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TomKat's Wedding Circus

11/16/2006 7:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Let the frenzy begin! Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and a jetload full of stars have arrived in Rome, and they're hungry! The A-list group set out to enjoy their first Italian dinner, recover from jet lag, and kick off the TomKat wedding celebrations.

A million cameras were on hand to catch the chaos. Here's some of what they got.


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Is it just me, or doesn't baby Suri have really major ASIAN-LIKE features. C'mon, just look at her eyes and nose for Christ's sake. Any reasonable thinking person can easily recognize that this child is NOT the result of two 'Caucasian' parents!

2860 days ago


the hair do is to match kid, poor kid ... no grip on reality

2860 days ago

ur mom    

Suri is beautiful...Really stunning! I just don't understand why I didnt get invited!! Oh well, I will call Oprah and we will talk about it....Suri really is one of the most beatiful babies I have seen lately!!

2860 days ago



2860 days ago


To #13 - You are ignorant. This is a 7 month old baby who has done nothing to anyone and you think she is an alien. You should go back to your spaceship. It is waiting for you.

To #23 - I would offer to buy you a pair of glasses, but I do not contribute to the Ignorant People of the world. How can you say the baby is adopted. That baby is a splitting image of both Tom and Katie. Go to a store, buy yourself some glasses and take another look.

To #34 - Another stupid ignorant no class piece of sh*t. How can a 7 month old baby be homely. I would love to see what you look like.

You all may hate Tom (I know I do, and I will never watch another movie of his), or you might not like Katie (I personally think this girl is going to make mince meat out of Tom), but why are you taking it out on a helpless little baby who has only been on earth for 7 months. The baby has done nothing to any of you ignorant people.

Kepp your low class comments to yourself about a helpless little baby.

You know what they say, you can take the person out of a trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of a person. #'s 13, 23 and 34 are proud examples of trailer park trash. I wonder if they have teeth.

To #34 - I would offer to buy you a pair of

2860 days ago


Has it ever occured to anyone that the child may have a handicap? The first shot evr of Suri was supposedly air brushed. In the close up she appears to maybe have had surgery to maybe remove a birth mark. The world is full of so much hate, let that baby just be loved and leave her be.

2860 days ago

Antonio Santini    

Oprah is STILL mad at TomKat for not being invited to the wedding. Oprah is now calling them "TomK**t" lol


2860 days ago


What a beautiful baby. All of you who have insulted this child should be ashamed of yourselves. She is innocent. Shame on you.

2860 days ago

the wise old owl    

POst # 42 TEXAS GIRL : Tom's marriages are " business contracts " You sign on the dotted line and you agree to certain terms. Nicole agreed that any children would ' BE HIS " upon the dissolution of their marraige. I mean come many marraiges have you seen dissolve and the Father gets the children ??? That just doesn't happen unless the mother is deemed " Unfit "

I believe that the terms of raising a child by " Scientology guide lines" are very specific. Anyone who has children with Tom give up their rights to raise the children how they feel fit. They have no say. Hense the Contract.

That is why he gets to KEEP THE KIDS. It is not unlike Michael Jackson's agreement with Debbie Rowe. It won't matter that the DNA doesn't match Tom's. That baby is his by law whether he adopted it or has a sperm donor. Katie agreed to that one. That's one perk she won't be keeping if the phoney marriage ends in divorse.

No doubt .....Kaiie has signed a similair contract to the one that NIcole signed when she took on the title of " Mrs. Tom Cruise. " Confidentiality clauses are enforsed and breaking them results in serious consquences. IN return they are compensated heavily with $$$$. A boost in their careers and let's not forget publicity they could never pay for. Besides the stories they have to tell would onlly protray them in a BAD light as well. One hand scratches the other so to speak.

If you were wondering about something else...and I can enlighten you . Please don't' hesitate to ask. Im all ears !!!!!

2860 days ago


Why are people trying to claim that Suri isn't really Tom & Katie's biological child? She does NOT look Asian...that makes no sense. Also, it would have been a pretty big stunt to pull off throughout those 9 months that Katie was pregnant. Do people really think she just gained 30 lbs. and had a fake pregnant belly? Why would they ever want to hide it if they adopted? I think some people are paranoid!

2860 days ago

Antonio Santini    

Hey TMZ,

Suri is Sooooooooooo cute.

Godbless TomK**t.


2860 days ago


Seems like a lot of people are going ga-ga over this baby simply because who she belongs to. She's cute, but no cuter than the baby I saw the other day at the super market.

2860 days ago

coco puff    

What a fat, long haired, little bastard. AUGH! I wasn't talking about the baby.

2860 days ago


I am not talking bad about Suri, but I swear it looks like there's some sort of third eye on her forehead in that picture! That's supposed to be the birthmark of a psychic.
Anyway, she's a cute and beautiful baby. I'm betting she's going to be a huge star in her own right when she's older.
Suri doesn't look "Asian," she looks like her mommy. From her nose to her eyes (the shape) and even down to Katie's high, pointy, elfy-looking ears, Katie's features are all over that child. She probably looks big because her mom is "big" (i.e.-tall). And Tom's features (slightly slanted nose, etc.) seem to show up a lot on the Vanity Fair cover.

2860 days ago


OMG! What a darling baby!! Too bad her parents are a couple of dimwits who's only claim to fame will be sofa jumping and walking around looking like she's been punched in the head! I've got money on this marriage lasting 21 months before we all hear the "SHOCKING NEWS FLASH! TOMKAT IS PUT TO SLEEP!"

2860 days ago
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