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The Cost Of Britney's Marriage? Not Priceless

11/12/2006 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Could K-Fed have blown through $50 million dollars of Brit's fortune in just two years? At the time of her marriage to FedEx, Britney was estimated to be worth $100 million, but according to recent reports her net worth has fallen to between $35-$50 million, so you do the math.

So what'd you spend it on, Kev? It's obvious that he didn't spend the money on clothes. In a skit on last night's Saturday Night Live, Britney went to her divorce lawyer to complain about how FedEx squandered her money by filling their dining room with baby tigers and renting an amusement park for his friends to chill at. She also suggests in the skit that K-Fed was unfaithful: "Brit" says that K-Fed was doing choreography with Alyssa Milano and a week later, "Guess who's got panty crickets? Me."

Luckily for Brit, the party stops here with an airtight prenup. "Everyone thinks that Britney is this hick from Louisiana but, in reality, she is an extraordinarily astute businesswoman who has built herself into a global brand," a source tells the New York Post. Too bad the pop princess wasn't as astute when she picked her husband.

TomKat To Guests: Enjoy Our Towels

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will tie the knot this week at Castello Odeascalchi, a hilltop castle north of Rome that overlooks Lake Bracciano, according to reports by Italian newspaper Il Messaggero and the Daily News. Holmes will wear a Giorgio Armani gown during the ceremony, which will be performed by a Scientology minister.

The star-studded guest list, some of which will be personally flown in by John Travolta, includes Kirstie Alley; David and Victoria Beckham and Andrea Bocelli. Big-spender Cruise reportedly paid $8,000 for embroidered towels bearing his and Katie's initials as gifts for guests.

Denise Pays A Price For Laptop Hurl

It looks like Denise Richards is off the hook, but she'll be paying for her computer-throwing fit. The photographers, Denise and her management company have agreed to settle the matter civilly, according to the Canadian police.

Richards tells People that the incident was a "big mistake," and although she admits that she threw a computer-not two-she says it did not hit an elderly woman in a wheelchair. That leads TMZ to ask, did she know who was below before she hurled the laptop, and are healthier people fair game for her reckless ways?

Party Favors: Tobey Maguire Becomes a Dad ..."Dallas" Movie in Trouble? ... Michael Jackson to Recreate "Thriller"

Tobey Maguire and his fiancé, Jennifer Meyer, welcomed their first child on Thursday. There's no word yet on what they've named the baby girl ... The movie version of "Dallas" may be in trouble, as reports swirl that John Travolta is now the only star still attached to star in it. The original script has been scrapped, too ... Michael Jackson is planning a comeback performance at the World Music Awards in London this week. He plans on recreating the graveyard scene from his '80s video "Thriller."

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No Avatar


Michael Jackson is going to re-create the graveyard scene from the Thriller video? DaSceptic thinks that the last 20 years of his life has been one long re-creation of the graveyard scene. Maybe it's to officially bury his career.

2901 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

A fool and her money are soon parted.
Towels? WTF??
Why oh why couldn't it have been me that got hit by a flying laptop?
"Dallas" and "Thriller" Twenty years is a long time!

2901 days ago


Hey, Bimbo ... I mean, Denise ... Why don't YOU stand under a balcony and let me hurl laptops at you? I can promise I won't make a 'mistake' ...

2901 days ago


Britney should give Kevin one of her boobs as a parting gift.

2901 days ago

Reality Check    

I'm amazed that a woman who seems so bent on playing up her own celebrity isn't taking full advantage of this situation. Whatever happened to "There's no such thing as bad publicity?" I can see where 'accidentally' assaulting an octegenarian with a laptop is not exactly an Oscar, but come on! Step up, already! She should be making very public apologies in magazines, television shows, etc. Instead she's trying to act like nothing happened? For a woman who did as much as she could to lambast her husband in a very public divorce but still can't do better than a straight-to-DVD movie, I'm surprised. This was her chance! It seemed like part of a plan! 1)Trash husband 2)Hook up with former friend's husband 3)Decide to 'do the right thing' and become friends with husband 4)throw computer on disabled elderly person 5)Apologize big time!

She could have done better with this. I'm disappointed.

2901 days ago


Up until the other day before she filed for divorce, Britney was still w-a-i-t-i-n-g for her husband at a restaurant and was then seen crying for his no-show. Bricks and stones couldn't wake up this dumb girl. She STILL doesn't get it that she's now joined the ranks of being had, in front of the whole world no less.

2901 days ago


If Britney is such an astute businesswoman, as the article claims, what on earth was she thinking when she married K-Fed? I hear she was paying his child support for his two kids with Shar Jackson. Maybe it's astute to pay his child support to keep the bad publicity away. However, if your husband doesn't want to pay his child support, what kind of a man have you married?

2901 days ago


It's is extremely hard to believe that Denise Richards had a restraining order on anyone. She is a manipulating, temperamental harlot. Sambora is certainly getting a taste of what he is craving for especially if they marry. It's like Britney and Kevin but in reversed roles all over again. As the days of our lives continue........

2901 days ago


Britney Spears had little talent while at the top of her game. She will never attain the same level of fame pre-marraige and kids. To sustain fame a person must have actual talent, not just look hot in skimpy clothes and have some good dance moves. I hope she invested well; she was VERY lucky to have acheived what she did and it will not strike twice for her.

2901 days ago


Britney Spears had little talent while at the top of her game. She will never attain the same level of fame pre-marraige and kids. To sustain fame a person must have actual talent, not just look hot in skimpy clothes and have some good dance moves. I hope she invested well; she was VERY lucky to have acheived what she did and it will not strike twice for her.

2901 days ago


if she was worth $100 M just before the marriage and now down to 35-50M, i would say that The Free-Loader is not even worthy of the Pre-Nup !! He had a 2 year Holiday spending every dime he could at her expense !! Fight like hell Britt...Get him gone...Try to go for an Annullment and u won't have to give him anything....He is not worth it....He is SCUM !!!!

2901 days ago


When Britney got married she was still making music and selling out stadiums. I'm sure this has more to do with ticket, paraphenelia, and stock worth than Kevin ripping through 50 million. TMZ needs to get do some research before reporting and distorting facts....I'd like to know exactly how Britney's worth was measured then..and now.

2901 days ago


WEll according to FORBES magazine January 26th 2006 her FORTUNE is est. at $210million and that was just htis year BY FORBES and they know evcerything so your amounts are wrong ONCE AGAIN......So hahahaha...I would think you guys would check your facts but whatever. Anyhow KEVIN is a pathetic piece of scum and I cant wait unil he goes away...And as for BRITNEY she is amazin and her new album is going to be THE ALBUM of 2007 ;bow:../.I mean for someone that is a hasbeen as everyone keeps ssaying she has the #1 perfume album and this coverage is monumental in the regins of pop culture, so yeah shes still got it. Shes never lost it nor will she ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2901 days ago


If this story is true and Britney let this guy go through $50 million dollars of HER MONEY then she is a DAMN FOOL!!!! If she is such an "astute business woman" I hate to see her when she is stupid!!!! Now I hear that the sex video is legit and Kevin is threatening to sell it if he does not get paid. I do not feel sorry for this girl, she tracked this sh*t into her own house. To all you folks who get involved with married people and break up a marriage or relationship, karma has a way of coming back to bite you dead square in your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2901 days ago


I thought Britney had real boobs. But these look fake as can be. Why? Didn't she think she was big enough?

2901 days ago
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