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Delta Burke

Too Gay For Nashville

11/16/2006 3:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DeltaDelta Burke and Leslie Jordan were "uninvited" from a Nashville TV talk show, when show's producer thought the plays they were promoting might offend the show's "very conservative viewership."

Burke and Jordan were booked to appear November 10 on "Talk of the Town," a daily talk show on the CBS affiliate in Nashville. They were uninvited in an email that said: "Sorry, but after closely reviewing the subject matter of the two plays written and directed by Del Shores I have decided that it would not be in the best interest of Talk of the Town to [have] an actor come on the show to discuss the plays. We are dealing with a very conservative viewership who I feel would be offended by the show's titles and their topics."

Writer/Producer/Director Del Shores says, "Somehow I think that the people of Nashville are a little more diverse and open-minded than the producers of 'Talk of the Town' are giving them credit for -- at least that's been my experience in one of my favorite cities."

Emmy winner ("Will & Grace") Leslie Jordan, who is from Tennessee, said, "This denial from the producer of a local TV show came as a major slap in the face."

"Southern Baptist Sissies," explores the lives of four gay men raised in the church. "Sordid Lives" is coming out story about a Texas family preparing for a funeral. Shores authored both, and has written episodes of Showtime's "Queer as Folk."

Both plays have won more than 40 prestigious Los Angeles theatre awards (L.A. Drama Critics, Back Stage West Garland, L.A. Weekly, Ovation, GLAAD Media Award), and this year, the L.A. Weekly Theatre Awards honored Del Shores with their Career Achievement Award. The shows will next be seen in Ft. Lauderdale on November 17, 18 & 19 at the Broward Center's Parker Playhouse.

Calls to WTVF in Nashville were not immediately returned.


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Just plain silly. If people think they'll be offeneded, then they don't need to watch.

2896 days ago


I was watching a rerun of designing women and began to wonder what happened to good ol' delta burke. now i know.

2896 days ago


I agree with Del, I think their audience is more diverse than they think. Nashville has an interesting array of people including very open, artistic types.

2896 days ago


Is it me or is that a form of "censorship"???

2896 days ago

spin sycle    

I just love when someone decides to make up another person's mind for them.....what happened to freedom of choice?

2896 days ago


PLEASE! There are more closeted gays in the Nashville "Establishment" than you'll find at the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Plus, when you all all of the trashy incest, vice, drug-addiction, and general dysfuntion present in the Nashivlle "world," Del Shore's plays pale by comparison.

2896 days ago


Nashville is such a repressed fag town.

2896 days ago


I live in Nashville, am straight but am very close to the GLBT community here, and this story is HELLISHLY out of context. WTVF offered the production a VERY VIABLE alternative (WTVF is the ONLY network here with programming that serves the gay community on an alternate cable channel) because the talk show in question had no chance in hell of providing ticket sales for these shows and were refused. I'm a huge fan of TMZ, but please look into this a bit more before making my city look bigoted.

2896 days ago


Absolutely disgusting....I feel bad for the people of Nashville, no wonder everyone thinks they are uneducated, red neck, hillbilly, white trash, trailer park crackers. Its because of statements like this. I think everyone should boycott the show and write letters to get the show off the air. Im sure they would have been the same people to host KKK rallies on the show.

2896 days ago


Too bad, since I thought that in the entire jerkwater state that is Tennesseem Nashville was the one place where rubes and ignoramuses didn't call the shots!

2896 days ago


It doesnt surprise me one bit. I live in Nashville too. Eventhough in the "real world" here, people are cultured, smart, & some are gay. And nobody cares. The arts are alive & folks do what they want to. But there are SO many people here that believe gay people are going to hell, etc. It makes me so mad because I work with people who still think it's ok to discuss their religious beliefs at if everyone agrees with them. And it's situations like this one, that certainly don't help. When will Nashville take a stand & say "Hey, you close-minded conservative asses you're offending ME."

2896 days ago


Ah yes, D., putting them on a channel that caters only to the GLBT community is a great way of showing that your town isn't bigoted.

2896 days ago


what a big fat ass ugly bitch Burke is...go to white Africa you dumbass loser.

2896 days ago


Talk of the Town is the lamest TV ever!!!!!!! I used to live in Nashville and that show sucks big hairy ass!!!!!!! That TV show does not deserve the huge publicity that this story is giving it. It would be best if the lady host would die in a firey crash!!!! The topics on that show make people so bored that thay want to off themselves!!!!!

2896 days ago


HEY JOHN # 9 ,You really have no right judging anyone here in Nashville , I am not a uneducated, red neck, hillbilly, white trash, trailer park cracker. ok call me a craker if you wish (you sound very racist to me and you must be gay since you are so defensive about this, Guess what ,I'm tired of turning on the tv and my children seeing two guys together. I pray they will not think this is ok. If this is what you are,God will be your final judge,but I'm trying to teach my kids true values and avoid them being subjected to all the people who think gay is ok. It is not ok!!!!!
It's nasty .Where have all the real men gone.

2896 days ago
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