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Tom Chows Through Pre-Wedding Nerves

11/8/2006 2:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TomFat gallery: Click to launchIn news of another, seemingly happier celebrity couple, it seems that TomKat is going through the usual pre-wedding jitters, and that Tom Cruise is eating his way through the nerves before his upcoming wedding to Katie Holmes.

Cruise recently shelled out $10,000 for dinner with his bride-to-be at Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, according to In Touch Weekly (via MSNBC), and wasn't particularly concerned about fitting into his wedding suit, if his vast repast was any indication.

While his svelte bride "barely touched" her grilled sea bass, Cruise inhaled a porterhouse steak, wasabi mashed potatoes, French fries, onion rings, cheesecake and chocolate-covered strawberries. But Tom isn't the only one with expensive tastes: Katie's perfume of choice for her wedding day is Clive Christian No. 1, which retails for $2,350 per ounce.

Meanwhile, Page Six says that Tom's new BFF is that other Tom who got fired by Viacom's Sumner Redstone recently, former MTV honcho Tom Freston. The pair will be sitting at the same table at the Conde Nast Black Ball in New York tomorrow and have become "good pals."

Lindsay Lohan gallery: Click to launchLindsay's Latest Fender-Bender
Maybe she should just hire someone to do the driving? Lindsay Lohan rear-ended her black Mercedes coupe early yesterday morning, according to Rush & Molloy, after being chased by a paparazzo, just hours after TMZ caught her outside Hollywood hotspot Hyde appearing somewhat upset. The condition of the actress was not known and her rep didn't know if she'd filed a police report.

Lohan was driving another black Benz in May 2005 when she was broadsided by a photographer's minivan, and five months later hit a van that was making an illegal U-turn. A TMZ spy also spotted her just two Sundays ago on the phone in tears and "out of it" after being followed by paparazzi.

Madonna Gets Shiner from Paps
In other paparazzi-related news, Madonna got a bruise on her cheek after being jostled by lensmen at Heathrow airport in London over the weekend, according to People – but luckily her son David wasn't hurt. "She had the baby in her arms when it happened," says People's source. "When she landed in London, there was a lot of pushing and shoving ... She got hit in the paparazzi's commotion." No word on whether the Material Mom has decided to press charges or to have the incident investigated further.

Pamela Anderson: click to launchPam Played Along with Borat
Pamela Anderson might've seemed genuinely distressed when ambushed with a traditional Kazakh wedding garment (a kidnapping bag) in "Borat," but Page Six is saying today that she was in on the joke all along. It was "loosely scripted" then "carefully choreographed with jerky camera movements to make it look real," according to the Post. "There's no way Sacha [Baron Cohen] and a camera operator could have gotten past her bodyguards in real life and then manhandled her." The parties involved are keeping mum, though Anderson and Cohen have in fact pulled pranks before – Cohen crashed a supposed "commitment ceremony" between Anderson's golden retriever and Chihuahua Luca in a previous "Borat" segment.

Nicole Kidman: click to launchParty Favors: Nicole Kidman Misses Premiere for Hubby ... Music Legend Ertegun Recovering After Fall ... Bravo Stakes Out Parker For Hotel Reality
Nicole Kidman spent a couple hours with rehabbing husband Keith Urban on Sunday at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif., according to Us Weekly, and missed the New York debut of her new movie "Fur," in which she plays photographer Diane Arbus ... Ahmet Ertegun, the famed founder of Atlantic Records, is recovering after pulling a quasi-Keith Richards at a Rolling Stones concert and hitting his head on the ground. The label denied reports that Ertegun was in a coma ... Proving that no venue is too banal for a reality series, Bravo will be filming its latest series, "Welcome to the Parker," at the post Parker Palm Springs in Palm Springs, Calif. The series will document the trials and tribulations of the lodging biz.


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Leave Tom alone . What do you really know Shall we look in your closet. And Demacrats dont be so cocky . we all want the same things peace Get back to me in 2 years?????

