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Nicky Hilton Lawsuit -- I've Been Hosed!

11/15/2006 1:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicky Hilton claims someone is trying to steal her name and cash in on her newest venture. What, you ask is the venture? Hint: Her last name is Hilton.

In a lawsuit filed in Federal court in downtown Los Angeles, Hilton claims she's been developing a "boutique hotel chain" called Nicky O. The "O," by the way, is Nicky's middle initial. Hilton says the first Nicky O hotel is slated to open early next year. In the lawsuit, Hilton's lawyer says his client's name "could attract a valuable demographic of young, affluent guests."

According to the suit, Nicky hooked up with a guy named Eneliko Smith, aka the Defendant, "who held himself out as an experienced operator and marketer of boutique hotels." Apparently Hilton was horrified to learn that Smith allegedly has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for exclusive rights to use the name Nicky O.

Hilton is asking for damages and wants a judge to issue an injunction prohibiting Smith from using the name.

Smith tells TMZ he created the concept for Hilton and that she took the idea to another company, so he feels he was within his legal rights to submit an application to register the name.


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Pairs looks like a zombie well she did at one point. If you hit dem bones you're sure to brake and pay along with catching something or the payment is catching something from her.

2888 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Waa,,, Waa,,, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do what I did, buy them all out or have your henchmen intimidate them until you get what you want.

2899 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Why don't you just have Paris sleep with him. He will get a nasty disease and die and then you can take over the rights for the patent.

2899 days ago

no pervs allowed    

I would like to see Nicky's O face,,, I saw her sister's more than once. Of course I was just holding the camera.

2899 days ago


She's a douche bag!

2899 days ago


Where's my violin?! This whines for a sympathetic composition. Just out of curiosity...why would one of the benefactors of a bazillion-dollar hotel chain require the services of a scumbag with knowledge of the "hospitality" industry? Hell, just ask daddy. Dumbass.

2899 days ago


Oh, shut up, you spoiled brat!!!!

2899 days ago


Thats ONE UGLY Hilton

2899 days ago

no pervs allowed    

You think this one is ugly, you ought to see her sister.

2899 days ago


This broad is just as clueless and ugly as her older slutbag sister.

2899 days ago

no pervs allowed    

When I am done rolling in my grave, i am getting out to kick some serious butt. Then I am going to get you posters for being mean to my two airheaded slutty grandaughters. Damn kids, go get a job and earn your money.

2899 days ago


Nicky Hilton has been facing a bunch of problems lately with her Nicky O Hotel...can't a girl just open up a hotel in peace these days?

2899 days ago


about time someone hosed this skanky bitch down, after all the Hilton Girls are STD carrying sluts.........She thought he took the name Nicky-Ho, but everything is okay he took Nicky-O, not her Nicky-Ho

2899 days ago


12. Nicky Hilton has been facing a bunch of problems lately with her Nicky O Hotel...can't a girl just open up a hotel in peace these days?

Posted at 3:38PM on Nov 15th 2006 by HotelChatter

These Hilton Skanks are just plain whores with no morals, same as their whorish mother and dickhead dad rick, these hiltons are as low as dog sh*t, i think dog sh*t is one step above these ugly stupid c**ksuckers, when does paris not have a dick in her mouth

2899 days ago


Paris and Nicki are the type you f*** and just walk to your nearest VD Clinic, these bitches you never marry, cause yoiu can bang them for free, as long as you are Lindsay Lohans leftovers, Paris seems to like leftovers. The STD TW*T PARIS IS A FREE F***

2899 days ago
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