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More Hype for Most Overrated Night of the Year

11/17/2006 7:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez: Click to watchHeavy security, designer dresses, ties, tuxes and an onslaught of stars ... it's starting to look like Oscar night in Rome.

On the eve of the TomKat vows, the couple's famous friends and family gathered for a pre-wedding bash at a Roman villa. Crowds outside the Hassler Hotel screamed for Hollywood faves Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith and British superstars David and Victoria Beckham. The crowd roared as Jennifer Lopez (looking like a principessa) and her rarely-smiling hubby Marc Anthony emerged.

Brooke Shields clearly isn't as much of an international superstar as the others ... the crowd was nearly silent as she made her way to a limo. Perhaps they don't approve of her medication.


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godd*mn, im tired of Tomkat. I cannot wait till their little circus is over and the damn papparazzi will leave them alone. I cant stand seeing their faces anymore

2895 days ago


another reminder of the huge ego it takes to be an over the top self important box office star

2895 days ago


Jennfier Lopez, Marc Athony....and the rest of the Hollywood fruits and nuts.... YAWN....

2895 days ago


You go Tom, make everybody hate!

Jlo does not get old and Marc is still ugly, Will and Jada are my favorite couple, but anyways why is this a circus? If they have the money to go all the way then hey do it!

2895 days ago


There are a lot of bald security guys over in Italy.

I guess the last guy that came out ,Tom's cousin ------? Mapother, realizes no one in Italy has seen him on Lost. Not a peep from the crowd and not one flashbulb.

I am with #4 eli on the Marc Anthony thing. WOW. He looks so brittle and dirty around the edges. Is that from smoking 10,000,000 cigarettes a day or is he on the Micheal Jackson eating plan?

2895 days ago


"Heavy security, designer dresses, ties, tuxes and a onslaught of stars ... it's starting to look like Oscar night in Rome."

try "an onslaught"

I know it's gossip, but please use correct grammar, brainiacs.

2895 days ago


Man, Marc Anthony looks like something from a George Romero flick--Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, take your pick. J Lo must scream when she rolls over in bed in the night and unwarily opens her eyes to THAT.

Probably a nice guy, but it completely escapes me what hits he ever sang. I hope the records keep selling, cuz a modeling career is out of the question. As for J-Lo, I know she's trying to "lay low" after a string of bomb films and overexposure. But isn't it time she came back to do SOMEthing? Otherwise, she may find herself more irrelevant than she already is. Acting should be her thing.

Maybe she can star in a movie in which a big-butted, melon-boobied Latina is locked in a haunted house and pursued by a corpse-like wraith monster. (Monster to be played by Marc Anthony). Anyhow, I hope all of these freaks have a blast at the Weirdest Wedding since David Gest hitched with Liza Minnelli.

2895 days ago


Much like any ordinary couple who want to get married...they have enough money to hire a big hall (castle); wear nice clothes (Armani), drink a toast (lots of them); throw a nice party with food (banquet) have friends and acquaintances as guests (500) what is all of this hate and envy...they are getting married. They have different needs than we do...they have to have security one would bother to knock off any of you morons...Let them have their moment .....I am enjoying every minute of it..and the town has gone nuts...the locals have pictures of Maverick all over the place (unlike you all..they love him)..the restaurants are naming plates of food after wonder they chose to go there..they are liked, appreciated and enjoyed...unlike the hate spewed creeps over here.

2895 days ago


Note to TMZ: your respectability will increase exponentially once you teach your reporters proper grammar and spelling.

2895 days ago


If its such an overrated night of the year, then why are you adding to the hype by covering it.

2895 days ago


One malcontent labels certain guests "irrelevant", then writes paragraphs about the happy couple which reek of envy. Eat your heart out.

2895 days ago


TIRED TIRED TIRED OF Tomkat,can you do us all a Favor by not posting anymore stories about Tomkat,They need to GET LOST.This whole thing is for Publicity if it was REAL Romance it would be Low key and Secret.Does Tom or Katie have a movie coming out that's why there's a Big wedding?Have you ever noticed there's always a Big thing goin on with them when Movies or something comes out with them

2895 days ago


Katie, don't do it....

2895 days ago


All these phony people on TMZ site spouting their boredom about the Hollywood crowd. If you find this boring and annoying why are you on a celebrity gossip site? Go to CNN, Wall Street Journal, NY Times or other more news worthy sites if the stuff on here bores you. You are all hypocrits..bad mouthing the content of this site yet visiting it regularly.

2895 days ago

Tommy's girl    

I agree with AJ and K...TMZ If it is over-rated don't cover it..Covering it and then complaining about it makes you "not so" beautiful and the other whiners... As AJ said if you don't want to read/hear or see information on Tom and Katie...when you see their picture..don't read it...when you see their names look away...and spare the rest of us that are interested..and keep your negative comments to yourself.

2895 days ago
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