2869 days ago


DogDoc........GET A GRIP! and take some of your own advice. "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. " BTW.....all caps means you are in dire need of some "anger management classes....especially if words on a message board make you this upset. God I would not want to pass you on a highway. Gesh!@@

2869 days ago


Daaaaaaaaaamn TOM, OINK! ONIK!

2869 days ago


Dog Doc I agree I am so glad for your thoughts. Tired is an understatement of people dishing out there venom on Cruise. He never did anything to us . I believe this kind of assination is what gets us to were we are today. What happened to kindness,tolerance. I would love to see what your lives are like . Sad to say this willnever end. Thanks for listening NOW YOU CAN ALLGANG UP ON ME THAT IS YOUR STYLE SOME OF YOU

2869 days ago


I think Katie can find a better man to marry Tom is a jackass. He thinks he owns her and is needs to get back on track with her career before it slips before her eyes.

2869 days ago


Wow!!! Tom Cruise, do you remember before you were not famous and fame and money hungry? If you did, 10,000 dollars would seem insane for dinner... Im not famous or rich , so it must be that you are so filthy rich that your obvious dinner bill was on us fans ... You Would Not be there if FANS didnt love you, so what the heck is a 10, 000 dinner? Come to Texas and you can eat a steak dinner with all the trimmings the size of texas for way less mulas!!! Insane!!!! Put 10, 000 in a child trust fund everytime you want to splurge crazy on dinner... You never know, you might be like some stars old and new to go broke.. and never see it coming !!!then you would wish you never spent that kind of money on dinner again..

2869 days ago


Damn, he's getting fat!

2869 days ago


Re: ArcticKat - Hey pal....if you are going to open your mouth on least learn to spell, babe. "Those that keep their mouths at rest are known to be no more than best." Learn something.

2869 days ago


Paying $10,000 for a room in a restaurant just for privacy to have a simple dinner means they should find another place to eat. Like at home. Like the other poster said it is a waste and it is shameful. He is a hypocrite.
He attacks Brooke Shields for taking medicine to help her post partum depression (surely non of his business for one thing) but most importantly he is no doctor and has no right to suggest that he knows more about psychotic medicines then doctors do. He is a idoit and a hypocrite and he apparently a spend thrift as well.

2869 days ago

rene Rimmer    

Tom Cruise is not a nice looking man at all. Most people could do the acting he has done IF given the MONEY. The old saying" money makes the world go round",everyone knows is true. My son is ten times better looking and smarter than Tom Cruise.Nicole did herself wonders marrying that cute wonderful Keith Urban

2869 days ago


Come on people,,give these two people a break ! Tom and Katie are so very happy and some people in this world just can't stand to see happiness,, I for one,, am so happy for them I could burst !! They have it all, starting with each other,a wonderful little girl,,and happiness,,,, God Bless them,,,Lets hope things keep going their way ! It's grand to see people so much in love. Neither of them has ever looked better, happiness does that !! So, eat your hearts out,, and leave them alone .

2869 days ago


Face it, Cruise is ugly. Those ugly teeth and that stupid smile. And he's a weird SOB with all the stupid things he believes in and what he shoves down Katie's throat. She will wisen up and dump him one day.

2869 days ago

steve anderson    

Who really cares what Tom Cruise does anymore? He's a has-been and since his latest films are duds, he has to get publicity somehow. It's a sad time when he needs to spend $10,000 on a dinner for publicity when he could have put that money to better use by donating it to a charity. He would have promoted himself and the charity in a favorable light instead of having a lavish dinner and showing the public how insensitive he is to others....

2869 days ago

I just love how everyone reads these stories and then vents on what these people are actually thinking and doing when there is absolutely no way you can know those things. How does anyone know that Katie was not allowed to eat? For God's sake, people, stop pontificating about things you know nothing about. You see what the media wants you to see and no more. If your own lives were put under such intense scrutiny, I'm betting everyone posting here would come off less than stellar. It's really insane.

2869 days ago


Everyone need's to leave Tom Cruize alone, Kate don't seem to mind what he ate , why are you. 10,000 dollors is alot of money, but it's his money. The one everyone should be putting down is his ex. Nicole her new husbands braking the law. They must spend thier money on drugs not food..

2869 days ago
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