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Kid Caught in Cruise Crossfire; Tom Dazed Too

11/13/2006 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise -- Click to WatchIt was a knock-down-drag-out day at the soccer field for Tom Cruise on Saturday, problem is -- the victim was an innocent toddler caught in Tom's paparazzi crush.

It went down moments after Tom put his soon-to-be wife, Katie Holmes, in a passionate liplock, then took off for the restroom -- as usual, a crash of photogs followed. As the star smiled and slowly paced toward the public toilets, a toddler wandered into the crush, and fell to the ground. "She's bleeding!" screamed the child's mother.

A shocked Cruise stared blankly before extending his arm in a vain attempt to console the kid with a backrub. The child's infuriated mother picked up the kid and began walking away, offering a few words of advice to the world's most famous actor: "You should live in Colorado, get away from them (the photogs)."

Moments later, Tom whispered into the ear of one of his "people," who took off after the Mom and her wailing tot.

After the drama, Tom finally made it to the restroom. Mission accomplished.


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when he has been married
twice and is a scientologist. Is the Catholic church in ITALY
bribes as well. J-LO tried this stunt in LA but ended uo in her
backyard.Or has the Pope chnges his views on Divorce and
cults........Somebody let me know of the latest take from the
Vatican. If thse two have a catholic ceremony , that speaks
about the catholic church.........................

2903 days ago


wait a much as I can't stand Tom Cruise, that lady should be pissed at the photogs not him. I would sue the pants off of the paparazzi that knocked the girl down.
It wasn't Tom's fault you stupid woman.

2903 days ago


And people wonder why Cruise doesn't want his child out in public? These photographers have no shame and don't care who they hurt. Why would any good parent flaunt their kids in such a dangerous crowd?

2903 days ago

Heaven Nose    

So how exactly is this Tom Cruise's fault???

Eh, I guess everybody needs a scapegoat and everybody's a Jew to someone else in the end.

2903 days ago


if i were that woman, i would sue the sh*t out of that paparazzi, they do have the evidence.. dont they? tom can testify, im sure he will. to get back at the damn paparazzi probably.

2903 days ago


Why does Tom Cruise have emo hair?

2903 days ago

wtf over    

1) Sued for backing into a kid that wasn't being protected by its mother? Oh please.

2) Who said anything about a Catholic ceremony?? It's at a castle, not St. Peter's Basillica.

2903 days ago

patty bray    

The Catholic Church does not recognize wedding unless they are perfomed by a Christian MInister.....Scientologiy

2903 days ago


That woman was very whiny. I think she overdramatized a bit.

2903 days ago


Not sure how Tom is to blame here, I doubt he wants to be trailed by paps while he goes to take a leak.

Maybe she should go live in Colorado, or better still, learn some First Aid so next time her child has an accident she doesn't just stand screaming.

2903 days ago


I am not a huge fan of Mr. Cruise, but he was polite, attentive and caring and the mother should get an Oscar for her performance, the kid was not hurt, call off the paramedics, she overreacted and scared the kid more than anyone! I live in Colorado, please lady stay where you are, you are a typical biatch!

2903 days ago

the wife    

I would have gone after the photog. Nobody bastard pushes my kid.

2903 days ago


hey that lady with the kid doesn't have a forehead, she's got a fivehead! tom should show his next film on it! there should be laws in this country against just anyone procreating...

2903 days ago

patty bray    

Scientology is not Christian. The Catholic Church would not recogize his previous marriages....Period. To the Church, he has never been married...
And, the woman should have NEVER taken her child to be around Tom Cruise. What did she expect? Stay away from the fray,,,,,,She should know better.
I am a born, raised, and schooled Catholic and have my own marriage problems with the Church so I know what I said is true....

2903 days ago


how is getting married in a castle religious?

2903 days ago
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