and the baby girl was probably in grave danger. I believe that is why Anna got so scared when the baby girl stopped crying in the delivery room.

I don't anybody will ever know what really happened, because all the evidence is gone by now.

2907 days ago

As u taught me    

Nancy Grace tonight will be dealing with Anna Nicoles`s latest court dealings, the investigation and why Daniel`s body may be exhumed. She did not give any details as to what happened with the court proceedings today

2907 days ago


OK....this is entertaining reading! About Anna's history, criminal charges, marriages, "girlfriends", and "boyfriends".....

Go to the website.
Click on the letter "S", and scroll down to Anna Nicole Smith.
Click on the name for the history and mug shot.

Anna Nicole Smith Model Addled golddigger 28-Nov-1967

OK...tell me you didn't chuckle over the "addled golddigger" description!

I found this at the bottom of a news article in the Bahamas site, titled, "More Questions For Shane Gibson (1 day 9 hours ago)".

It is reported that the Bahamian Dept. of Immigration never did the required police background check on Anna before granting her residency status. They said the Los Angeles police dept. was too busy to do the research for them. It was suggested that the Bahamian govt. go to the NNDB site to read up on Anna and her "character" .... or lack thereof.

Ms Smith was granted her residence permit, but the department is yet to receive the essential police certificate! What kind of due diligence is this?

It is alleged that Ms Smith was allowed to swear an affidavit as to her squeaky clean character - and Immigration accepted the explanation and the affidavit. Our officials obviously forget that we live in a computer age and that such information is available with the click of a mouse.

We would like to know if the account we have been given is accurate. Has Immigration received the required police character certificate as yet?

If they are still having difficulty procuring this information maybe we can be of some help. We suggest they go to the web, call up - select the letter S, scroll down to Smith and follow it with Anna Nicole - et voila! Tell the nation what you find!

Editorial from The Tribune

2907 days ago


Waiting for an update on Attorney Debra Opri's Press Release website, at, to see what she said after the jurisdiction/paternity hearing today. I saw a brief clip of Opri saying that this case could set a new legal precedent regarding pregnant women and paternity.

If anyone knows what tv show is airing Debra Opri giving her press release, please tell us.

The Associated Press is reporting that LB came out and gave a thumbs up sign, but did not say anything. It says that the California courts DO have jurisdiction over ANS, because ANS lived, worked and had a sexual relationship in California.. This is a BIG hurdle that was crossed today, in favor of LB!

As far as I can understand, it has not yet been decided if Anna will have to submit to the paternity test? I guess that will be decided in future hearings?

2907 days ago


I love the part how Anna is disgusted that the world thinks she lied about HKS being the Father of her baby...

EARTH TO ANNA: Your'e disgusted???? Anna, the majority of the world thinks your disgusting... YOU Anna. are disgusting.......

And I think I have figured out why you won't comply to a DNA test to prove the baby is not Larry's.......
#1. You'd prove to the world, it's you that is a liar.
#2 Entertainment Tonight has not offered you a MILLION DOLLARS to take the test.....

Go Ahead ET, Offer ANS an offer she can't refuse...... Instead of paying for these sickning interviews, that you know are all fabrications, Go ahead, do the world a favor........ Pay the scum bag to take a DNA test.......

2907 days ago


Anna this to shall pass... SCrew these people because these are mostly highschool outcasts and Larry DIckhead's family posting. Most people I have met and most adults support you and we all wish you peace... If marrying a rich older man is a crime then most married women would be in prison. I know you can't breastfeed on drugs nor would you have given birth to such a large BEAUTIFUL little one. I can relate to you on everything except losing a child... I'm so sorry for that. My mother and I totally get why you waited. Plus do these nitwits think a tomb is made over night? And you could not leave your baby (Daniel) in an unmarked grave so some sicko or stalkarazzie could steal his remains. Girl enjoy your baby, your man, and your MONEY. The best way to honor Daniel is to live your dang life.. and tell people to kiss your azz!

2907 days ago

As u taught me    

She is so dumb she would take the offer, end up a liar and fraud & then look like a fricking idiot when she goes to court for all those millions AND end up the loser in that case.........but hey she got the million from bad she will have to use it to defend herself in criminal and civil courts.

Do not worry MS TEAL all there interviews are going to come back to haunt her!!
It will go down as the million that cost her HALF A BILLION!! Everything Howie and Anna say can and will be used against them!! Just like Scott Peterson!!

What I want to see her do is a DRUG test!!! Let the world know how you really lost that weight ANNA!!!!!!!!!

2907 days ago


Lisa...on the contrary...not all babies are underweight. It is a matter of record that methadone babies, meaning babies whose mothers are on methadone during their pregnancy are usually big babies. So your statements are not fact and untrue in the sense of the drug methadone. A pregnant woman on heroin is put on methadone to avoid the baby from withdrawl symptoms due to ups and downs with heroin addicts using daily at different times and/or going without if no $$ and that is what is harmful to the baby the risk of withdrawl interuterine. The methadone is given daily at the same LOW dose for the safety of the child not the mother and again "Methadone Babies" are usually above normal weight.

2906 days ago


Right on point Ms Teal ! I agree with your comments completely.
I DO think Anna is disgusting! And I do not appreciate being lied to over and over and over and over. Either shut up, or stop lying Anna!

Anna was sooooooo lame on the ET interview about who the daddy is.
She just basically said she wants to be left alone, on that issue.

I also thought that Anna and Howie are video taping everything and selling it. WHY don't they tape and sell a video of Anna letting her baby have a DNA swab taken, and a hair sample taken for drug tests? That would be worth a million! Or sell video of an interview with Anna and Howie AFTER the DNA results are in - THAT I would watch!

I think Anna and sidekick are going to pull a fake surprise when the DNA test proves that LB is the daddy. Just like so many retards do on the Maury show. I can't get over how many stupid women go on that show KNOWING that they are lying about who the daddy is, then throw a big drama acting surprised when the DNA results come in. They don't wanna admit that they are LIARS .... they were just "mistaken" (cha right!).

Why doesn't Anna use that extreme anger and indignation that she displayed against her mother on the ET interview, and direct that high voltage energy towards finding out WHO gave her son the high level of drugs that killed him! Why isn't Anna THAT angry with whoever killed her son?

2906 days ago

Howard Stern is Americas Most Hated Man    

TREE TREE the ONLY reason that 18% replied that she is a fit mother is because she's not taking care of their children. I would never allow someone under the influence of drugs or their supplier to be a caretaker for my daughter. Who in their right mind would put their own child in such a dangerous situation. I can't believe the courts haven't stepped in and removed this child from these two reckless THUGS.

Daniel couldn't be saved from them but let's hope this child is taken away before those two expose this child to the lifestyle that Daniel did not survive.

2905 days ago

Howard Stern is Americas Most Hated Man    

Ms Teal your post deserves a standing ovation! Thank you!!!

You are correct, the only way that ANS would willingly comply to a DNA test is if she is PAID for it.

ANS was paid for the last photo's of Daniel at the hospital.
ANS was paid for the "commitment ceremony" photo's.
ANS was paid for the ET interview.
ANS was paid for the funeral photo's

Inquiring Mind if I were the mother of a child who'd died of a combination of drugs I'd be beating doors down to speak to his doctors or anyone else that may have given him the drugs that caused his death. ANS is cashing in on what I consider to be BLOOD MONEY because had Daniel not died suddenly ANS would not be getting the attention she is or would not have been paid every time she decides to speak to a camera. If I were her I'd be utilizing the cameras to save another mother and their child from the heartache I'd been thru by speaking about drug awareness instead of whoring my story out to the next media outlet that showed up with money.

I honestly believe that ANS is cashing in on this because she realizes her career is pretty much over. Howie had better realize that not only is his career over he could wind up in the pokey for his unethical behavior on NUMEROUS occasions.

I can't believe that Alex Goen CEO for TrimSpa is such an IDIOT to continue to defend these two criminals/thugs. I think ANS is an AGING HAS-BEEN and can't figure out why TrimSpa is hanging on but then I guess that "bad publicity is better than no publicity".

2905 days ago


I keep thinking that Anna has NO experience in taking care of a newborn or toddler, and probably has no desire to be too "bothered" by this dependent, needy, crying little human, Dannielynn. She did NOT raise Daniel as an infant. She gave him to her mother to raise until he was 6 years old, and after Anna had landed J. Howard Marshall - then Daniel went to live with her. Anna knows how to "tolerate" a young child, but NOT an infant.

I think baby Dannielynn is primarily being cared for by Bahamian nannys (I hope so anyway). I don't see Anna as a hands on mother 24/7.

2905 days ago


I hope the baby is Howard's. I think that no man should have rights to custody if he wasn't married to the mother. Then guys might watch where they deposit their 'stuff'. Larry just wants money and media attention.

2903 days ago
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